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Cyprus Limassol bus workers suspend strike 2016-02-09 [In-Cyprus]

Cyprus State nurses call off Monday’s strike 2016-02-06 [In-Cyprus]

Cyprus Hotel workers to strike over benefits 2016-02-04 [The Mail]

Cyprus Nurses threaten to strike 2016-02-02 [The Mail]

Cyprus State nurses to decide on strike 2016-02-02 [In-Cyprus]

Cyprus Port pilots clinch deal with minister, strike averted 2016-01-18 [The Mail]

Cyprus Cabinet decision backdoor to EAC privatisation, say unions 2016-01-12 [The Mail]

Cyprus Turkish Cypriot workers threaten strike action 2016-01-12 [In-Cyprus]

Cyprus CyTA unions plan more strikes to oppose change 2016-01-08 [The Mail]

Cyprus Minister hits back at unions over strike threat 2015-12-29 [In-Cyprus]

Cyprus Breakthrough failure could prompt CyTA strike 2015-12-16 [In-Cyprus]

Cyprus EAC workers meet with President Anastasiades 2015-12-07 [In-Cyprus]

Cyprus Co-operative bank workers to strike on Friday 2015-12-03 [The Mail]

Cyprus Minister tries to iron out differences with port unions 2015-08-20 [The Shipping News]

Cyprus Transport minister negotiates to avoid port worker strikes 2015-08-19 [Splash]

Cyprus CyTA unions chew over government proposal 2015-08-12 [The Mail]

Cyprus Port workers call off industrial action after tentative deal for extra comp 2015-08-01 [Cyprus Mail]

Cyprus Scramble to reach agreement with port workers 2015-07-03 [The Shipping News]

Cyprus Doctors refuse to punch in time cards 2015-06-27 [The Mail]

Cyprus EAC workers hold two-hour strike 2015-06-26 [The Mail]

Cyprus Cyprus: Port workers to strike on Thursday 2015-04-29 [The Shipping News]

Cyprus Minister not sure why Larnaca port workers are striking this time 2015-03-27 [The Mail]

Cyprus EAC unions call off strike 2015-03-27 [The Mail]

Cyprus EAC workers prepare for all out privatisation fight 2015-03-03 [The Mail]

Cyprus Cyta unions oppose telco privatisation 2015-01-30 [The Mirror]

Cyprus Port workers strike over Larnaca delays 2015-01-29 [Cyprus Mail]

Cyprus Larnaca dockers to go on strike 2015-01-24 [The Mail]

Cyprus Port workers fear Larnaca profits skimmed by bidder 2015-01-19 [Hellenic Shipping News]

Cyprus Port workers fear Larnaca profits skimmed by bidder 2015-01-16 [The Mail]

Cyprus Distraught CA staff set for ministry protest 2015-01-12 [InCyprus]

Cyprus Builders call for VAT cut, green growth to recharge sector 2014-11-19 [The Mail]

Cyprus Disgruntled public servants to break with PASYDY 2014-11-12 [The Mail]

Cyprus Worker death sparks protest 2014-11-11 [In Cyprus]

Cyprus Civil servants call off strike 2014-09-18 [The Mail]

Cyprus ‘I can’t work for €400 a month’ 2014-09-07 [The Mail]

Cyprus Larnaca bus strike 2014-08-07 [InCyprus]