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Cyprus Cyprus: Port workers to strike on Thursday 2015-04-29 [The Shipping News]

Cyprus Minister not sure why Larnaca port workers are striking this time 2015-03-27 [The Mail]

Cyprus EAC unions call off strike 2015-03-27 [The Mail]

Cyprus EAC workers prepare for all out privatisation fight 2015-03-03 [The Mail]

Cyprus Cyta unions oppose telco privatisation 2015-01-30 [The Mirror]

Cyprus Port workers strike over Larnaca delays 2015-01-29 [Cyprus Mail]

Cyprus Larnaca dockers to go on strike 2015-01-24 [The Mail]

Cyprus Port workers fear Larnaca profits skimmed by bidder 2015-01-19 [Hellenic Shipping News]

Cyprus Port workers fear Larnaca profits skimmed by bidder 2015-01-16 [The Mail]

Cyprus Distraught CA staff set for ministry protest 2015-01-12 [InCyprus]

Cyprus Builders call for VAT cut, green growth to recharge sector 2014-11-19 [The Mail]

Cyprus Disgruntled public servants to break with PASYDY 2014-11-12 [The Mail]

Cyprus Worker death sparks protest 2014-11-11 [In Cyprus]

Cyprus Civil servants call off strike 2014-09-18 [The Mail]

Cyprus ‘I can’t work for €400 a month’ 2014-09-07 [The Mail]

Cyprus Larnaca bus strike 2014-08-07 [InCyprus]

Cyprus Port to operate as normal pending new talks 2014-03-08 [The Mail]

Cyprus More trouble at bus companies 2014-03-06 [The Mail]

Cyprus Limassol bus strike 2014-03-01 [InCyprus]

Cyprus Electricity workers enact brief, local power outages to protest privatization plans 2014-02-26 [The Star]

Cyprus Port workers call off overtime ban 2014-02-26 [The Mail]

Cyprus Port strike 2014-02-26 [InCyprus]

Cyprus Power cuts to continue Wednesday 2014-02-26 [The Mail]

Cyprus Port strike ‘bringing economy to its knees’ 2014-02-22 [The Mail]

Cyprus CY pilots to sue airline over provident fund 2014-02-20 [The Mail]

Cyprus British bases exploiting financial crisis in the Republic say striking workers 2014-02-19 [The Mail]

Cyprus ‘Today’s stoppage was just a warning’ 2014-02-15 [The Mail]

Cyprus Truce called on Co-op Central Bank cuts 2014-01-28 [The Mail]

Cyprus Co-op bosses ditch stubborn union 2014-01-25 [The Mail]

Cyprus Port strike called off 2014-01-17 [The Mail]

Bulgaria Every 2nd Bulgaria national in Cyprus works overtime: study 2014-01-13 [focus]

Cyprus Unions threaten more strikes 2013-12-04 [CM]

Cyprus Trade unions in Cyprus organize mass rally against austerity measures 2013-11-28 [FM]

Cyprus Civil servants’ strike meeting postponed, for now 2013-11-19 [The Mail]

Cyprus Some municipal workers to go on strike 2013-10-26 [The Mail]

Cyprus Funeral of veteran fighter for workers’ rights 2013-10-06 [The Mail]

Cyprus Hasikos says Kofinou slaughterhouse must close 2013-10-03 [The Mail]

Cyprus Nurses mull strike over cuts 2013-09-25 [Cyprus Mail]

Cyprus Pitifully paid domestic workers have wages cut by state 2013-08-10 [Cyprus Mail]

Bulgaria EU programme to enlighten workers from Bulgaria commences 2013-08-07 [FG]

Cyprus ILO to map needs and labour market trends in Cyprus 2013-06-22 [Famagusta Gazette]

Cyprus Cypriot teachers fight for human rights and democracy 2013-06-18 [PSI]

Cyprus Union fury over labour cost cuts at municipality 2013-05-30 [The Mail]

Cyprus Port workers strike over benefits’ cut 2013-05-03 [The Mail]

Cyprus Minister of Labour to meet Cyprus Airways’ administration and trade unions 2013-04-24 [Famagusta Gazette]

Cyprus Statement on Cyprus and the Economic and Social Situation in Europe 2013-04-23 [EPSU]

Cyprus Bank workers’ strike today 2013-04-05 [The Times]

Cyprus Bank workers stage protest 2013-04-04 [The Telegraph]

Cyprus Bank workers walk out 2013-04-04 [In Cyprus]

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