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USA Solidarity with prison strike from Colombian prisons 2016-09-28 [The Media Co-op]

Colombia Hopes and fears as FARC prepares for peace in Colombia 2016-09-26 [Equal Times]

Colombia Largest oil union to vote on possible strike 2016-09-07 [The Sun]

Colombia Free trade is killing Colombian trade unionists 2016-09-02 [Equal Times]

USA Committments to workers and excluded groups in Columbia must be honoured 2016-08-28 [AFL-CIO]

Colombia Unions support peace process 2016-08-27 [Education International]

UK Colombia still needs human rights monitoring despite peace deal 2016-08-26 [UNISON]

Colombia Peace deal brings hope to trade unionists 2016-08-17 [Stronger Unions]

Colombia IndustriALL condemns death threats made to Colombian union leader 2016-08-10 [IndustriALL]

Colombia Free Trade Is Killing Colombian Labor Activists 2016-08-02 [The Nation]

Colombia Colombia dockers to benefit from hard-won agreement 2016-07-21 [ITF]

Colombia Akzo Nobel union network breaks barriers to organizing in Colombia 2016-07-21 [IndustriALL]

Colombia Five Reasons Colombia Is Violating Its Trade Agreement with the U.S. 2016-07-21 [AFL-CIO]

Colombia USO victory as oilfield comes under state control 2016-07-07 [IndustriALL]

Colombia ITF hails Colombia’s peace deal 2016-06-30 [ITF]

Colombia ITF comment on Colombia peace deal 2016-06-30 [ITF Global Union]

Colombia Colombia - IndustriALL demands guarantees for assaulted USO union leader 2016-06-22 [IndustriALL]

Colombia Cerro Matoso nickel mine workers cancel strike after pay deal 2016-06-15 [Reuters]

Colombia Airline workers sign historic agreement with Colombia LATAM 2016-06-03 [ITF]

Colombia Workers authorize strike at Cerro Matoso nickel mine 2016-06-02 [Reports]

Colombia As peace deal nears, Colombia’s journalists and activists still live in fear 2016-05-19 [Equal Times]

USA House Dems urge enforcement of Colombia trade deal 2016-05-18 [The Hill]

USA Colombia not enforcing U.S. trade deal labor standards: unions 2016-05-17 [Reuters]

USA Unions say Colombia not enforcing U.S. trade deal labor standards 2016-05-17 [Daily Mail]

Colombia Teacher assassinated in front of his Southwest Colombia students 2016-04-30 [Colombia Reports]

Colombia Drummond to start talks with its biggest coal workers' union 2016-04-22 [Reuters]

Colombia Drummond starts labor talks with coal workers 2016-04-15 [Reuters]

Colombia Union workers, Cerrejon coal mine reach deal to avoid strike 2016-04-05 [Mining Weekly]

Colombia Afro-Colombian Domestic Workers Empowered For more info 2016-03-31 [Solidarity Center]

Colombia Sintracarbón celebrates bargaining victory at Cerrejón mine 2016-03-21 [IndustriALL]

Colombia Bogota Residents March for Socioeconomic Demands 2016-03-18 [Prensa Latina]

Colombia coal miner Cerrejon make revamped offer to union 2016-03-11 [Platts]

Colombia EI demands immediate release of academic and unionist Miguel Ángel Beltrán 2016-03-10 [Education International]

Colombia Mine workers in northern Colombia vote for strike action 2016-03-06 [Reports]

Colombia Colombia: IndustriALL backs Sintracarbon’s fight for a fair deal 2016-03-03 [IndustriALL]

Colombia IFJ and NUJ stand by Colombian journalist Claudia Julieta Duque in landmark trial 2016-03-03 [IFJ]

USA Latest Clinton emails reveal worrisome flip-flop on controversial Colombian trade agreement 2016-02-28 [The Week]

Canada Solidarity groups support demands of Colombian communities displaced for coal 2016-02-26 [The Media Co-op]

Colombia Colombia: SINTRAINAGRO warns of catastrophic impact of 'free trade' on sugar industry livelihoods 2016-02-23 [IUF]

Colombia Colombia: workers at Havells Sylvania poisoned by mercury 2016-02-11 [IndustriALL]

Colombia How the Colombian Government Keeps Afro-Colombians Poor 2016-02-09 [AFL-CIO]

Colombia All Workers Must be Protected 2016-02-06 [AFL-CIO]

Colombia Unions Say 7% Wage Hike Insufficient 2015-12-31 [Telesur]

Colombia UNI calls for action over death threats sent to Luz Fany Zambrano, President of SINTRASALUDCOL 2015-12-23 [UNI Global Union]

UK Unite statement in relation to breakthrough in Colombian peace talks 2015-09-26 [Unite]

Colombia FEPALC joins Colombian affiliate FECOLPER in demanding a comprehensive protection for journalists 2015-08-14 [IFJ]

Colombia IFJ supports 'Journalism at risk' campaign aiming to strengthen Colombian journalists' protection 2015-08-14 [IFJ]

Colombia Members take to streets to secure DHL workers’ rights 2015-07-29 [ITF Global Union]

Colombia TUC condemns arrest of human rights defenders in Colombia 2015-07-22 [TUC]

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