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Bulgaria Bobov Dol Miners Join Strike of Colleagues in Burgas 2014-09-20 []

Bulgaria Effective strike of Cherno More miners is underway in Burgas 2014-09-19 [Focus]

Bulgaria Other 20 miners join strike 300 meters under the ground in Burgas 2014-09-19 [Focus]

Bulgaria More Miners on strike 2014-09-19 [Focus]

Bulgaria 2 striking miners in Bulgaria’s Burgas taken out of mine over high blood pressure 2014-09-18 [Focus]

Bulgaria Striking Bulgarian Miners Refuse to Leave Pit 2014-09-18 []

Bulgaria prison workers to start protest 2014-09-01 [Focus]

Bulgaria Trade Unions Condemn, Call for Halting Israel’s Aggression on Gaza 2014-08-16 [WAFA]

Bulgaria Country's Vice President to address participants in ITF’s 43rd Congress 2014-08-14 [Focus]

Bulgaria ITF’s 43rd Congress opened in Bulgaria capital 2014-08-11 [Focus]

Bulgaria Political crisis impacts social life of Bulgaria's citizens : major trade union national centre president 2014-08-11 [FOCUS]

Bulgaria Interim PM to take part in ITF’s 43rd Congress 2014-08-11 [Focus]

Bulgaria ITF’s 43rd Congress begins in Bulgaria capital 2014-08-11 [Focus]

Bulgaria Capital Hosts Transport Federation Congress 2014-08-10 [Novinite]

Bulgaria For more info 2014-08-06 [ITF]

Bulgaria Prison Workers to Stage Permanent Protest 2014-08-04 [Novinite]

Bulgaria Trade union of prison workers starts symbolic protest 2014-08-04 [Focus]

Bulgaria Trade Union: ¼ of Bulgarian Households Below Poverty Threshold 2014-07-29 [Novinite]

Bulgaria Bulgaria's Road Building Workers Demand BGN 14M Delayed Payments 2014-07-21 []

Bulgaria Bulgarian Doctors Stage Protest, Threaten to Resign 2014-07-11 []

Bulgaria Employees of Hemus Highway Company Hold Strike over Unpaid Salaries 2014-07-07 []

Bulgaria Highway Construction Workers in Bulgaria to Stage Protest Over Unpaid Wages 2014-07-05 []

Bulgaria Bulgarians Working in Greece Number 200 000 - Trade Union 2014-07-04 [Novinite]

Bulgaria Bulgaria’s UK students head for home 2014-06-27 [Equal Times]

Bulgaria Sofia's Emergency Care Medics Protesting Again, Despite Pay Raise Talks 2014-06-09 []

Bulgaria Emergency service doctors continue protests in Sofia 2014-06-02 [FOCUS News Agency]

Bulgaria Emergency Care Doctors in Sofia Resign Collectively In Protest 2014-06-01 []

Bulgaria Emergency Care Doctors in Sofia Continue Protests 2014-06-01 []

Bulgaria Trade Union Commemorates 92 Workplace Fatalities in 2013 2014-04-28 [Sofia News Agency]

Bulgaria Two-Thirds Of Bulgarians Dislike Their Working Conditions 2014-04-25 []

Bulgaria Trade Union (CITUB): 20% of Households in Bulgaria Below Poverty Line 2014-04-25 []

Bulgaria Bulgarian Railway Infrastructure Employees Set for a Protest 2014-04-08 []

Bulgaria Bulgarian summer resorts hiring Bulgarians from other CEE countries to fill staff gaps due to labour migration 2014-04-07 []

Bulgaria Bulgaria's Heavy Industry Can Afford 20% Pay Raise – Expert 2014-04-07 []

Bulgaria Hourly Labor Costs in the EU 2013 -- Bulgaria the Lowest 2014-03-28 []

Bulgaria Varna Thermal Plant 'To Close', Employees Set to Go on Strike 2014-03-27 []

Bulgaria Every Fourth Bulgarian With a University Degree Works Abroad 2014-03-26 []

Bulgaria Illiteracy In Bulgaria Creates Employment Problems 2014-03-24 []

Bulgaria Bulgaria's Tobacco Growers Issue Ultimatum to Government 2014-03-24 []

Bulgaria Over 100 workers with Irrigation System – Pazardzhik state protest 2014-03-19 [Focus]

Bulgaria Three workers at Irrigation Systems Company are on hunger strike: unionist 2014-03-19 [Focus]

Bulgaria Bulgarian Irrigation Systems Employees Stage Nationwide Protests 2014-03-16 []

Bulgaria Bulgarian Parliament Approves Dual Education, 'Protected Jobs' List 2014-03-14 []

Bulgaria Internships in Bulgaria to be Paid 2014-03-13 []

Bulgaria Number of Elderly People in Bulgaria Nearing Work Force 2014-03-12 []