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Asia Positive Signs as Asia Pacific Moves Towards Global Development Goals 2017-04-07 [JG]

Asia Action on World Health Day (New Delhi) 2017-04-07 [PSI]

Asia Precarity unlimited 2017-04-06 [Business Mirror]

Asia Back Growing concerns over modern slavery 2017-04-05 [csr-asia]

Asia South Asian Govts Take 20 Plus Years to Turn Women's Demands Into Policies 2017-04-04 [The Citizen]

Asia Asian businesses fall far behind in treating LGBTI workers equally 2017-04-04 [gaystarnews]

Asia Who made your clothes? 2017-04-04 [thevarsity]

Asia Asia-Pacific seeks to save TPP trade deal without US 2017-03-17 [Dhaka Tribune]

Asia Labor Mobility in ASEAN: Current Commitments and Future Limitations 2017-03-16 [aseanbriefing]

Korea President Park is gone for good – and trade unions played a major role in making it happen 2017-03-16 [PSI]

Asia South Asia unions commemorate IWD 2017-03-15 [BWi]

Philippines Office of the Philippine President reiterates commitment to abolish recruitment fees 2017-03-15 [PSI]

Philippines PSI Philippine affiliates lobby for Southeast Asian regional resolution on fair and ethical recruitment 2017-03-15 [PSI]

Asia IFJ calls to defend women’s voices online in Asia-Pacific 2017-03-10 [Scoop]

Asia Closing gender gaps in Asia-Pacific requires transformative change 2017-03-09 [Japan Today]

Bangladesh Top brands to boycott Bangladesh garment summit 2017-02-23 [CNA]

Sri Lanka Dynasty And Double Standards: Women Leaders In South Asia 2017-02-23 []

Asia Asia Pacific executive committee calls for immediate release of jailed unionists in Bangladesh 2017-02-14 [IndustriALL]

Indonesia Indonesian court judges electricity privatisation unconstitutional 2017-02-14 [PSI]

Asia Asia Pacific employees aren't happy at work 2017-02-13 [CNBC]

Vietnam A view from Vietnam: How the Southeast Asian nation is overcoming the roadblocks to become a high income economy 2017-02-13 [Interest]

Japan Japan limited immigration; Now it’s short of workers 2017-02-11 [NYT]

Asia A labour shortage looms in Asia 2017-02-09 [The Economist]

Indonesia Trump Effect, Gov`t Should Focus on ASEAN and Middle East 2017-02-03 []

Indonesia Modern-day slavery: Indonesia cracks down on brutal conditions on foreign fishing boats 2017-01-25 [Fairfax]

Indonesia Slavery, whipping, death at sea: report 2017-01-24 [AAP]

Asia The former slave exposing ASEAN's human rights failures 2017-01-24 [SCMP]

Asia Mountains of discarded smartphones, electronics raise health and environmental concerns across Asia 2017-01-15 [ABC]

Asia E-waste in East and Southeast Asia jumps 63 percent in five years 2017-01-15 []

Nepal 15,000 migrants stranded due to row over medical fees 2017-01-11 [The Kathmandu Post]

Burma Will anything stop the ongoing genocide in Myanmar? 2017-01-10 [Equal Times]

Asia Chinese middle class in uproar over alleged police brutality 2016-12-29 [The Rising Nepal]

Global Seafood Slavery: Human Trafficking in the International Fishing Industry 2016-12-16 [Ctr for Am Progress]

Asia #WeAreITF – Asia Pacific regional conference inspires ‘renewed vigour and determination’ 2016-12-06 [ITF Global Union]

Asia World Day for Decent Work: Women mobilize for maternity protection 2016-10-10 [IndustriALL]

Asia Indian-origin Tamils demand higher wages at tea estates 2016-10-05 [The Hindu]

Korea International delegation visits Korea over union persecution 2016-09-26 [PSI]

Asia Strong exchange and cooperation among Asian chemical unions 2016-09-15 [IndustriALL]

Asia Electric power unions in Asia strengthen ties 2016-09-03 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Asia Les syndicats du secteur asiatique de l’électricité resserrent les liens 2016-09-01 [IndustriALL]

Afghanistan Trade unions and the status of labour For more info 2016-08-28 [AAN ]

Afghanistan Trade unions and the status of labour For more info 2016-08-28 [AAN ]

Asia How can unions promote sustainable industrial employment in South Asia? IndustriALL affiliates are figuring it out. 2016-08-11 [IndustriALL]

Asia Unions undertake commitment to organize informal workers 2016-08-09 [ILO]

Asia BWI-AP joins 94 other civil society groups saying NO to investors suing states in RCEP 2016-08-06 [BWI Global Union]

Australia AMWU a vital voice for Asia 2016-07-29 [AMWU]

Asia 11th Asia-Europe Peoples' Forum push for a more integrated union movement 2016-07-12 [BWI Global Union]

Asia South Asian unions sharpen their communication and campaigning skills 2016-07-09 [BWI Global Union]

Asia Regional conference on Decent Work in Mega Sports Events 2016-06-28 [BWI Global Union]

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