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Indonesia / Australia Coca-Cola's Australia-based bottler stifling independent unions in Indonesia



LabourStart photo of the day.On 9 March education workers struck and their unions organized marches across Spain (this one is in Barcelona) to protest cuts to public education. (Photo: Fotomovimiento) Click here to read more labour news from Spain.
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Today in Labour History

1912 Canada Thousands of workers start to walk out of railway construction camps on the Fraser River in British Columbia in a strike led by the Industrial Workers of the World. When Joe Hill visits, he writes a song for the Wobbly song book. [more]

1933 Ireland Mobs inspired by priests attack Connolly House and other buildings housing leftwing organisations in Dublin.[more]

1984 New Zealand Caretaker Ernie Abbott died is the bombing of the Wellington Trades Hall in a bitterly divided political landscape scarred by anti-unionism.[more]

This week's top stories

Indonesia / Australia Coca-Cola's Australia-based bottler stifling independent unions in Indonesia [IUF Global Union] 27-03-2017

Vietnam / UK Trafficked & enslaved: Vietnamese teenagers tend UK cannabis farms [Guardian] 26-03-2017

Colombia All-Women Childcare Union Emerges as National Player [Labour Notes] 25-03-2017

South Africa The Arthur Svensson International Prize to South African wine workers [Arthur Svensson foundation] 24-03-2017

Djibouti Free Ahmed-Kadar Nour and Omar Ali Ewado [Education International]  ActNOW!  24-03-2017

Qatar ILO sets November deadline to end abuse of migrant workers or face investigation [Middle East Monitor] 23-03-2017

French Guiana Striking workers delay rocket launch [AFP] 23-03-2017

Algeria ITUC Demands Release of Algerian Trade Unionists [ITUC] 22-03-2017

Uzbekistan Leading rights defender confined to 'psychiatric treatment' for seeking to expose forced labour in cotton fields [IUF] 22-03-2017

Brazil No Negotiating Labor Rights in Post-Coup Brazil: Union Leader [telesurtv] 21-03-2017

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March 27, 2017:
Fighting for the rights of disabled workers / Turkey charges workers for legally organizing a union
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/ Chile Anti-immigration rhetoric spreading across Latin America [Equal Times] 27-03-2017

/ USA AFL-CIO official defends new ACTU Secretary Sally McManus, says Australian Super funds can shape Trump’s corporate agenda [Investment Magazine ] 27-03-2017 26 more labour news stories from Australia today

Amnesty condemns vicious crackdown on peaceful jobless tax protests [Amnesty ] 26-03-2017

Unions to Decide on New Strike [Prensa Latina] 27-03-2017

/ Quebec Scab Workers Caught at Samuel & Fils [USW] 27-03-2017 26 more labour news stories from Canada today

Brexit: ETUC in call to Barnier to protect workers' rights & jobs [ETUC] 27-03-2017

Free Education Helps Combat Child Labour in Fiji [IPS] 26-03-2017

Union busting at chemical plant in Georgia [IndustriALL Gloral Union ] 26-03-2017

Mondelez plays down impact of international union action [Just Food] 27-03-2017 2 more labour news stories from Global today

Workers Revolt in France’s South American Colony [Telesurch TV] 27-03-2017

Port workers gearing up for strike [The Hindu] 27-03-2017

/ Global Tastem the rights abuses at Coca-Cola Indonesia! [IUF] 27-03-2017

Strike at Tim Hastings Volkswagen Garage in Westport ends with agreed settlement [SIPTU] 27-03-2017 5 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Airports Authority workers committee chairman will support Shelly Yachimovich as head of the Histadrut [YNet News] 27-03-2017 3 more labour news stories from Israel today

JAL decides to stop discrimination against pregnant FAs on job assignments [Japan Press Weekly] 26-03-2017 1 more labour news stories from Japan today

Korea (South)
[3.25} 100,000 people demanded: 'Arrest PGH NOW!!' [CINA] 27-03-2017 1 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

Hundreds protest Lebanese parliament's proposed tax hikes [Reuters] 26-03-2017 1 more labour news stories from Lebanon today

Open season on journalists as 3rd journalist killed in a month [Amnesty] 26-03-2017

Nepal police invites applications for 75,000 temporary police [myrepublica.com] 26-03-2017

New Zealand
/ Vanuatu Government's seasonal work policy is pushing Kiwis out of jobs, workers say [TVNZ] 26-03-2017 2 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

To Comrade Bene at 70 [The Tribune] 26-03-2017 2 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

IndustriALL affiliates discuss challenges in the Russian energy sector [IndustriALL Global Union] 26-03-2017

South Africa
NUMSA to intensify RAF strike, threatens total shutdown [Eyewitness News] 27-03-2017 9 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Battery power no alternative to investment [ASLEF] 27-03-2017 11 more labour news stories from UK today

United Arab Emirates
Temporary People [The Economist] 26-03-2017

Nurses Champion Medicare For All [WIN] 27-03-2017 10 more labour news stories from USA today

Partnership to benefit 45,000 female factory workers [Viet Nam News] 26-03-2017 0 more labour news stories from Vietnam today