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South Africa Amcu vows to bring platinum industry to its knees  



LabourStart photo of the day.Burger King workers in New Zealand, members of Unite, have been striking to resolve health and safety problems and win a living wage for the country's worst-paid fast food workers all through the winter.. (Photo: McJobs) Click here to see more union news from New Zealand. .
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Today in Labour History

1831 United States of America Nat Turner's slave rebellion begins, Southampton County, Virginia, 56 slaves executed, 120 killed.

1968 Czech Republic Nonviolent resistance to the Soviet invasion begins when people in Upa block a road, forcing tanks to turn back.[more]

This week's top stories

USA Lockouts appear to be giving employers more clout as union strikes fade [Boston Globe] 17-08-2018

South Africa Amcu vows to bring platinum industry to its knees [Business Day] 17-08-2018

Romania Journalists beaten by riot police during Bucharest protest [EFJ] 16-08-2018

Egypt After 600 days in jail, IFJ Reiterates calls for the release of Mahmoud Hussein [IFJ] 16-08-2018

Global / Indonesia No rights for workers at Marriott's Bali paradise [IUF] 14-08-2018

Italy 'We are not slaves!' - Migrant farmers strike after 16 road deaths [Business Ghana] 11-08-2018

South Africa Working class summit has plan of action for SA’s future [The Citizen] 11-08-2018

USA Workers’ Wages Remain Stagnant Despite Gains to Top Earners [Ctr for Am Progress] 11-08-2018

UK Ryanair strike: unions accuse airline of breaching labour laws [Guardian] 10-08-2018

USA Labor Gains Victory as Missouri Voters Reject Anti-Union Law [NYTimes] 08-08-2018

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Monday, August 6, 2018:
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Africa / Asia / Caribbean / Central America / Europe / Middle East / South America

Lula launches presidential campaign with defiant message “I will not give up” [UNI Global Union] 20-08-2018 1 more labour news stories from Brazil today

Unions call for peace, solidarity and the protection of livelihoods as Cameroon sinks deeper into violence [IUF] 20-08-2018

/ British Columbia Strikers head to lottery corp offices [The Star] 20-08-2018 16 more labour news stories from Canada today

What’s The Value of a Trade Union Membership in 2018? [The Star] 20-08-2018

Young people fight against new precarious work law [BWI] 20-08-2018

/ Israel Young trade unionists denounce BDS [Jerusalem Post] 20-08-2018

GNAT to go hard on government over delays in releasing tier two funds [Ghanaweb] 20-08-2018

/ Global Global Transport Workers News Headlines Today (21st August 2018) By Kona Vishnu, Incharge NFIR Media Centre, INDIA. [NFIR INDIA, GOOGLE] 21-08-2018 2 more labour news stories from Global today

/ Karnataka Gram Panchayat workers to protest outside Vidhana Soudha [The Hindu] 21-08-2018 2 more labour news stories from India today

Haft Tappeh strike continues! For more info Image [SZAC] 21-08-2018

Doctors on strike ask governor to send home 2 officials [The Standard] 20-08-2018

Korea (North)
Forced labor prescribed for malnourished street children [DailyNK] 20-08-2018

Korea (South)
[8.18] A day of solidarity with dismissed SsangYong workers [CINA] 20-08-2018 1 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

Latin America
/ Brazil IndustriALL creates a ‘macro sector’ for manufacturing industries [IndustriALL] 21-08-2018

VW averts Mexico strike with pay increase [Automotive News] 20-08-2018

Fifteen thousand transport employees jobless [myrepublica.nagariknetwork.com] 21-08-2018 4 more labour news stories from Nepal today

New Zealand
Pike River is still unfinished business-Stand with Pike [The daily Blog] 21-08-2018 8 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Edo NUT threatens strike over poor welfare [Punch] 20-08-2018 1 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Statement on Fatality at Al Wakrah Stadium [BWI] 20-08-2018

Administrative harassment against Juzne Vesti news portal [EFJ] 20-08-2018

South Africa
Eskom’s CCMA move corners trade unions [Business Day] 21-08-2018 21 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Workers strike at Spanish luxury hotel over outsourcing and precarious jobs [IUF] 20-08-2018

Sri Lanka
Train fare hike to pacify Railway workers [The Times] 20-08-2018

Authorities reconciling labor standards for aviation industry [Focus] 20-08-2018

/ Scotland Strikes held on three North Sea platforms [BBC] 20-08-2018 4 more labour news stories from UK today

Labor Organizers Look To Apps To Reach Wider Audiences [The Observer] 20-08-2018 4 more labour news stories from USA today