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India Uber drivers went on strike because they’re making almost nothing  



LabourStart photo of the day.Spanish pensioners turned out in huge numbers across the country to protest a mere 0.25% increase in their pension. The increase is well below the rate of inflation and comes after years of austerity. Unions organizing their retired members to protest are convinced that it will push more pensioners into poverty. (Photo: Fotomovimiento) Click here for more labour news from Spain.
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Today in Labour History

1857 Australia Trade unionist and suffragist Alice Henry is born in Melbourne.[more]

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France Air traffic controllers and rail workers to strike over labour reform plans [The Independent] 20-03-2018

India Uber drivers went on strike because they’re making almost nothing [The Post] 20-03-2018

South Africa SAFTU welcomes Zuma Prosecution [SAFTU] 18-03-2018

Global IndustriALL affiliates take part in the World Social Forum [IndustriALL] 17-03-2018

Iran Authorities Step up Anti-Union Repression, as Journalists Seek Protection and Women Demand Rights [ITUC] 17-03-2018

USA Could the West Virginia Teacher Strike Spark a Labor Movement? [WV Public Bdcasting] 17-03-2018

Iceland There Is Power In The Union: Iceland’s Labour Revolution [Grapevine] 17-03-2018

Andorra Principality witnesses first strike since 1933 [The Digital Journal] 16-03-2018

France A Thatcher moment? France's Macron squares off with rail unions [Reuters] 15-03-2018

Gabon Public, Private Sector Workers On Indefinite Strike for Basic Labour Rights [allAfrica] 14-03-2018

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018:
Global digital platforms taking over world’s services / Trade in Services Agreement solidifies corporate control
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Educators commit to the 100 Million campaign to ensure education for all children [Education international] 21-03-2018

Cargill Rosario plants operating at 20%, more strikes to come: Union [AgriCensus] 20-03-2018

Unions have a history of merging – that’s why the new ‘super union’ makes sense [The Conversation] 21-03-2018 16 more labour news stories from Australia today

Support for labour unions, citizens’ rights stressed [newsofbahrain] 20-03-2018

First meeting of wage board for apparel workers held [thedailystar] 20-03-2018

/ Latin America The Alternative World Water Forum has begun! [PSI] 20-03-2018

/ Global Global union movement unites in defence of fired education employees [Education International] 20-03-2018

/ Ontario School bus drivers on strike in Durham and Northumberland today [News] 21-03-2018 24 more labour news stories from Canada today

Public sector back to work after seven-week strike [The Independent] 21-03-2018

Workers at Chile's Los Pelambres mine extend contract talks [Mining Weekly] 21-03-2018 1 more labour news stories from Chile today

Migrants, mass arrest, and resistance in contemporary China [Chinoiresie] 20-03-2018

Trade unions opposed to increasing retirement age [total-croatia-news] 21-03-2018

Etyk threatens with strike, says not informed over co-op sale [The Mail] 21-03-2018 2 more labour news stories from Cyprus today

Creating more transparent conditions for EU workers [euronews] 20-03-2018 2 more labour news stories from Europe today

JHL on the side of fairness [JHL] 21-03-2018 1 more labour news stories from Finland today

Macron's Resolve Faces First Big Test From French Unions [Bloomberg] 21-03-2018 6 more labour news stories from France today

Georgian trade unions criticize new labour safety law [IndustriALL] 21-03-2018

Public Services on Strike - Verdi [themunicheye] 20-03-2018

/ Europe EU’s Financial Watchdog Slams Public-Private Partnerships: “Widespread Shortcomings, Limited Benefits” [PSI] 20-03-2018 1 more labour news stories from Global today

/ Maharashtra Mumbai rail roko: Protest on Central Railways hits commuters hard [Mid-Day] 21-03-2018 9 more labour news stories from India today

/ Saudi Arabia Zaini Misrin Execution Sparks Protest at Saudi Arabian Embassy [Tempo] 21-03-2018

Court lifts stay on NUI Galway investigation into bullying and harassment complaints [irishtimes.com] 21-03-2018 8 more labour news stories from Ireland today

/ Palestine Strike at Defense Ministry body threatens to freeze settlement approvals [timesofisrael] 21-03-2018

Pension Scheme for Tourism Workers by Mid -2018 [jis.gov] 20-03-2018 1 more labour news stories from Jamaica today

Dons press on with strike as they appeal order to resume work [The Daily Nation] 20-03-2018

Korea (South)
Creditor seeks no-strike clause for sell-off of Kumho Tire [Yonhap] 21-03-2018 3 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

Workers likely to return later on Sunday [Steel Guru] 21-03-2018

Teachers threaten major protest action [mexiconewsdaily] 20-03-2018

New Zealand
Lyttelton union workers take aim at company directors [Stuff] 21-03-2018 4 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

MHWUN Warns Against Non-Implementation Of Pact With Abia Govt [The Independent] 21-03-2018 2 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Declares Stena Drilling not wanted on the Norwegian shelf [Industri Energi] 21-03-2018

Govt told to make laws for domestic workers [nation] 20-03-2018

Sierra Metals Peru workers end strike [bnamericas] 20-03-2018

/ Nepal Qatar, beyond labour [kathmandupost] 20-03-2018

South Africa
NUMSA welcomes the decision by SAFTU to go on general strike to scrap the new labour laws [Politics Web] 21-03-2018 27 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Unions hail success of ongoing strike at Amazon warehouse in Madrid [El Pais] 21-03-2018

Trinidad and Tobago
'Trinidad Cement Ltd (TCL) workers protest… again workers protest… again' [Trinidad Newsday] 20-03-2018

Tunisair attempt to lay off workers or cut benefits are opposed by powerful unions [Reuters] 21-03-2018

/ England BCM-Fareva redundancy announcement is a crushing blow for loyal workforce at the Nottingham site [USDAW] 21-03-2018 29 more labour news stories from UK today

West Virginia Teachers Are Showing How Unions Can Win Power Even If They Lose Janus [In These Times] 21-03-2018 23 more labour news stories from USA today

Teachers' unions give Gov't ultimatum [Chronicle] 21-03-2018 3 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today