Labor exporters suspend sending Viet construction and domestic workers to Qatar

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Mekong Delta fights for survival amidst climate change and unbridled development 2017-08-15 [Equal Times]

Older workers being pushed out to be replaced by cheaper young workers 2017-08-08 [VietnamNet]

Firms move to push out veteran labourers 2017-08-06 [Vietnam Net]

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Sleepless: confessions of Hanoi night workers 2017-06-27 [VNExpress]

Sleepless: Saigon edition 2017-06-27 [VNExpress]

Grab or xe om? The clashing paths of Vietnamese drivers 2017-06-27 [VNExpress]

10,000 Vinasun cabbies seek permission for rally against Uber, Grab 2017-06-27 [Tuoi Tre]

Đình công tự phát: wildcat strikes in post-socialist Vietnam 2017-06-27 [Chuang]

#Land disputes in #Vietnam: the #SocialNetworks mobilise 2017-06-12 [equal times]

Labor exporters suspend sending Viet construction and domestic workers to Qatar 2017-06-10 [Nikkei ]

ASEAN discusses decent work promotion 2017-04-21 [xinhuanet]

ASEAN labor officials prepare action on Vientiane declaration 2017-04-21 [JP]

Foreign workers may be forced to pay social insurance in Vietnam 2017-04-20 [vnexpress]

Workers’ rentals: unrealistic policies don’t help 2017-04-17 [vietnamnews]

Cut in unemployment payments good for firms. And for workers? 2017-04-17 [vietnamnews]

Supply of skilled tourism workers falls short 2017-04-11 [vietnamnews]

Korean tests for VN workers to start in June 2017-04-10 [vietnamnews]

Free labour movement might hurt many Vietnamese workers 2017-04-08 [vietnamnet]

Foreign factory fires Chinese manager, vows to improve workers' rights after revolt 2017-04-04 [vnexpress]

Regulations tightened on guest worker providers 2017-03-30 [Vietnam Net News]

Trafficked & enslaved: Vietnamese teenagers tend UK cannabis farms 2017-03-26 [Guardian]

Partnership to benefit 45,000 female factory workers 2017-03-26 [Viet Nam News]

Seeing sexual harassment in the workplace for what it is 2017-03-13 [Viet Nam News]

Unions can sue for insurance 2017-03-11 [The News]

Unions can sue for insurance 2017-03-11 [Viet Nam News]

Workers slam eroding conditions for women 2017-03-07 [Viet Nam Net]

Laws, norms discriminate against women at work 2017-03-06 [Vietnam News]

Factory Riots Flare Up over Samsung’s Violence Against Workers 2017-03-02 [Good Electronics]

Trump’s Trade Retreat Could Hurt Push for Labor Rights Abroad 2017-03-01 [NYTimes]

A view from Vietnam: How the Southeast Asian nation is overcoming the roadblocks to become a high income economy 2017-02-13 [Interest]

Female workers’ clubs boost solidarity, confidence 2017-01-10 [Vietnam News]

Union bristles at plan to double overtime limit 2017-01-09 [VNExpress]

Trump may have killed the TPP, but Vietnam can still reap some of the benefits at home. 2016-12-11 [The Diplomat]

Inditex supplier union network launched in Vietnam 2016-11-14 [IndustriALL]

Ministry moots insurance cuts to help businesses Read more at 2016-11-01 [Viet Nam News]

President urges reform of trade union activities 2016-10-17 [VietNam News]

VGCL urged to look ahead to trade deals 2016-10-17 [VietNam News]

Vietnam’s Lady Gaga and the slow political awakening 2016-09-20 [Equal Times]

1000 Vietnamese workers strike over South Korean company docking their wages 2016-09-02 [CTV Viet]

Ho Chi Minh City party chief encourages labor unions to stage strikes 2016-08-23 [Tuoi Tre News]

Nghe An: 200 hospital workers strike over unpaid salaries 2016-08-02 [Viet Net]

Labour rights in Unilever’s Vietnam supply chain 2016-07-12 [Oxfam]

Unilever makes Vietnam labour improvements but has work to do, Oxfam reports 2016-07-12 [The Grocer]

Union urged to protect women’s rights 2016-07-12 [Viet Nam News]

Jobs for sale in Vietnam 2016-06-28 [Equal Times]

Jobs for sale in Vietnam 2016-06-24 [Equal Times]

Firms need to improve meals for workers 2016-06-03 [The News]

Advancing trade unions in Vietnam 2016-05-19 [IndustriALL]

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