New York Protesters Chain Themselves To Bakery Truck In Solidarity With Tom Cat Immigrant Workers

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Write your Representative today: Don’t steal overtime pay from working people 2017-04-23 [Jobs With Justice]

Michigan Amazon Delivery Drivers Join Teamsters Local 337 in Detroit 2017-04-22 [Teamsters]

SAG-AFTRA Blasts Accusatory Letter as Hollywood Labor Turmoil Accelerates 2017-04-22 [Hollywood Reporter]

New York Protesters Chain Themselves To Bakery Truck In Solidarity With Tom Cat Immigrant Workers 2017-04-22 [Gothamist]

District of Columbia Labor board rules GW Univ RAs are employees, can unionize 2017-04-22 [GW Hatchet]

20,000 Union Members, Retirees at Risk of Losing Pension Benefits 2017-04-22 [Washington Free Beacon]

Washington Kadlec Workers Vote to Join SEIU Union, Will Join Statewide Group 2017-04-22 [Newstalk870am]

Ohio Teamsters NetJets Workers Call on Company to Provide Fair Wages, Limit Subcontracting 2017-04-22 [Teamsters]

Missouri No known motive behind attack that killed 2 Laclede Gas workers in St. Louis 2017-04-22 [St Louis Post-Dispatch]

Low Inflation Threatens Corporate Profits, Not Workers 2017-04-22 [Bloomberg]

Ohio Hospital to challenge NLRB jurisdiction over union election dispute 2017-04-22 [Reuters]

Vermont Teachers Union Fights Gov Scott Contract 2017-04-22 [Valley News]

New Study Shows RTW Laws Harm Workers For more info 2017-04-22 [AFL-CIO]

Illinois Community Groups Call for Labor Stoppage on May Day 2017-04-22 [Lawndale News]

Nevada Teachers Union Files Unfair Labor Charge Against CCSD For more info 2017-04-22 [NV Pub Radio]

North Carolina “Right to Work” Constitutional Amendment About Politics, Not People 2017-04-22 [NC AFL-CIO]

Meet the Organizers Behind the Next 'Day Without an Immigrant' Strike 2017-04-22 [Truth Out]

California ויזות עובדי ההייטק: ארה'ב מפסידה, ישראל זוכה 2017-04-21 [כלכליסט]

Everything we know so far about Uber’s sexual harassment scandal 2017-04-21 [TechCrunch]

Uber Has Extended Its Sexual Harassment Investigation 2017-04-21 [Reuters]

Retail Workers Fight to Get a Cut in the Era of Ecommerce 2017-04-21 [Racked]

North Carolina Bill would enshrine ‘right-to-work’ law in state constitution 2017-04-21 [CBS]

California NEA UTR Kristyn Jones On The Fight Against Privatization and Charters For more info 2017-04-20 [Labor Video Project]

The retail apocalypse is creating a 'slow-rolling crisis' that is rippling through the US economy 2017-04-20 [Business Insider]

Fake Working Class: The muted response to the retail apocalypse shows which workers count in Trump’s America. 2017-04-20 [Slate]

Florida Businesses like House workers comp bill; workers, lawyers don’t 2017-04-20 [Palm Beach Post]

Meet the Foreign Tech Workers Left in Limbo by Trump 2017-04-20 [New York Times]

Washington Security workers face inequities, religious discrimination from Amazon contractor 2017-04-20 [Real Change]

More than 60,000 retail workers lost their jobs since January 2017-04-20 [Marketplace]

Minnesota Hennepin County Medical Center workers celebrate settlement, but concerns remain 2017-04-20 [Workday MN]

Pennsylvania Retired Miners Lament Trump’s Silence on Imperiled Health Plan 2017-04-20 [New York Times]

100 Days into the 115th Congress, We Examine How They've Spent Their Time 2017-04-20 [AFL-CIO]

The Plan Behind a Chicago Project to Lift Up Working People 2017-04-20 [AFL-CIO]

Arizona Joe Arpaio's Infamous Arizona Tent City Closing 2017-04-20 [AFL-CIO]

Unionized Scientists March in Protest of Attacks on Science and Jobs 2017-04-20 [AFL-CIO]

We Need Tax Reform That Works for Working People 2017-04-20 [AFL-CIO]

Louisiana AFSCME Strong Works at Louisiana State Penitentiary 2017-04-20 [AFSCME]

Minnesota Union leader: Mayo Clinic has lost its way 2017-04-20 [Post-Bulletin]

Colorado State Senate OKs legislation expanding workers comp to cover PTSD 2017-04-20 [CO Politics]

Attacks on public-sector workers hurt working people and benefit the wealthy 2017-04-20 [EPI]

New York 2000 Bloomingdales workers demanding e-commerce payments be part of new contract 2017-04-20 [RWDSU]

Workers Memorial Day events especially important in 2017 2017-04-20 [The Stand]

Undocumented workers demand rights in a city scarred by a massive raid 2017-04-20 [PRI]

Washington Thousands of state workers rally to urge lawmakers to support new labor contracts 2017-04-20 [Tri-City Herald ]

Amazon is using peer pressure to keep German warehouse workers from calling in sick 2017-04-20 [Quartz]

Trump blasts foreign worker program at company that pays below-average wages to foreign workers 2017-04-20 [Washington Post]

At this retailer, store clerks demand to be paid for online sales 2017-04-20 [CBS]

Back at the Carrier Plant, Workers Are Still Fighting on Their Own 2017-04-20 [The Nation]

Illinois While Rauner picks at workers' comp, 2 grand bargains fade 2017-04-20 [Chicago Tribune]

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