North Carolina Brazilians funneled as slaves by US church, ex-members say

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Florida Disney workers' union says $10 minimum wage doesn't make the magic happen 2017-07-25 [Fox 13]

Virginia Lipton Tea workers in Suffolk vote on first labor contract after unionizing last year 2017-07-25 [The Virginia. Pilot]

Florida Disney World union seeks to reopen wage negotiations 2017-07-25 [Orlando Sentinel]

Connecticut Democrats moving forward to approve labor concession deal 2017-07-25 [WTNH]

Massachusetts Berkshire Medical Center nurses file complaint with NLRB against hospital 2017-07-25 [Berkshire Eagle]

Connecticut CT House debating union concessions deal 2017-07-25 [CT Mirror]

38,000 Disney Union Workers Seek Higher MinimumWage - Talks Set For August 28th 2017-07-25 [Workers Independent News]

Culinary Workers Urge Extension Of Immigrant TPS Program 2017-07-25 [Workers Independent News]

Civil Rights Leaders Back Mississippi Nissan Workers Union Effort 2017-07-25 [Workers Independent News]

Hoffa: Teamsters 'Disappointed' In Trump's NAFTA Re-Negotiation Effort So Far 2017-07-25 [Workers Independent News]

Labor Solidarity – Despite Our Differences 2017-07-24 [San Diego Free Press]

North Carolina Brazilians funneled as slaves by US church, ex-members say 2017-07-24 [Albany Times Union]

Louisiana New Orleans labor coalition asks candidates to back $15 minimum wage 2017-07-24 [NO Advocate]

Success courtesy of hard work, luck - and Uncle Sam 2017-07-24 [Philly]

Trump’s ‘Great National Infrastructure Program’? Stalled 2017-07-24 [NYTimes]

Mississippi Nissan ramps up anti-union push 2017-07-24 [Arkansas Online]

Texas Bill targeting public employee union dues advances to full Senate 2017-07-24 [Statesman]

Chuck Schumer: A Better Deal for American Workers 2017-07-24 [NYTimes]

Virginia Frontier, CWA agree to extend labor contract negotiations 2017-07-24 [Fierce Telecom]

Mississippi Nissan workers hope for historic win in 14-year fight to unionize 2017-07-24 [Guardian]

Florida Disney's 38,000 Florida Union Workers Seek Talks on Wage Hike 2017-07-24 [Bloomberg]

Akewsasne Ironworkers' Festival carries on a way of life 2017-07-24 [The Standard-Freeholder]

Massachusetts Baystate Franklin Nurses: Patient Care Is Controlled By A Corporation, Not Health Professionals 2017-07-24 [Workers Independent News]

Florida Trump Resort Asks For Foreign Worker Visas During “Made In America” Week 2017-07-24 [Workers Independent News]

Lawmakers call on Acosta to address high rate of Latino workplace deaths 2017-07-24 [Reveal]

How Cesar Chavez Pulled Off a Miracle 2017-07-23 [Daily Beast]

Infrastructure plan, a cornerstone issue for the president, falls by the wayside 2017-07-23 [Alaska Dispatch News]

Pennsylvania Largest coal-fired power plant is in trouble and IBEW pres faces ultimate confrontation 2017-07-23 [News Interactive]

Pennsylvania Soon-to-be-furloughed Freeport workers denied federal trade impact aid 2017-07-23 [Trib Live]

New York NYC crane company has big plans for region, but faces union opposition 2017-07-23 [RrecordOnline]

Ag workers at high risk of heat illness and skin cancer 2017-07-23 [Springfield News-Leader]

Mississippi UAW, Nissan in game of chicken for worker votes 2017-07-23 [Philadelphia Tribune]

Massachusetts Cooley Dickinson workers unionize 2017-07-22 [Greenfield Recorder]

Mississippi UAW play for Nissan workers in the South understandable, but not guaranteed 2017-07-22 [MI PR]

Trump administration ruling would let restaurants pool tips 2017-07-22 [San Diego Union-Tribune]

Betsy DeVos is in a Twitter war with a teacher's union and we can't look away 2017-07-22 [Detroit Metro Times]

Minnesota Beet sugar cooperative and union reach 5-year labor agreement 2017-07-22 [West Cntl Tribune]

Wisconsin Three Square Market first to microchip employees 2017-07-22 [Mankato Times]

Virginia Despite GOP criticisms, new study finds Metro worker pay and benefits are typical for industry 2017-07-22 [Wash Post]

Mississippi UAW President Accuses Nissan of Intimidating Workers 2017-07-22 [WardsAuto]

NY Gov Cuomo says fight for health care is a class struggle 2017-07-22 [NCPR]

New York New health center for hotel union workers opens in Brooklyn 2017-07-22 [Bklyn Daily Eagle]

StoryCorps Workers Fight Anti-Union Campaign 2017-07-22 [CWA]

Florida Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club Requests to Hire 70 Foreign Workers During Administration's 'Made in America' Week 2017-07-22 [People]

Santander's call-center workers bring union push to Washington 2017-07-22 [Am Banker]

California As labor shortage grows, farmers race to replace workers with robots 2017-07-22 [LATimes]

National Weather Service Breaks Union Contract 2017-07-22 [FedSmith]

בשל מחסור בחומרי גלם: עובדי חיפה כימיקלים הוצאו לחופשה כפויה 2017-07-22 [וואלה]

אינטל ישראל צפויה לגייס 1,500 עובדים עד סוף 2018 2017-07-22 [YNET]

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