Induction of union-busting Reagan into Labor’s Hall of Honor shocks union

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Los trabajadores del caucho celebran la unidad global 2017-09-20 [IndustriALL]

Study: Profits Are Soaring, But American Workers Won’t See Much Of It 2017-09-20 [Workers Independent News]

California SFO Latest Protest Target For TWU American Airlines Mechanics Fighting For A Fair Contract 2017-09-20 [Workers Independent News]

Rubber workers celebrate global unity 2017-09-20 [IndustriALL]

America's greatest union-buster, Ronald Reagan, to be inducted into DOL's Labor Hall of Fame 2017-09-20 [Washington Post]

Massachusetts Raytheon workers hold 'informational picket,' demand better benefits from corporation 2017-09-20 [Eagle-Trib]

Maine BIW union prepares to strike as negotiations reach deadlock 2017-09-20 [WCSH]

Strong case for easing pay restraint on high skill public sector workers 2017-09-20 [Inst for Fiscal Studies]

Walmart will rely on permanent workers, not seasonal employees, for holidays 2017-09-20 [CNBC]

American workers can’t catch a break or a pay raise 2017-09-20 [NYPost]

California Lawsuit alleges Tesla, other automakers used illegal foreign workers to build plants 2017-09-20 [Daily Breeze]

Unions Are Training Hotel Workers to Face Down Immigration Raids 2017-09-20 [Bloomberg]

Unemployment Is So 2009: Labor Shortage Gives Workers an Edge 2017-09-20 [NYTimes]

70 German workers at US bases strike over pay 2017-09-20 [Stars and Stripes]

New York Treasury approves NYS pension cuts 2017-09-20 [TFU]

Induction of union-busting Reagan into Labor’s Hall of Honor shocks union 2017-09-20 [Wash Post]

How the Canadians Are Trying to Use NAFTA to Raise U.S. Worker Wages 2017-09-20 [AFL-CIO]

Wisconsin State Appeals Court Upholds Right To Work Law 2017-09-20 [Opposing Views]

New York “Today’s The Day, I Hope, That Wakes Up The Sleeping Giant: Thousands Rally In New York For Fair Contract For Charter Workers 2017-09-19 [Workers Independent News]

New York Rally for Striking Spectrum Workers Draws Crowd in NYC 2017-09-19 [Multichannel]

Missouri 310,567 signatures block 'Right to Work' 2017-09-19 [Labor Notes]

Maine BIW union representing 760 draftsman and technicians rejects contract, set to strike 2017-09-19 [Ctrl ME]

Missouri 310,567 Signatures Block RTW 2017-09-19 [Labor Notes]

Illinois Chicago Mechanics Come To An Agreement With Dealerships After Seven Weeks On Strike 2017-09-19 [Jalopnik]

New York Clause in union contract an issue for Niagara Falls city council 2017-09-19 [Niagara Gazette]

Trump Stacks Labor Department with Friends of Big Business 2017-09-19 [Am Prospect]

California New law to make CA contractors liable for subs' unpaid wages 2017-09-19 [Construction Dive]

California Suit: Tesla, other automakers used illegal foreign workers to build plants 2017-09-19 [Mercury News]

More bad news for American workers: Pay raises will be dismal next year, despite huge profits 2017-09-19 [MarketWatch]

New York Critics Slam Cuomo, De Blasio For Rallying With Striking Spectrum Cable Workers 2017-09-19 [CBS]

New York Special Report: AFL-CIO President Trumka on IBEW workers: They won’t injure Local 3 without taking all of us on! 2017-09-19 [Soundcloud]

California Kaiser Patients In Danger Because Of Profiteering: CNA NUU SF Kaiser Nurses Demand Proper Staffing For more info 2017-09-19 [LVP]

Dolores Huerta: A Hero of the Farmworker Movement Finally Gets Her Due 2017-09-19 [Modern Farmer]

The gender wage gap just shrank for the first time in a decade 2017-09-19 [Chicago Tribune]

What You Should Know About Dolores Huerta, The Civil Rights Icon 2017-09-19 [Fortune]

New York A powerful display on labor comes to Cornell 2017-09-19 []

Washington Why we formed an independent farm workers union 2017-09-19 [Open Democracy]

California AA STOP TWU Outsourcing/Union Busting! TWU SFO Workers and Supporters Rally For more info 2017-09-19 [LVP]

New York WIN Special Report: AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in NYC: “They won’t injure Local 3 without taking all of us on!” 2017-09-19 [Workers Independent News]

New York WIN Special Report: “Today We Fight For All Workers”: Thousands Join Striking Charter Workers For NYC Rally 2017-09-19 [Workers Independent News]

Illinois No IL Univ ordered to rescind parking fees as part of union negotations 2017-09-18 [Daily Chronicle]

North Dakota Letter: This isn't workforce development, it's oppression and abuse 2017-09-18 [InForum]

Graduate students rally, file for election with National Labor Relations Board 2017-09-18 [Student Life]

The cross-craft solidarity group Railroad Workers United (RWU) has produced a beautiful Rail Workers Labor History Calendar for 2018 2017-09-18 [Railroad Workers United Store]

Illinois Agreement With Dealerships Ends Seven Week Strike By Chicago Auto Mechanics 2017-09-18 [Workers Independent News]

Washington One Month In, OPEIU Local 8 Strike Against Union Benefits Provider Continues 2017-09-18 [Workers Independent News]

Illinois Northwestern Nontenure Faculty File Complaint Over University’s Refusal To Bargain First Contract 2017-09-18 [Workers Independent News]

Florida Florida Teachers Union Sues State Over Discriminatory Bonus System 2017-09-18 [Workers Independent News]

NFL players' union names Colin Kaepernick its Week 1 MVP for his charity work 2017-09-18 [The Tribune]

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