Rate hike squeezes workers, consumers and local business

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Rate hike squeezes workers, consumers and local business 2018-07-03 [ITUC]

Rate hike squeezes workers, consumers and local business 2018-06-22 [CSI]

Nobel Prize winner Abassi issues call for global solidarity to UNI World Congress 2018-06-22 [UNI Global Union]

UGTT lar seg inspirere av trepartssamarbeidet, Teknisk beregningsutvalg og SSB 2018-06-11 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Naziha Kdimi: Women Must Persist in Breaking Gender Molds For more info 2018-06-01 [Solidarity Center]

The growing power of Tunisia's labor union 2018-05-22 [al-Monitor]

FGTBB Tunisia elected Al Taieb Al Bahri as new General Secretary 2018-05-13 [BWI]

Solidarity Center’s Barkallah Receives Top Union Award For more info 2018-05-09 [Solidarity Center]

Tunisian Workers Celebrate May Day & Their Union For more info 2018-05-01 [Solidarity Center]

Teachers Strike Against IMF Imposed Austerity Policies 2018-04-25 [Newsclick]

General Labour Union holds Tunisian government responsible for the deteriorating economy 2018-04-16 [The Monitor]

 VIDEO  Nouvelle loi contre la violence faite aux femmes soutenue par les enseignant(e)s 2018-03-26 [IE]

New law to stop violence against women supported by teachers 2018-03-26 [Education international]

UGTT threatens protests if privatizations go ahead 2018-03-26 [Reuters]

Tunisair attempt to lay off workers or cut benefits are opposed by powerful unions 2018-03-21 [Reuters]

Tunisian Women Stand up for Gender Equality in Inheritance 2018-03-13 [northafricapost]

Women in Morocco, Tunisia Highlight GBV at Work For more info 2018-03-12 [Solidarity Center]

Die Proteste gegen den Schuldenhaushalt sind Proteste gegen IWF und EU 2018-02-14 [LabourNet Germany]

Why Tunisia's Latest Protests Are About More Than a Hike in Taxes 2018-01-31 [The Conversation ]

Weiter Proteste gegen wirtschaftliche Lage 2018-01-29 [Deutschlandfunk]

Proteste jetzt auch im Süden Tunesiens 2018-01-29 [LabourNet Germany]

Which way now for Tunisia? 2018-01-24 [Equal Times]

La Tunisie joue avec le feu 2018-01-24 [Equal Times]

Túnez se la juega 2018-01-24 [Equal Times]

Protesters demanding jobs clash with police in Tunisian town 2018-01-24 [Arab News]

3,700 עצורים באיראן וכ-780 נעצרו בתוניסיה במחאות החברתיות ההמוניות 2018-01-19 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

Fresh protests on anniversary of Arab Spring uprising 2018-01-15 [Deutsche Welle]

הקומוניסטים בתוניסיה קוראים להמשיך ולהפגין נגד מדיניות הממשלה 2018-01-13 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

Protester mot økonomiske innstramminger og prisøkning 2018-01-11 [Klassekampen]

Nouvelle poussée de fièvre sociale 2018-01-10 [Monde]

Tensions, protests mark Tunisia’s 7th revolutionary anniversary 2017-12-24 [The New Arab]

Nobel prize-winning trade unions are holding the country back 2017-12-15 [The Economist]

UGTT says Trump’s Jerusalem decision a declaration of war, calls for protests 2017-12-07 [Reuters ]

Union and government reach agreement on Tunisia food prices 2017-12-02 [MEMO]

Government to lift retirement age by two years, official says 2017-11-19 [Arab News]

Тунис: Забастовка рабочих-металлистов завершилась повышением зарплаты 2017-11-09 [IndustriALL]

La grève des métallurgistes tunisiens débouche sur une hausse salariale 2017-11-09 [IndustriALL]

Triunfa huelga de trabajadores metalúrgicos de Túnez 2017-11-09 [IndustriALL]

Tunisian metalworkers’ strike results in salary increase 2017-11-09 [IndustriALL]

В Тунисе рабочие-металлисты объявляют отраслевую забастовку 2017-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Les métallurgistes tunisiens annoncent une grève à l’échelle du secteur 2017-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Los metalúrgicos tunecinos anuncian una huelga en todo el sector 2017-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Metalworkers announce sector-wide strike 2017-10-17 [IndustriALL]

מנהיג החזית העממית בתוניסיה: השלטון דוחף את החברה אל עברי פי פחת 2017-09-08 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

UGTT calls for support for the Syrian president in his 'war against terrorism' 2017-08-28 [Middle East Eye]

Labour union mobilises against 'racist' C-Star ship 2017-08-16 [ANDA]

Fagbevegelsen ut mot ytre høyre-aksjonister i Middelhavet 2017-08-11 [Bergens Tidende]

NROj, fiŝkaptistoj kaj la sindikato TĜLU ne volas, ke la kontraŭ-migranta ŝipo C-star albordiĝu 2017-08-09 [www.fri.fr]

Comprehensive new law on violence against women 2017-08-09 [IAMAW]

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