Petrotrin workers speak out

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Moves to save 21,000 Petrotrin medical plans 2018-09-30 [The Guardian]

Petrotrin workers speak out 2018-09-30 [The Guardian]

JTUM to stage 3-day protest march 2018-09-29 [The Guardian]

Oil joins with sugar, 3-day ‘historic’ march, says Roget 2018-09-29 [The News]

Petrotrin rejects Union plan; refinery operations cease November 30 2018-09-29 [Loop]

Colourful send-off for union leader 2018-09-28 [The Daily Express]

Union proposal: Petrotrin plan will fail 2018-09-23 [The Express]

Roget: OWTU has foreign partner for refinery 2018-09-20 [The Guardian]

All 3,500 Petrotrin workers to be sent home- Espinet 2018-09-16 [The Stabroek News]

Private sector employees blank ‘strike’ 2018-09-09 [Newsday]

Private sector reports an 88% turnout 2018-09-08 [The Guardian]

No clear winners in national strike 2018-09-08 [The Guardian]

Caricom fuel contracts with Petrotrin in trouble 2018-09-07 [Newsday]

Minister threatens to fine, jail workers if they strike on Friday 2018-09-06 [Caribbean News Now]

PM urges aviation workers not to protest 2018-09-06 [The Guardian]

Trinité-et-Tobago: les syndicats unis contre le projet de vente de la raffinerie 2018-09-05 [IndustriALL]

Профсоюзы Тринидада и Тобаго объединяют усилия в борьбе против продажи НПЗ 2018-09-05 [IndustriALL]

Sindicatos de Trinidad y Tobago realizan campaña unida para impedir la venta de la refinería 2018-09-05 [IndustriALL]

Duke: Have no fear in showing solidarity 2018-09-05 [Newsday]

Stay home on Friday, says Shiraz Khan 2018-09-05 [Newsday]

Rowley warns civil aviation workers over solidarity strike 2018-09-05 [Newsday]

PM: Workers to get stocks in ‘new’ Petrotrin 2018-09-05 [The Stabroek News]

Trinidad and Tobago unions unite in opposition to refinery sell off plan 2018-09-05 [IndustriALL]

il workers to strike over refinery plans 2018-09-04 [Energy Voice]

Licks for TTUTA over boycott call 2018-08-31 [The Guardian]

Oil union to call general strike if refinery shuts down 2018-08-31 [Reuters]

'Unions in Trinidad plan nationwide strike for early next month' 2018-08-31 [Gleaner]

'Espinet: Petrotrin will foot workers’ payout' 2018-08-31 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Petrotrin workers to get good sendoff—Khan Billion payout' 2018-08-31 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Espinet: Employees will be treated fairly' 2018-08-30 [Trinidad Newsday]

'Roget: I did not know about shutdown' 2018-08-30 [Trinidad Newsday]

'Roget: Petrotrin throwing families into chaos Plan is to send 3,500 home' 2018-08-30 [Trinidad Guardian]

'Khan: Workers will get attractive packages' 2018-08-30 [Trinidad Guardian]

TTUTA urges parents to keep their children home on September 7 2018-08-30 [Loop]

Sept 7 shutdown in T&T over refinery decision, says unions 2018-08-30 [The Stabroek News]

Trade unions plan strike to protest closure of PETROTRIN 2018-08-30 [RJR]

« Retour aux plantations! »: un syndicat se bat contre la fermeture de la raffinerie à Trinité-et-Tobago 2018-08-29 [IndustriALL]

“Возвращение на плантации!” Профсоюз борется против закрытия НПЗ в Тринидаде и Тобаго 2018-08-29 [IndustriALL]

“¡Volver a la plantación!” El sindicato combate el cierre de la refinería en Trinidad y Tobago 2018-08-29 [IndustriALL]

“Back to the plantation!” Union fights refinery closure in Trinidad and Tobago 2018-08-29 [IndustriALL]

Tension outside Petrotrin refinery: Workers wait for axe 2018-08-29 [The Express]

'Petrotrin oil refinery announces shut down, 1700 workers to lose jobs' 2018-08-28 [Trinidad Newsday]

'Union to government: Please save the steel industry' 2018-08-28 [Trinidad Newsday]

Roget believes refinery to be sold 2018-08-27 [The Guardian]

OWTU heads to PM’s residence today 2018-08-26 [The Guardian]

Union no clearer on way forward 2018-08-23 [The Guardian]

Rowley, Roget to meet Tuesday 2018-08-19 [The Guardian]

Lifeguards in protest over working conditions 2018-08-18 [The Stabroek News]

Amalgamated Workers Union laments unpaid union dues 2018-08-17 [Newsday]

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