Maharaj: Labour must get involved in politics

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OWTU tells Petrotrin: Stop violating the MOA 2018-07-15 [Newsday]

SWWTU leader warns: Job losses if ports are privatised 2018-07-13 [The Guardian]

Nurse and husband form union to represent RHA employees 2018-06-29 [Newsday]

Permament jobs for over 500 in THA 2018-06-22 [The Guardian]

Maharaj: Labour must get involved in politics 2018-06-21 [Newsday]

NWU: take back our unions 2018-06-21 [national Workers Union]

PM on Labour Day: Remuneration must match productivity 2018-06-20 [Loop]

The President's message to labour leaders 2018-06-20 [The Express]

5 things the labour rights movement gave T&T 2018-06-19 [The Loop]

NATUC celebrating Labour Day in Tobago 2018-06-18 [Newsday]

Abdulah: Workers’ achievements eroded 2018-06-18 [The Guardian]

PSA workers to be reinstated 2018-06-12 [Newsday]

'Sacked UTT workers approach Labour Minister' 2018-05-21 [Trinidad Guardian]

'UTT managers brace for job cuts' 2018-05-19 [Trinidad Guardian]

UTT Threatened by Union Representing Dismissed Workers 2018-05-19 [Power FM]

OWTU to celebrate sports, culture, history heroes 2018-05-15 [Newsday]

Workers claim intimidation tactics at play at Angostura 2018-05-12 [Loop]

Lula gets support from local trade unions 2018-05-03 [The Express]

JTUM: Anti-terrorism legislation is anti-democratic, anti-trade union 2018-04-14 [Loop]

Union: 15 years later, ex-Caroni workers still waiting 2018-04-14 [Newsday]

Brace for industrial action from postal workers 2018-04-08 [The Guardian]

Petrotrin and union strike a deal 2018-04-06 [The Daily Express]

Govt must explain Dominica vote 2018-03-29 [The Daily Express]

Make the country safe says union 2018-03-24 [Newsday]

TCL workers protest again 2018-03-22 [Newsday]

'Trinidad Cement Ltd (TCL) workers protest… again workers protest… again' 2018-03-20 [Trinidad Newsday]

Over 450 UTT workers seek regularisation 2018-03-14 [Newsday]

OWTU hits back at TTEC 2018-03-10 [The News]

Duke slammed as hypocrite, dictator 2018-03-10 [Newsday]

Union slams Francis Fashions after 25 workers allegedly sacked 2018-03-10 [The Loop]

Cadel Trading fires 25 For more info 2018-03-10 [Newsday]

TCL workers up ante for backpay 2018-03-09 [Trinidad Guardian]

TCL workers protest 2018-03-09 [Newsday]

NWU blasts Francis Fashions for allegedly sacking 25 workers after four months without overtime pay For more info 2018-03-09 [Wired 868]

Cadel Trading fires 25 workers For more info 2018-03-08 [NWU]

Job descriptions spark TCL protest 2018-03-06 [Trinidad Guardian]

OWTU: TCL ignoring collective agreement 2018-03-06 [Newsday]

BIGWU calls out PSA 2018-03-04 [Newsday]

TCL and OWTU meet, union not optimistic 2018-03-03 [Newsday]

OWTU: Split Petrotrin in four 2018-03-03 [Trinidad Guardian]

OWTU: We want Petrotrin to survive 2018-03-03 [Newsday]

OWTU: No 1% president at Petrotrin 2018-03-01 [Newsday]

TCL workers protest over outstanding negotiations, pension 2018-02-27 [Trinidad Guardian]

Union protests against PSA President For more info 2018-02-27 [Newsday]

JTUM: No job safe in T&T 2018-02-26 [Trinidad Guardian]

TTUTA gets tough on bullying 2018-02-26 [Trinidad Guardian]

NWU: Re-instate dismissed PSA workers now For more info 2018-02-22 [NWU]

TCL and OWTU meet, union not optimistic 2018-02-20 [Newsday]

OWTU warns offshore shutdown looming 2018-02-17 [Trinidad Guardian]

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