Let's respect worker rights

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Let's respect worker rights 2018-03-15 [The Post]

Thai government to reduce penalties for foreign workers 2018-03-13 [mmtimes]

Migrant worker checks hit new snag 2018-03-12 [BP]

Thai PM Prayut threatens to arrest all migrant workers not registered by end-June 2018-03-12 [ST]

Govt plots route out of watery hell for freed slaves 2018-03-11 [The Post]

Thai fishing industry sees progress but abuses remain: UN 2018-03-09 [ST]

Treatment of fishery workers 'still needs to improve' 2018-03-09 [bangkokpost]

Cabinet waters down tough punishments for migrant workers 2018-03-07 [The Post]

Nestlé and Thai Union inaugurate demonstration boat to promote human and labour rights in fishing industry 2018-03-01 [webwire]

Many in Thai Fishing Industry Fail to See Conditions as Slavery: Research 2018-02-23 [JG]

Law change on fresh claims of fishermen abuse is discussed 2018-02-16 [Nikkei Asian Review]

US criticises Thailand for deporting shoe-thrower 2018-02-13 [Khaosod]

Thailand handed over a Cambodian labour activist For more info 2018-02-13 [Bangkok Post]

Bangkok hosts Regional Policy Dialogue on Strengthening Transport Connectivity in Southern and Central Asia 2018-02-13 [moderndiplomacy]

Myanmar workers who complained of labour abuse at Thailand chicken farm on trial for defamation 2018-02-13 [CNA]

Company's defamation trial against workers begins 2018-02-08 [Albany Times Union]

2,000 Thailand Fast Food Workers Win First Contract For more info 2018-02-06 [Solidarity Center]

Criminal defamation trial against 14 migrant workers who reported abuse begins 2018-02-06 [Finnwatch]

Poor enforcement of labour law still harming fishing industry 2018-02-05 [The Nation]

Fast food workers in Thailand win first collective bargaining agreements 2018-02-01 [IUF]

Работники фастфуда заключают первый колдоговор 2018-02-01 [IUF]

People enslaved, beaten, killed by rogues in Thai fishing industry 2018-01-31 [Fairfax Media ]

Premières conventions collectives pour des travailleurs-ses de la restauration rapide 2018-01-30 [UITA]

Fast food workers in Thailand win first collective bargaining agreements 2018-01-29 [IUF]

Forced Labor, Trafficking Persist in Fishing Fleets 2018-01-26 [Human Rights Watch]

Giles Ji Ungpakorn - The militarisation of labour relations 2018-01-26 [Uglytruth-Thailand]

Thai Unions Coordinate, Collaborate for Success For more info 2018-01-23 [Solidarity Center]

Aktivister tar opp kampen mot militærjuntaen 2018-01-15 [abc nyheter/NTB]

Fairness in the workplace sadly lacking 2018-01-12 [The Post]

Journalist Union wound up 2017 with a depressing report 2018-01-02 [Bangkok Post]

Human trafficking charges laid over berry pickers from Thailand 2017-12-15 [YLE ]

Fishing industry harnesses technology to fight abuse 2017-12-10 [Global Cause]

Labour ministry asks Thailand for further delay of migrant labour laws 2017-12-07 [Myanmar Times]

Labor rights group urge migrant workers to get legal papers as Thai Gvt extends grace period 2017-12-07 [Karen News]

Deputy PM visits Thailand workers 2017-11-27 [Khmer Tiimes]

Two Myanmar migrants receive compensation after getting sacked 2017-10-14 [BNI]

Workers group want Thailand to raise daily wages to 700 baht 2017-10-14 [Myanmar Times]

150 Myanmar workers stranded without jobs in Thailand 2017-10-13 [Myanmar Times]

Myanmar workers rescued from labour abuses in Chachoengsao 2017-10-13 [The Nation]

Y-Tec увольняет рабочих за объединение в профсоюз 2017-10-10 [IndustriALL]

L'équipementier automobile Y-Tec licencie des travailleurs pour recrutement syndical 2017-10-10 [IndustriALL]

Fabricante de autopartes Y-Tec despide a trabajadores/as por formar sindicato 2017-10-10 [IndustriALL]

Thailand: auto parts maker Y-Tec fires workers for unionizing 2017-10-10 [IndustriALL]

Burmese workers fight defamation charges in Thai chicken farm case 2017-10-08 [DVB]

Thai Public Employees Campaign to Save Jobs, Union Rights For more info 2017-10-04 [Solidarity Center]

Workers fear Thai visa deadline 2017-10-04 [Myanmar Times]

Strike by 500 Myanmar guest workers in Thailand win labour demands 2017-10-04 [Myanmar Times]

Migrant workers face defamation prosecution for reporting workplace exploitation 2017-10-03 [ILRF]

Committees implementing GFA with H&M meet to strengthen industrial relations 2017-10-02 [IndustriALL]

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