Female workers still paid less than male colleagues

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'Invest Workers' Monthly Deductions' 2018-07-12 [The Daily News]

'No Longer!' - Trade unions in Tanzania take a stand to end tax injustice 2018-06-13 [PSI]

Female workers still paid less than male colleagues 2018-03-09 [The Citizen]

La educación ayuda a combatir la #violencia de género en las granjas de flores de Tanzania 2018-02-02 [equal times]

L’éducation, une arme contre la #violence sexiste dans l’industrie horticole tanzanienne 2018-02-02 [equal times]

Education helps workers fight #gender-based violence in Tanzania’s flower industry 2018-02-02 [equal times]

TAZARA suspends train services over striking Zambian employees 2017-12-12 [Xinhua]

 VIDEO  VIDEO: Women workers in Zambia and Tanzania pledge to fight violence 2017-12-10 [IndustriALL]

Women workers in Zambia and Tanzania pledge to fight violence 2017-12-09 [IndustriALL]

Missing journalist caps off tough year for press freedom in Tanzania For more info 2017-12-09 [DW]

Работницы Замбии и Танзании обязуются бороться против насилия 2017-12-08 [IndustriALL]

Les femmes travailleuses de Zambie et de Tanzanie s’engagent pour combattre la violence 2017-12-08 [IndustriALL]

Trabajadoras de Zambia y Tanzanía se comprometen a combatir la violencia 2017-12-08 [IndustriALL]

Journalist reported missing for two weeks 2017-12-07 [IFJ]

Tanzania-Zambia Railway suspends services due to strike by unpaid workers 2017-12-06 [Business Day]

Children Recovering from Domestic Slavery in Zanzibar 2017-11-19 [freedomunited]

Migrant Domestic Workers in Oman, UAE Abused 2017-11-15 [HRW]

Maid abuse: 'How my boss threatened me with acid in Oman' 2017-11-15 [BBC]

Domestic workers from Tanzania 'working like robots, 2017-11-15 [DW]

Real Grim World of Domestic Workers 2017-10-09 [The Citizen]

Transport Services Paralysed for Over Four Hours 2017-08-22 [allAfrica]

Zanzibar shows how tourism spreads HIV globally 2017-08-17 [New Internationalist]

Union leaders support efforts to achieve gender equality 2017-07-26 [Education International]

Les responsables syndicaux soutiennent les efforts visant à réaliser l’égalité entre les genres 2017-07-25 [ISP]

Les jeunes entrepreneurs : où en sont-ils? 2017-04-12 [OIT]

Tanzania Struggles to End Child Labor 2017-04-05 [VOA]

Tanzania to send 500 doctors to Kenya following end to strike 2017-03-20 [DW]

Des efforts en cours pour maintenir les adolescent(e)s à l’école 2017-02-28 [IE]

Une collaboration innovante au profit des enseignant(e)s de la petite enfance 2017-02-20 [IE]

75 Per Cent of Civil Servants Can Now Move to Dodoma, Says Mhagama 2016-08-20 [The Daily News]

How to Retaliate Against Sexual Harassment At Workplace 2016-08-06 [Tanzania Daily News]

Million reasons to treat your house girl humanely 2016-06-12 [The Daily Times]

Tanzania says purging over 10,000 'ghost workers' from govt payroll to save more than $2.8 million 2016-05-17 [ST]

PAYE hailed as a good start 2016-05-03 [Daily News]

Better workers terms coming 2016-05-03 [Daily News]

Magufuli to grace Workers Day in Dodoma today 2016-05-01 [Daily News]

Une centaine d’enseignants de Nyunzu en grève 2015-11-26 [Okapi]

Strike looms in Tazara over delay in arrears 2015-11-26 [The Daily News]

Tanzania: Urafiki Textile Mills Workers Go On Strike 2015-11-13 [The Citizen]

Zanzibar: Tripartite workshop for domestic workers 2015-10-19 [Vicky Kanyoka]

Tazara workers want JK's audience on arrears 2015-10-02 [IPP]

Tanzania: Workshop on Training of Trainers for Domestic Workers – Dodoma Municipality 2015-09-26 [CHODAWU]

Workshop on Training of Trainers for domestic workers in Iringa Sept 17-18, 2015 2015-09-18 [CHODAWU & Vicky Kanyoka]

Tanzania: CHODAWU Workshop on Training of Trainers for domestic workers in Iringa 2015-09-18 [CHODAWU & Vicky Kanyoka]

Tanzania: Tripartite workshop for domestic workers pushing ratification of C189 2015-08-29 [Vicky Kanyoka]

Les syndicats d'Afrique de l'Est unissent leurs forces pour s'attaquer à leurs problèmes 2015-06-29 [IndustriALL]

Профсоюзы Восточной Африки объединяют усилия для решения общих проблем 2015-06-29 [IndustriALL]

Sindicatos de África Oriental trabajan unidos para hacer frente a problemas comunes 2015-06-29 [IndustriALL]

Tanzanians Celebrate Labour Day 2015-05-01 [allAfrica]

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