Dock Unions Confirm Eight-Day Slowdown

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Dock workers strike: delayed but not forgotten 2017-05-23 [Foreign Brief]

Ports face strikes again 2017-05-19 [Container Management]

Port strikes over renewed attempt at labor reform 2017-05-18 [SCD]

Dock Unions Confirm Eight-Day Slowdown 2017-05-18 [Port Tech]

Urban barriers and how to remove them 2017-05-17 [Equal Times]

Workers strike against employer push to expand precarious work 2017-04-24 [IUF]

Strike by poultry and rabbit processing workers brings employers back to the bargaining table 2017-04-24 [IUF]

Protest against redundancy procedure at OHL 2017-04-20 [BWI]

La discriminación en el trabajo pone en peligro la salud y seguridad de todas las personas trabajadoras 2017-04-19 [Hazards magazine]

Spanish dockworkers, Brexit, and the European Union 2017-04-11 []

Hospitality industry in Andalusia is growing while employment goes down 2017-04-10 [tourism-review]

Spanish union welcomes Vodafone Spain, Telefonica fibre deal 2017-03-21 [telecompaper]

Historic win for Spanish dockers 2017-03-18 [ITF]

Strikes off after Spanish opposition votes against reforms 2017-03-17 [CM]

Spain's government faces setback in reforming labor in ports 2017-03-17 [NZHerald]

Spanish parliament defeats government plan to deregulate hiring of dock workers 2017-03-16 [The Local]

Spanish dockworkers prepare for strikes against job losses and casualisation 2017-03-11 []

Education Workers in a New General Strike 2017-03-09 [Prensa Latina]

Dockers Call Off Strike Action Once More 2017-03-07 [Ship and Bunker]

Fearing Strike, Maersk Diverts Traffic From Algeciras 2017-03-02 [Maritime Executive]

Tensions at boiling point at Spanish ports 2017-03-01 [The Shipping News]

Port of Valencia loses 32 million euros because of dockers' strike 2017-03-01 [Fresh Plaza]

Spanish port workers prepare national strike against EU reforms 2017-02-27 [WSW]

Spanish Dockers Call Strike over Non-union Labor 2017-02-23 [Maritime Logistics]

Santander Bank U.S. Workers Launch Union Organizing Drive 2017-02-22 [WIN]

Port workers to strike over labour reforms 2017-02-10 [CM]

Port plans 'beyond belief':Global Union 2017-02-10 [ITF]

Show urgent solidarity for Spanish dockers, ITF urges unions 2017-02-09 [iTF]

General Strike Against Education Law Planned 2017-01-27 [Prensa Latina]

Artivism, creativity and political change in Spain 2017-01-20 [equal times]

Talks continue over Malaga Metro industrial action 2017-01-18 [ERN News]

Unions protest over worker deaths in Almeria 2017-01-15 [Euro Weekly News]

30,000 March in Anti-Austerity Labor Protest in Madrid 2016-12-19 [TeleSUR]

Thousands march in Madrid against labor policies 2016-12-19 [DW]

Hotel room attendants rebel against low salaries 2016-12-18 [The Post]

Barcelona airport heaped with rubbish after cleaners go on strike 2016-12-07 [The Straits Times]

New York Zara organising recognised by Global Union 2016-12-06 [RWDSU]

No Pasarán! The ITF and the Spanish Civil War 2016-12-06 [ITF Global Union]

A step by step guide for the outsider to what is going on in Spain 2016-12-05 [Equal Times]

Podemos to Support General Strike if Rajoy Is Re-Elected 2016-10-16 [TeleSUR]

Union seeking clarity from Telefonica For more info 2016-09-19 [CWU]

Filarmonica orchestra goes on strike: Govt says it will be shut down 2016-09-17 [Slipped Disc]

Strike action proposed in Lanzarote airport 2016-08-16 [ERN News]

Freedom for the Barcelona Street Vendors 2016-08-08 [Tras la Manta]

Air Europa pilots call strike for July 30 - August 2 2016-07-16 [Reuters]

Air Europa pilots call four day strike for July and August 2016-07-16 [The Local]

Don't fine Portugal or Spain 2016-07-13 [ETUC]

When unemployment becomes an opportunity to build healthy gender roles 2016-07-07 [Equal Times]

‘No voice’ protest during Qatar Airways sponsored festival 2016-06-30 [ITF Global Union]

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