Union membership growing at faster rate: NTUC

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Union membership growing at faster rate: NTUC [Today] 2014-08-21

Workers affected by closure of Five Stars Tours get help from unions [The Straits Times] 2014-01-18

Bus Strike: The Full Story [The Wall Street Journal] 2013-08-31

The Strike That Rattled Singapore [The Wall Street Journal] 2013-08-28

Four Chinese migrant worker bus drivers in Singapore sent to jail for organising strike [China Labour Bulletin] 2013-02-28

Singapore affiliates welcome new IndustriALL Regional Office [IndustriALL Global Union] 2013-02-13

Amnesty: Drop ‘strike’-related charges against Chinese migrant bus drivers in Singapore [Amnesty International] 2013-02-08

Singapore strikes shed light on workers' woes [Aljazeera] 2012-12-26

Drop Charges Against Bus Strike Leaders [Human Rights Watch] 2012-12-06

Government to deport Chinese bus drivers in strike [RNW] 2012-12-01

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Guidelines to help firms and unions prepare for more union representation of executives 2014-11-26 [The Straits Times]

NTUC flexi-work job fair helps match 200 job-seekers with employers 2014-11-13 [The Straits Times]

Like Hong Kong, Singapore needs democracy to battle inequalities 2014-11-09 [CNN]

More foreign domestic workers in S'pore say they do not get enough to eat 2014-10-29 [Asia News Network]

Grant helps unions boost health of members 2014-09-28 [Asia One]

New grant to help unions start health promotion programmes for workers 2014-09-25 [The Straits Times]

Union membership growing at faster rate: NTUC 2014-08-21 [Today]

Shot in the arm for lower-wage workers in healthcare sector 2014-08-16 [Today]

Singapore agencies warned vs. advertising domestic workers as commodities 2014-07-16 [GMA News]

Labour movement backs veteran union leader for NMP post 2014-05-05 [News Channel Asia]

Three Cambodian maids abused in Singapore 2014-04-30 [Phnom Penh Post]

Employers, workers must change as S’pore’s economy restructures: NTUC May Day message 2014-04-27 [Today]

UNI Apro Women - Women's Forum in Singapore 2014-04-05 [UNI Global Union]

Union raises over S$100,000 for needy workers 2014-03-20 [Today]

Give training to people who need to interact with foreign workers: TWC2 to COI 2014-03-11 [CNA]

Salary increments, bonuses for 2014 expected to remain competitive: JobStreet.com 2014-03-11 [CNA]

23% of Singapore employers hope to hire more in Q2 2014-03-11 [CNA]

NTUC job fair offers flexible work arrangements to attract women 2014-03-10 [CNA]

Clubhouse for foreign domestic workers expected to open in April 2014-03-10 [CNA]

Little India riot: COI focuses on labour practices faced by foreign workers 2014-03-07 [CNA]

S'pore to continue pursuing higher value services that play to workforce strength 2014-03-07 [CNA]

MPs call to change mindset about senior workers, job professionalism 2014-03-05 [CNA]

Smaller firms struggling with rising costs in Singapore, say MPs 2014-03-05 [CNA]

Healthcare, manpower, transport issues to dominate COS debates 2014-03-05 [CNA]

MOM urged to extend changes in maximum POE to all work permit holders 2014-03-03 [CNA]

Singapore falls behind when it comes to women in management 2014-03-03 [CNA]

Budget 2014 addresses key concerns of Singaporean women: Josephine Teo 2014-03-03 [CNA]

Govt to explore minimum percentage of higher skilled workers for construction firms 2014-03-03 [CNA]

Inquiry begins into Singapore's 'worker' riot 2014-02-20 [AJ]

Call for more help for low-wage workers, low-income families 2014-02-20 [CNA]

22 foreign workers charged with providing false salary information 2014-02-20 [CNA]

Real income up for most working households 2014-02-19 [CNA]

MOM to adopt enforcement, regulatory strategies for workplace safety 2014-02-17 [CNA]

Singapore to continue tightening inflow of work permit holders 2014-02-17 [CNA]

Employment, healthcare costs among key topics discussed in pre-budget feedback 2014-02-17 [CNA]

Income + wealth inequality = More trouble for society 2014-02-13 [Asia One]

NTUC proposes raising older workers' CPF contribution rates 2014-02-13 [CNA]

Progressive Wage Model for carpenters in furniture industry introduced 2014-02-07 [CNA]

Training important to ensure S’poreans remain employable: Tan Chuan-Jin 2014-02-06 [CNA]

More manpower needed as foreign worker dormitories increase weekend activities 2014-02-05 [CNA]

Domestic worker jailed for making false report of abduction 2014-02-04 [CNA]

One worker dead, 10 others injured in Sentosa worksite accident 2014-01-30 [CNA]

More locals employed, income growth strengthened: MOM 2014-01-30 [CNA]

Unemployment remains low, income growth strengthens in 2013 2014-01-29 [CNA]

Singapore Jails Indonesian Maid For Burying Baby in Employer’s Yard 2014-01-29 [Jakarta Globe]

MWC pushing for model employment contract for foreign workers (Video) 2014-01-28 [CNA]

Tight labour market continues to push up number of job vacancies 2014-01-28 [CNA]

Tight labour market continues to push up number of job vacancies (Video) 2014-01-28 [CNA]

Labour movement, MWC call for workplace safety measures to be enforced 2014-01-28 [CNA]

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