The new Pioneer Generation: Freelancers

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The new Pioneer Generation: Freelancers [The Straits Times] 2016-04-10

Domestic worker starved [Human Rights Watch] 2015-12-16

Shoppers cheer as supermarket strike ends [The Straits Times] 2015-12-13

Mary Liew ITF stalwart voted union congress president [ITF Global Union] 2015-11-05

NTUC labouring to get millionth member [The Straits Times] 2015-08-22

Stroke can't stop work of 66-year-old migrant worker advocate Bridget Tan [Straits Times] 2015-07-13

Mr Lee Kuan Yew was 'dear brother' and 'true fighter' for workers: NTUC [The Straits Times] 2015-03-23

Labour movement welcomes SkillsFuture initiatives: Lim Swee Say [CHANNEL NEWS ASIA] 2015-03-01

Labour relations better, but problems persist [The Independent] 2015-01-30

Union membership growing at faster rate: NTUC [Today] 2014-08-21

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Union SOS Provides $3 Million 2016-12-03 [Port Tech]

'Transport workers critical as first responders in crises' 2016-12-03 [The Straits Times]

Transport workers receive first aid training as part of SGSecure 2016-12-02 [Channels]

Union gives $3m to help cut shipping firms’ costs 2016-12-02 [The Shipping News]

NTUC moves to match workers with skills to jobs 2016-11-02 [Today]

Singapore workers will get help to take on new jobs: PM Lee Hsien Loong 2016-11-02 [The Straits Times]

Programmes available to help firms employ mature workers 2016-10-29 [The Straits Times]

Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia: a triangle of growth or a triangle of inequality? 2016-10-04 [Equal Times]

National Transport Workers' Union submits appeal against dismissal of two SMRT staff 2016-09-20 [The Straits Times]

Two SMRT workers to appeal against firing 2016-09-19 [HRM]

Nine in 10 construction deaths due to workers overlooking safety: Manpower Minister 2016-08-24 [Straits Times]

Wage increase for professionals 2016-08-04 [Jakarta Post]

Worker with crushed finger gets just 1 day off 2016-08-02 [The Straits Times]

Asia Pacific young workers get connected 2016-06-09 [ITF]

Bus operator Tower Transit announces pay raise of 3.5 per cent for its staff 2016-05-17 [ST]

'Gangsters' showing unwanted migrant workers the door in Singapore 2016-05-13 [ABC]

Labour Movement to do more to boost workers' productivity: Chan Chun Sing 2016-05-02 [Channel News Asia]

On May Day, Dr Chee proposes retrenchment insurance for Singaporean workers 2016-05-02 [The Online Citizen]

Employer fails to pay for the export of the body who died on Tuesday (26 April 2016) 2016-04-29 [MC]

26 workplace deaths this year show safety efforts not good enough: Lim Swee Say 2016-04-28 [Straits Times]

The new Pioneer Generation: Freelancers 2016-04-10 [The Straits Times]

Migrant domestic workers face food rationing, long hours and sexual abuse 2016-04-06 [ABC]

SMRT ordered to ensure on-track work safety 2016-03-31 [Straits Times]

ITF considers Singapore a key strategic hub to deliver worker wins 2016-03-12 [ITF Global Union]

Singapore ‘key ITF strategic hub’ to deliver worker wins 2016-03-10 [ITF]

Veteran union leader put up as NMP candidate 2016-02-29 [Channel News Asia]

Give industries incentives to build strong S’porean core: NTUC 2016-02-25 [Today]

NTUC calls for more protection for contract workers in Budget 2016 2016-02-25 [Channel NewsAsia]

Do more to protect higher-skilled workers: NTUC 2016-02-25 [The Straits Times]

Former Singaporean unionist cleared of importing $6m worth of drugs into Australia after retrial 2016-02-17 [Straits Times]

Good governance requires collective action, leadership: Chan Chun Sing 2016-01-18 [CNA]

Workers' revenge after losing her BlueScope Steel job 2016-01-09 [Fairfax Media]

Variable bonuses to dip this year: NTUC 2015-12-29 [The Straits Times]

Domestic worker starved 2015-12-16 [Human Rights Watch]

Shoppers cheer as supermarket strike ends 2015-12-13 [The Straits Times]

Bus operator changes: Assurances given to affected workers, says union 2015-11-24 [Channel News Asia]

NTUC FairPrice group CEO steps down 2015-11-17 [Marketing Interactive]

Labour movement and civil service to start long-term staff exchange 2015-11-16 [The Business Times]

Seah Kian Peng to take over duties of NTUC FairPrice's group CEO from Jan 1 2015-11-16 [The Business Times]

New bus operator offers free travel, paid maternity leave to employees 2015-11-13 [The New Paper]

Mary Liew ITF stalwart voted union congress president 2015-11-05 [ITF Global Union]

Pilot programme on workplace health for mature workers underway 2015-10-30 [Channel News Asia]

Is tripartism a well-played game? 2015-10-28 [The Middle Ground]

Healthcare professionals commended for contributions to education 2015-09-25 [CNA]

Construction worker dies in accident at work site under Yio Chu Kang Flyover 2015-09-22 [CNA]

NTUC urges employers to take care of workers amid haze 2015-09-17 [Channel NewsAsia]

Total employment down amid weaker economy: MOM report 2015-09-16 [CNA]

Firms warned against retrenchment 2015-09-13 [The Straits Times]

Enhanced Baby Bonus, more paternity leave among measures to give families a boost 2015-08-24 [ST]

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