Mr Lee Kuan Yew was 'dear brother' and 'true fighter' for workers: NTUC

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Mr Lee Kuan Yew was 'dear brother' and 'true fighter' for workers: NTUC [The Straits Times] 2015-03-23

Labour movement welcomes SkillsFuture initiatives: Lim Swee Say [CHANNEL NEWS ASIA] 2015-03-01

Labour relations better, but problems persist [The Independent] 2015-01-30

Union membership growing at faster rate: NTUC [Today] 2014-08-21

Workers affected by closure of Five Stars Tours get help from unions [The Straits Times] 2014-01-18

Bus Strike: The Full Story [The Wall Street Journal] 2013-08-31

The Strike That Rattled Singapore [The Wall Street Journal] 2013-08-28

Four Chinese migrant worker bus drivers in Singapore sent to jail for organising strike [China Labour Bulletin] 2013-02-28

Singapore affiliates welcome new IndustriALL Regional Office [IndustriALL Global Union] 2013-02-13

Amnesty: Drop ‘strike’-related charges against Chinese migrant bus drivers in Singapore [Amnesty International] 2013-02-08

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Tower Transit has 'every intention' to recognise transport workers' union 2015-05-10 [Channel News Asia]

New labour chief gives Jurong Island workers a hand 2015-05-05 [Asia One]

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A labour chief who cared deeply for workers 2015-05-02 [Today]

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May Day Rally: Mr Lee Kuan Yew fought fiercely for workers' welfare: PM Lee Hsien Loong 2015-05-01 [Straits Times]

96 award winners recognised at NTUC's May Day Dinner 2015-04-30 [Straits Times]

SMRT to be given May Day award for turnaround in labour-management relations 2015-04-28 [The Straits Times]

The massive Singapore dormitory housing 16,800 migrant workers 2015-04-15 [BBC]

MediaCorp lays off 33 workers, redeploys 50; Union to help affected members 2015-04-09 [The Straits Times]

Unionists, bank staff say goodbyes 2015-03-30 [The Straits Times]

Lee boosted financial status of Indians, says union leader 2015-03-29 [The Sun-Times]

Mr Lee Kuan Yew gave 'much support' to the unions: Trade unionist G Muthukumarasamy 2015-03-29 [Channel News Asia]

Tough love meant Mr Lee put interests of workers first 2015-03-28 [The Straits Times]

NTUC hails a dear brother and true fighter for workers 2015-03-24 [Asia One]

Mr Lee Kuan Yew was 'dear brother' and 'true fighter' for workers: NTUC 2015-03-23 [The Straits Times]

Major leadership fight to take off in SIA's biggest union 2015-03-16 [The Straits Times]

Singapore Budget 2015: Labour market to tighten sharply as workforce growth slows: Tan Chuan-Jin 2015-03-10 [ST]

singapore Budget 2015: More help for low-wage workers in SMEs and freelancers 2015-03-10 [ST]

Singapore Budget 2015: Return to workforce, family support important for non-working women: Tan Chuan-Jin 2015-03-10 [ST]

Singapore Budget 2015: Workplace safety measures for construction to be enhanced: SPS Hawazi 2015-03-10 [ST]

CPF members won't have to pick annuity plan at 55 2015-03-10 [ST]

Younger workers can save enough to retire: Tan Chuan-Jin 2015-03-10 [ST]

Return to workforce, family support important for non-working women: Manpower Minister 2015-03-09 [Straits Times]

Seek change, with eye on the future: NTUC chief Lim Swee Say 2015-03-05 [ST]

Labour movement welcomes SkillsFuture initiatives: Lim Swee Say 2015-03-01 [CHANNEL NEWS ASIA]

Improving the lot of on-demand workers 2015-02-26 [The Straits Times]

Show of thanks to Singapore's public transport workers on 1st day of Chinese New Year 2015-02-19 [The Straits Times]

NTUC's CPF proposals and help for low-wage workers 2015-02-01 [The Straits Times]

Labour relations better, but problems persist 2015-01-30 [The Independent]

More find jobs but number of workers laid off up slightly, Manpower Ministry figures show 2015-01-30 [ST]

Unions will be tough testing ground, say observers 2015-01-26 [Asia One]

Chun Sing 'has right qualities but must win over leaders' 2015-01-26 [Asia One]

NTUC calls for individual training account for workers 2015-01-26 [Channel News Asia]

What is CPF Minimum Sum? 7 things to know 2015-01-26 [ST]

NTUC appointment ‘shows Govt focus on labour issues’ 2015-01-24 [Today]

Chan Chun Sing: I'm a very simple person 2015-01-24 [The Straits Times]

Union leaders feel Chan Chun Sing right fit for NTUC 2015-01-24 [The Straits Times]

Parliament: Singapore's public sector workforce expected to grow 2.5% a year 2015-01-22 [ST]

NTUC proposes major tweaks to CPF, aimed at helping workers save more for retirement 2015-01-22 [ST]

NTUC calls for flexibility in CPF withdrawals 2015-01-22 [ST]

NTUC calls for flexibility in CPF withdrawal, transparency in Minimum Sum 2015-01-21 [CHANNEL NEWS ASIA]

SIA pilots' union to call snap polls 2015-01-18 [Asia One]

NTUC warns wages will stagnate if firms do not become productive 2015-01-16 [ST]

Manufacturing jobs most at risk, NTUC warns 2015-01-16 [ST]

Savings fund won't help foreign workers 2015-01-14 [ST]

The case for implementing parental care leave 2014-12-11 [Channel News Asia]

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