'You dog!' man in Saudi attacks terrified migrant worker for eating during Ramadan fasting hours

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'You dog!' man in Saudi attacks terrified migrant worker for eating during Ramadan fasting hours 2017-06-19 [Al Araby]

Ugandan domestic workers stuck between poverty wages at home and extreme exploitation abroad 2017-06-16 [Equal Times]

What will it take to protect Filipino domestic workers from abuse and exploitation in the Middle East? 2017-06-15 [Equal Times]

“We must prevent Kenyan migrants from being slaves rather than workers” 2017-06-14 [Equal Times]

Why Saudi Women Are Literally Living ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ 2017-05-25 [NYT]

Saudi labor market has structural problems, says minister 2017-04-20 [Zawya]

1 million expats expected to leave Saudi Arabia under amnesty plan 2017-04-18 [Arabnews]

Andhra Pradesh MEA initiates steps to rescue 24 stranded workers 2017-04-18 [Express News Service]

24 workers stranded in Riyadh, allege torture by company 2017-04-17 [newindianexpress]

Duterte brings home over 100 stranded Filipino workers from Saudi Arabia 2017-04-17 [asiancorrespondent]

Migrant workers — mainly South Asians — exploited en route to Gulf: study 2017-04-11 [Japan Times]

300 Indonesian Workers Locked Up And Abused In Saudi Arabia 2017-04-04 [carbonated]

Saudi Labor Ministry to set up new councils to nationalize jobs 2017-03-25 [Arabnews]

Saudi Arabia to tighten restriction on foreign workers 2017-03-21 [khaleejtimes]

Twenty-nine workers were held captive by company in Saudi Arabia for asking leave 2017-03-21 [The Hindu]

Focus back on plight of Indian workers after two die 2017-03-19 [Hindustan Times]

Man ‘held captive’ by employer in Saudi Arabia 2017-03-18 [The Hindu]

Saudi labor ministry to add 60,000 non-profit jobs, train thousands by 2020 2017-03-17 [albawaba]

Labor Ministry provides family advice in over 4,800 cases in 3 years 2017-03-17 [Arabnews]

Will Saudi Arabia expel Egyptian workforce? 2017-02-14 [Al-Monitor]

Gvt puts resources into punishing protesting workers but not to protect or repay them 2017-02-05 [Migrant Rights]

Foreign workers remittances makes Saudi one of the biggest remittance sending nations in the world 2017-01-30 [Arab News]

Protest against Saudi govt for non-payment to workers 2017-01-09 [The Daily Times]

Divorce and workingwomen 2017-01-08 [Saudi Gazette]

Foreign construction workers flogged for bus burning protest over 6 months pay owed 2017-01-06 [Independent]

Foreign workers jailed, flogged over unpaid wages protest 2017-01-06 [Middle East Eye]

Exploited foreign workers flogged, jailed for protests 2017-01-05 [TeleSUR ]

Protesting workers jailed 2017-01-05 [AFP]

The UK’s involvement in the war in Yemen is verging on illegality 2016-12-13 [Equal Times]

GSG Saudi organises Law Trainning 2016-11-14 [GEFONT]

New Saudi scheme brings cheer to migrant workers 2016-10-22 [The Hindu]

Saudi Arabia has released about $1 billion in money to help laid-off migrant workers 2016-10-03 [WSJ]

'Worse than hell': Indian migrants recall Saudi nightmare 2016-10-01 [TOI]

Unpaid Pakistani workers to fly home from Saudi Arabia 2016-09-28 [The Observer]

Forget dues or we won't return passport: Saudi Arabia firm tells unpaid foreign workers 2016-09-27 [India Today]

Indian workers return from Saudi Arabia: Back home, with prayer and hope to see them through 2016-09-25 [The Indian Express]

Saudi and foreign workers unite to strike over unpaid wages 2016-09-22 [Middle East Eye]

Strike at privately-run hospital after salary delays 2016-09-20 [The Times-Union]

Stranded workers plead for help as economy falters 2016-08-22 [Middle Eas Eye]

Abandoned in Saudi desert camps, migrant workers won't leave without pay 2016-08-20 [AOL]

Delhi V K Singh visits Saudi again to help laid-off workers 2016-08-20 [The Indian Express]

Delhi 2 options for Indian workers in Saudi Arabia: Return home or change company 2016-08-19 [HT]

Pretty maids all in a row: Domestic workers on display causes uproar 2016-08-16 [Gulf News]

India on Thursday appreciated prompt action to provide relief to workers 2016-08-12 [IANS]

Delhi Saudi Arabia: 25 stranded Indian workers head home from Jeddah 2016-08-11 [First Post]

Ban on Bangladeshi workers lifted 2016-08-11 [Agencies]

Pay arrears to all workers, Saudi king orders companies 2016-08-09 [TOI]

Saudi labour crisis 2016-08-07 [Dawn]

Delhi Indian workers’ issue solved: Saudi envoy 2016-08-06 [The Hindu]

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