Solidarity rejects climate science consensus

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Solidarity rejects climate science consensus 2018-12-06 [Climate Home News]

North Korean worker demands accountability for slave labour in supply chain 2018-12-06 [Equal Times]

Ryanair sidesteps unions with ultra-low-cost unit 2018-12-05 [The Irish Times]

On their patron saint’s day, Polish miners pray for a decent future 2018-12-05 [Climate Home News]

En Pologne, les mouvements locaux dénoncent la dépendance du pays au charbon 2018-11-28 [Equal Times]

Les mouvements locaux dénoncent la dépendance du pays au charbon 2018-11-26 [Equal Times]

Movimientos locales de Polonia intentan poner coto a la adicción del país al carbón 2018-11-26 [Equal Times]

LOT strike ends 2018-11-02 [Radio Poland]

Strike at Polish airline LOT ends after deal agreed with unions 2018-11-02 [Today]

Strike suspended, but more LOT flights cancelled 2018-10-28 [Radio Poland]

LOT cancels flights, fires workers as week-long crew strike continues 2018-10-26 [ATW]

ETUC supports dismissed Polish airline workers 2018-10-25 [ETUC]

Flights cancelled as LOT cabin crew, pilots strike 2018-10-25 [Radio Poland]

LOT cancels flights as strike grinds on 2018-10-25 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Ryanair makes no concessions to Polish union demands on contracts 2018-10-19 [Euronews]

Unions at Polish LOT airline plan strike Thursday morning 2018-10-18 [Reuters]

Unions strike at Polish LOT airline 2018-10-18 [The Daily Trust]

Declaration of SAICA Trade Union Alliance 2018-10-09 [UNI Global Union]

Ryanair blocks unionisation of Polish staff 2018-09-30 [Emerging Europe]

Teachers, others demand wage hikes at protest 2018-09-23 [The Dispatch]

Poles Take to Streets Demanding Bigger Share in Economic Boom 2018-09-23 [Bloomberg]

Fagforeninger demonstrerer for økt lønn og sosial dialog 2018-09-21 [Unio]

New Polish union joins the fight for fair treatment at Ryanair 2018-09-14 [ITF]

UNI supports Makro workers in Poland protesting against low pay and poor work conditions 2018-08-28 []

Now Amazon workers in Germany and Poland are striking on Prime Day 2018-07-17 [Fast Company]

Lech Walesa asks Rolling Stones to support anti-govt protests 2018-07-07 [Times of Israel]

Government opposes new EU posted workers rules 2018-06-22 [Radio Poland]

2 found dead in quake-hit Polish coal mine; 3 still missing 2018-05-07 [StarTribune]

Rescue workers find 1 miner dead; 3 still missing 2018-05-06 [The Times-Union]

Airline Strike Called Off After Court Injunction 2018-04-30 [Urdu Point]

Biggest labour union at Polish LOT airline to strike from May 1 2018-04-27 [reuters]

Польские шахтеры готовятся к забастовке 2018-04-19 [Солидарность]

Stockist's workers mull strike over pay 2018-04-11 [Kallanish]

Stores shut in Poland as Sunday trade ban takes effect 2018-04-01 [Stuff]

La sociedad civil como tercera fuerza en Polonia: testimonio de una líder feminista 2018-03-23 [equal times]

La société civile comme troisième force en Pologne : une dirigeante féministe s’exprime 2018-03-23 [equal times]

Civil society as a third force in Poland: a feminist leader speaks out 2018-03-23 [equal times]

Untuk Pertama Kali, Polandia Liburkan Pusat Perdagangan di Hari Minggu 2018-03-13 [kumparan]

Buka di Hari Minggu, Pusat Perbelanjaan Diancam Denda Rp 400 Juta 2018-03-13 [kumparan]

Søndagsstengte butikker 2018-03-11 []

Union-proposed Sunday shopping ban takes effect 2018-03-11 [CTV]

Nordkoreanske slavearbeidere bygget skroget til norsk skip 2018-02-05 [E24]

Polsk bemanningsselskap linkes til nordkoreanske slavearbeidere 2018-01-29 [Stord24]

«Хуже, чем в тюрьме». Как украинцы становятся рабами в Польше 2018-01-13 [страна.ua]

Водители варшавских автобусов угрожают забастовкой 2018-01-13 [газета Солидарность]

Kolejna opinia w s. nauczycielskich urlopów zdrowotnych 2018-01-09 [OPZZ]

Nowe minimum płacowe 2018-01-09 [OPZZ],50000.html 2018-01-09 []

Choroby powodowane przez pracę 2018-01-09 []

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