Journalist receives death threats after public Polish TV classifies her remarks as 'harmful to Poland'

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More workers will not have to work on the Sabbath after change in laws due to union campaign 2017-12-02 [Premier]

Lawmakers consider ending Sunday shopping after Solidarity trade union campaign 2017-11-29 [CNA]

European Parliament calls for respect for media freedom in Poland 2017-11-20 [EFJ]

Labour ministers from Poland and France debate EU posted workers 2017-09-27 [New Europe]

NNN on strike for rights and recognition at fish processor Norse Production 2017-09-26 [IUF]

The battle for Poland’s Bialowieza Forest gathers pace, despite government intransigence 2017-09-05 [Equal Times]

Row escalates between France, Poland over EU labour 'reforms' 2017-08-26 [Wash Post]

Warsaw refuses to budge on EU cheap labour rule: PM 2017-08-25 [AFP]

Long march toward democracy is threatened by quick steps away from it 2017-07-22 [Wash Post]

Journalist receives death threats after public Polish TV classifies her remarks as 'harmful to Poland' 2017-07-21 [EFJ]

Media freedom NGOs and professional organisations ask Polish defence minister to drop complaint against journalist 2017-07-19 [EFJ]

Employment and decent work for the transition to peace: Interview with Solidarnosc's Adam Gliksman 2017-07-04 [ILO]

Our Polish members – in their own words 2017-05-08 [UNISON]

Retail chain employees stage work-to-rule protest 2017-05-02 [Radio Poland]

Nestle makes U-turn on ‘No radical cost-cutting ‘pledge, as up to 27 per cent of the Blue Riband production jobs cut,… Unite 2017-04-28 [Unite]

Nestle Plans 300 Job Cuts 2017-04-25 [GMB]

Unite and GMB slam Nestle plans for 300 job cuts, as iconic Blue Riband bar moved to Poland 2017-04-25 [Unite]

England Unite challenges ‘worker competency’ at Ferrybridge 2017-04-10 [Unite]

Postal workers march to demand higher pay 2017-04-09 [Associated Press]

Whirlpool Is Sending French Jobs to Poland and Candidates Shrug 2017-04-09 [Bloomberg]

Quarter of Polish workers would act unethically for pay rise: report 2017-04-09 [Radio Poland]

Do Changes in Occupational Health Requirements for Female Workers Concern You? 2017-03-30 [National Law Review]

Sexcamming in Poland: One Worker’s Story 2017-03-28 [Political Critique ]

Women on strike 2017-03-16 [Political Eh-conomy]

Marches in Poland mark Int'l Women's Day 2017-03-09 [Radio Poland]

Nearly half of Polish managers are women 2017-03-09 [Radio Poland]

Polish government to restrict journalists’ access to Parliament 2016-12-21 [IFJ]

Electrical Workers´ Union choose a new President and continue to defend Polish workers' rights at the Olkiluoto construction site 2016-12-19 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Government to restrict journalists’ access to parliament 2016-12-19 [EFJ]

Events commemorate deadly miners’ strike anniversary 2016-12-17 [Radio Poland]

Death toll rises to 8 in cave-in at Polish copper mine 2016-12-01 [The Union-Tribune]

Some 7,000 Protest Against CETA, TTIP Trade Deals in Warsaw 2016-10-16 [Sputnik]

Government’s education reform plan is harmful 2016-10-13 [Education International]

Polands abortion ban proposal near collapse after mass protests 2016-10-06 [The Guardian]

Tens of Thousands of Women Are on Strike and in the Streets in Poland Over Draconian Abortion Ban 2016-10-04 [TruthDig]

Women strike over planned abortion ban 2016-10-03 [The Guardian]

Women to stage all-out strike to protest abortion ban 2016-10-01 [Independent]

Protesting health workers call for meeting with PM 2016-09-28 [Radio Poland]

Unite stands shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with Britain’s Polish community 2016-09-03 [Unite]

Amazon in Poland: Over 2,000 workers want to go on strike... For more info 2016-07-27 [AngryWorkersWorld]

Press freedom under threat: International conference in Wroclaw, Poland 2016-07-01 [EFJ]

Polish workers still being exploited by jobs agencies: report 2016-06-28 [DutchNews]

150 Polish People Working For Icelandair Paying 7 Times The Usual Rent 2016-05-31 [Grapevine]

Polish truckers win fair wages court victory 2016-05-26 [ITF]

Celebration as Polish dockers’ union wins new deal 2016-04-26 [ITF Global Union]

Polish workers are undermining Amazon’s anti-union playbook 2016-04-02 [The Jacobin]

UNI calls for action against Smurfit Kappa’s attack on unions 2016-02-13 [UNI Global Union]

Transport workers protest across Europe in support of Polish dockers 2016-02-10 [ITF Global Union]

Journalists wiretapped by secret police between 2014 and 2015 2016-01-22 [EFJ]

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