Teacher unionists threatened

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Teacher unionists threatened  ActNOW!  2019-01-23 [Education International]

Workers strike at Clark Airport Philippines 2019-01-21 [inquirer]

Clark International Airport is the latest battlefield in the Philippines’ fight against private-run dystopia 2019-01-20 [The South China Morning Post]

La visite du SCFP met en lumière la lutte pour la défense des droits de la personne et des services publics aux Philippines 2019-01-18 [SCFP]

CUPE visit highlights struggle to defend human rights and public services in Philippines 2019-01-18 [CUPE]

עובדים פיליפינים למסעדות: כך מנסים לפתור את המשבר 2019-01-11 [וואלה]

DBM to study gov't workers' salary hike for 2020 to 2022 2019-01-10 [Rappler]

What is behind the sharp fall in number of Filipino workers in the Middle East? 2019-01-08 [Al Arabiya English]

Labor chief says approved pay hike ‘too low’ for workers to cope 2019-01-02 [The Inquirer]

Labor group hits airport management failure to settle workers woes 2019-01-02 [The Sun-Star]

‘Duterte-media’s tense relations worsened in 2018’ 2019-01-01 [The Star]

‘End contractualization’: Sumifru workers spend Christmas at protest camp 2018-12-24 [Rappler]

Talks sought to prevent strike at Clark airport 2018-12-22 [The Inquirer]

Les droits des travailleurs pris dans les feux croisés à Mindanao 2018-12-18 [ITUC]

Los derechos de los trabajadores atrapados en el fuego cruzado de Mindanao 2018-12-18 [ITUC]

Workers’ rights caught in the crossfire in Mindanao 2018-12-18 [ITUC]

מחר ייחתם הסכם שיסדיר את העסקתם של עובדים פיליפינים במלונות בישראל 2018-12-16 [דה מרקר]

Alleged arsonists torch houses of striking banana workers in Compostela–KMU 2018-12-15 [The Inquirer]

Workers’ rights caught in the crossfire in Mindanao, Philippines 2018-12-15 [ITUC]

Des défenseurs/euses des droits humains placé(e)s en détention illégale 2018-12-11 [Education International]

Illegal detention of human rights defenders 2018-12-11 [Education International]

Labor coalition seeks dialogue with Bello on killings, harassment of labor activists 2018-12-10 [Biz World]

Internationell IUL-delegation tar nollrätt-kampanjen mot Coca-Cola till Cola-anställda i Europa 2018-12-07 [IUL]

Ett av verdens verste land for arbeidere 2018-12-04 [Agenda magasin]

Workers urged to report employers who refuse to give 13th month pay 2018-12-02 [ABS-CBN]

detención ilegal de defensores de los derechos humanos 2018-11-30 [IE]

Vicente Posada Unay Jr : « Comment pouvez-vous réellement créer des emplois verts sans parler aux syndicats ? » 2018-11-30 [Equal Times]

Vicente Posada Unay Jr: “How can you genuinely create green jobs without talking to the unions?” 2018-11-30 [Equal Times]

Fix wages nationwide, labor groups tell Duterte 2018-11-23 [The Inquirer]

Call centre workers battle systematic termination policies 2018-11-22 [MENAFN]

'No other way to fight back': Philippines call center workers battle unfair quotas 2018-11-22 [The Guardian]

'No other way to fight back': Philippines call center workers battle unfair quotas 2018-11-21 [The Guardian]

Teachers gripe, plan strike 2018-11-17 [The Standard]

BPO workers group condemns criminal raps vs. BIEN, UEA officers For more info 2018-11-16 [BIEN]

Another Sumifru worker escapes slay try 2018-11-13 [Davaotoday.com]

Namafusa to file raps vs. Sumifru, dispersal team 2018-11-06 [Today]

Slain worker’s death an assault to trade union rights 2018-11-04 [Today]

Teacher unions commit to take action for inclusion and safe schools for all 2018-11-02 [Education International]

Sumifru worker in Southern Philippines gunned down 2018-11-01 [davaotoday.com]

Splitt og hersk rammer fagforeninger 2018-10-29 [Bistandsaktuelt]

House oks bill simplifying registration of labor unions 2018-10-28 [manilastandard.net]

Harassment at Manila union election 2018-10-24 [BWI]

Duterte-inspired labor activism becomes an investor fear factor 2018-10-23 [Asian Review]

Massacre crushed long-time hacienda workers’ dream for son 2018-10-23 [ABS-CBN]

TUCP to revise P320 wage hike 2018-10-21 [The Standard]

Strike notice torn 2018-10-21 [The Sun-Star]

9 sugarcane workers union activists massacred in Negros hacienda 2018-10-21 [ABS-CBN]

Utfordrende å drive fagforeningsvirksomhet 2018-10-19 [LO]

Strike at Philip Morris operations in the Philippines over closures, mass layoffs 2018-10-16 [IUF]

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