Maritime workers force ICTSI to talk at table - return to work

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Maritime workers force ICTSI to talk at table - return to work 2017-11-22 [Post-Courier]

1000 maritime workers strike after contract given to Filipinos 2017-11-21 [RNZI]

Embassies Face Union Protests over ICTSI Appointment 2017-11-07 [Handy Shipping Guide]

Prominent PNG journalist dies; sparks Pacific domestic violence debate 2017-11-05 [IFJ]

Government of PNG under fire to review ICTSI port contracts 2017-11-03 [The Shipping News]

PNG Government Embassies Face Union Protests over ICTSI Appointment 2017-11-02 [The Shipping News]

Unions Urge PNG Government to Review Port Contracts 2017-11-02 [Maritime Executive]

Chaotic bus strike ends, but safety concerns remain for Port Moresby drivers 2017-10-18 [ABC Pacific Beat]

Capital disrupted by public motor vehicle strike 2017-10-18 [RNZI]

PNG maritime workers protest over Filipino wharf contracts 2017-10-14 [ABC]

ICTSI faces landowner, worker fight in PNG 2017-10-14 [ITF Global Union]

World Mental Health Day: Stress and anxiety misunderstood in PNG workplaces 2017-10-10 [ABC]

Frabelle staff on strike 2017-10-09 [LOOP ]

ANZ PNG signs new union agreement 2017-09-19 [LOOP]

PNG Power management has met with executives of the PNG Energy Workers Association 2017-08-02 [the Post-Courier]

Barrick workers celebrate mine safety week 2017-07-29 [The National]

Journos disappointed by discrimination against local media workers 2017-04-13 [Radio New Zealand]

Telikom Staff Concerned Over Job Security 2017-03-07 [EM TV]

Abel urges striking PNG Telecommunication Workers to talk 2017-03-04 [Today]

Media union petition's PM to #BringThemHere .Campaign for media worker refugees on Manus Island 2017-02-06 [MEAA]

Public Servants say No to Political Interference with Public Service System 2017-01-17 [EMTV]

More than 200 stadium workers protest unpaid overtime 2017-01-03 [ABC]

226 Health Support Workers at Lae’s Angau Plan to Go on Strike 2016-10-28 [EM TV]

Air Nuigini pilots who went on strike have been sacked 2016-09-22 [Radio New Zealand Internationa;]

More than 100 Nauru and Manus staff call for centres to close 2016-08-17 [The Guardian]

PNG PM survives no confidence vote, unions vow to strike 2016-07-22 [Radio New Zealand]

Police monitor developments 2016-07-16 [The National]

PNG flights and ports disrupted by protest 2016-07-16 [Radio New Zealand International]

Protests in Papua New Guinea highlight corruption and inequality 2016-07-15 [Equal Times]

No clear evidence of PNG strike 2016-07-13 [Radio New Zealand International]

Health workers threaten strike action 2016-07-13 [Radio New Zealand]

Water services to continue 2016-07-13 [The National]

PNG police may get more power 2016-07-13 [Radio New Zealand International]

Threats rejected 2016-07-12 [The National]

PNG health workers threaten strike action 2016-07-12 [Radio New Zealand International]

UPNG abandons 2016 academic year 2016-07-05 [Asia-Pacific Report]

Mt Hagen medical staff refuse to return to work 2016-06-23 [ABC Pacific Beat]

Hospital closes after staff walk out 2016-06-23 [RNZI]

Offshore detention whistleblower loses job after condemning atrocity of camps 2016-06-23 [ASMS-Toi Mata Hauora]

Students are the future leaders of PNG 2016-06-17 [GLW]

Strange local silence over shocking PNG shooting of peaceful student protesters 2016-06-10 [The Daily Blog]

COPSU's stand on uni crisis admirable 2016-06-10 [The National]

Union Federation Appalled at Police Action in PNG Shootings 2016-06-10 [MUA]

Support and Calm Needed in PNG 2016-06-09 [ACTU]

Amnesty condemns PNG shooting of students 2016-06-09 [Radio New Zealand International]

Students: they shot us like criminals 2016-06-09 [The National]

PNG capital remains tense after a day of unrest 2016-06-08 [Radio New Zealand International]

Papua New Guinea shooting: Why were students protesting against Peter O' Neill's Government 2016-06-08 [ABC]

PNG police shoot students during anti-government protest 2016-06-08 [ABC]

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