TMA employees suspend civic services over officer’s torture

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Powerloom workers refuse to budge from raise demand 2017-08-17 [Dawn]

Karak paramedics threaten protest over lack of promotion 2017-08-17 [Dawn]

Sindh govt’s decision to hold tripartite labour conference lauded 2017-08-17 [The News]

Unpaid Sukkur dist council workers hold demo 2017-08-17 [LabourWatch]

Shipbreaking workers win wage increase 2017-08-14 [IndustriALL]

TMA employees suspend civic services over officer’s torture 2017-08-12 [Dawn]

Gadani's Shipbreaking Unions Debate Representation 2017-08-10 [Maritime Executive]

Ship-breaking workers call off strike after demands met 2017-08-06 [The Express-Tribune]

Strike of young doctors in Faisalabad enters fourth day 2017-08-05 [LabourWatch]

Punjab schoolteachers announce sit-in on 10th 2017-08-05 [LabourWatch]

Municipal workers’ protest enters second day 2017-08-05 [LabourWatch]

Municipal workers’ protest enters second day 2017-08-04 [The News]

Wapda workers hold protest 2017-08-04 [The Nation]

Another ignored casualty of shipbreaking 2017-08-02 [The Express Tribune]

Raise in pension demanded 2017-07-31 [Dawn]

Two labourers killed 2017-07-31 [Dawn]

Another worker dies in Gadani 2017-07-31 [LabourWatch]

Gadani’s ship-breaking workers threaten to go on strike 2017-07-28 [The Express-Tribune]

Paramedics demand better service structure 2017-07-27 [LabourWatch]

Train drivers’ strike 2017-07-27 [LabourWatch]

Four train drivers sent on judicial remand for 'terrorism' after leading rail strike 2017-07-27 [LabourWatch]

Powerloom workers demo for raise, social security 2017-07-27 [LabourWatch]

Railway workers strike disrupts train service 2017-07-24 [Dawn]

Railway workers call off strike 2017-07-24 [The News]

Railway workers strike 2017-07-24 [The Nation]

Women Workers Alliance formed to campaign for safer workplaces 2017-07-23 [The Nation]

Beacon for working women. Comrade Shanta Bukhari lived and died fighting for the rights of women workers 2017-07-23 [The News on Sunday]

Lives of minor domestic helpers: the ugliest face of child labour 2017-07-22 [LabourWatch]

Women’s alliance formed for safer workplaces 2017-07-22 [Dawn]

Four factory workers die after falling into chemical tank in Karachi 2017-07-22 [LabourWatch]

Balochistan pays compensation money to heirs of nine workers from Sindh 2017-07-19 [LabourWatch]

Solid waste workers’ warning 2017-07-19 [LabourWatch]

CDA employees protest against issuance of notices 2017-07-19 [LabourWatch]

AJK Forest dept workers protest unpaid salary 2017-07-19 [Dawn]

Journalist missing after house raided in Karachi 2017-07-10 [IFJ]

MQM lawmaker withdraws bail plea in Baldia factory fire case 2017-07-09 [LabourWatch]

WWB workers observe sit-in 2017-07-08 [Dawn]

Poor working conditions: Power loom workers face risk of fatal diseases 2017-07-02 [The Tribune]

Workers protest against delay in wages 2017-07-01 [LabourWatch]

Teachers reject outsourcing of schools to private sector 2017-07-01 [The Times]

Working class to observe Eid with simplicity 2017-06-25 [The Nation]

Death of a sanitary worker 2017-06-25 [LabourWatch]

Sacked district council employees protest 2017-06-25 [The Daily Times]

Protest against salary denial continues 2017-06-22 [LabourWatch]

Unpaid midwifery schools’ employees protest for salaries 2017-06-22 [The News]

Baldia factory fire: families seek pension payment through SHC 2017-06-22 [LabourWatch]

Child labour survey 2017-06-19 [Dawn]

Demand for judicial inquiry into Umerkot sanitation worker’s death 2017-06-19 [LabourWatch]

Workers lock Gepco office, go on strike 2017-06-17 [The Nation]

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