Lack of worker representation at Pacific Labour meeting

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Educators determined to lead transformative change 2017-10-12 [Education International]

Joining union forces in Asia-Pacific’s textile and garment sectors 2017-10-01 [IndustriALL]

Education unions work to implement the 2030 Agenda 2017-09-08 [Education International]

Up to 2,000 Pacific Islanders will be able to work in rural areas of Australia 2017-09-08 [RNZI]

Seasonal Worker Program changes announced by PM Malcolm Turnbull 2017-09-08 [Weekly Times]

Asia Pacific young workers strengthen networks 2017-08-15 [ITF]

PSI joins efforts to question mega trade deal the RCEP 2017-08-02 [NUPGE]

Pacer Plus could erode social services in the Pacific, says CTU 2017-07-28 [Radio New Zealand]

PACER-Plus Agreement fails Pacific economies 2017-06-14 [ACTU]

Is the TPP back from the grave? 2017-05-18 [Rank and File]

Secret TPP talks to resume in Toronto 2017-05-03 [NUPGE]

Positive Signs as Asia Pacific Moves Towards Global Development Goals 2017-04-07 [JG]

54 workers of USP have been made redundant 2017-04-05 [fijivillage]

Importing a Workforce - 10 Years of Pacific Seasonal Workers 2017-03-26 [RNZ]

Asia-Pacific seeks to save TPP trade deal without US 2017-03-17 [Dhaka Tribune]

IFJ calls to defend women’s voices online in Asia-Pacific 2017-03-10 [Scoop]

Closing gender gaps in Asia-Pacific requires transformative change 2017-03-09 [Japan Today]

Asia Pacific executive committee calls for immediate release of jailed unionists in Bangladesh 2017-02-14 [IndustriALL]

Asia Pacific employees aren't happy at work 2017-02-13 [CNBC]

Teacher unions actively engaged stakeholders in 2016 2017-02-03 [Education International]

Bill English's Plan B for TPPA a political 'own goal' in election year-Professor Jane Kelsey 2017-01-24 [Jane Kelsey]

Open Australia to workers from the Pacific, says Lowy Institute 2016-12-13 [Stock and Land]

#WeAreITF – Asia Pacific regional conference inspires ‘renewed vigour and determination’ 2016-12-06 [ITF Global Union]

TPP: The Most Brazen Corporate Power Grab in American History 2016-09-03 [Truthdig]

Why is Obama pushing a deal that his own party has largely turned its back on? 2016-09-02 [Bill Moyers]

Pacific Trade Pact Faces Rough Road in Congress 2016-09-02 [NYTimes]

Wisconsin Russ Feingold knocks TPP in speech to unions 2016-08-31 [Cap Times]

Pacific countries U-turn on seasonal work arrangements 2016-08-31 [Radio New Zealand International]

To catch a blackbird: Michael Field reponds to the whitewashing of a Pacific 'pirate' 2016-08-31 [The Spinoff]

Pacific and NZ unions left out of Pacific Labour meeting 2016-08-23 [Radio New Zealand]

Lack of worker representation at Pacific Labour meeting 2016-08-22 [Stuff]

Unions undertake commitment to organize informal workers 2016-08-09 [ILO]

BWI-AP joins 94 other civil society groups saying NO to investors suing states in RCEP 2016-08-06 [BWI Global Union]

Regional conference on Decent Work in Mega Sports Events 2016-06-28 [BWI Global Union]

Women renew demand for 40% representation 2016-06-28 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Trump Speech Shows Clinton Must Be Vociferous In Opposing TPP 2016-06-23 [Common Dreams]

How the Polynesian Panthers gave rise to Pacifica activism 2016-06-17 [Radio New Zealand]

Young transport workers from ITF unions in Asia Pacific get connected 2016-06-10 [ITF Global Union]

Obituary: Filamata Fiu: Matriarch of the trade union 2016-06-07 [Fairfax media]

Ending slave labour at sea 2016-06-07 [Policy Forum]

More than 45 million people trapped in modern slavery with two-thirds in Asia-Pacific region, report finds 2016-06-01 [ABC]

TPPA-Let the people decide 2016-05-05 [NZNO]

New AFL-CIO Trade Video Warns That TPP Would Double Down on NAFTA’s Economic Devastation 2016-04-25 [AFL-CIO]

Government afraid TPP will be an election issue-Clark 2016-04-11 [Otago Daily Times]

TPPA poses threat to medicine pipeline 2016-03-22 [ASMS]

UN says TPP threatens indigenous rights 2016-03-13 [Common Dreams]

Guest Blog: Josie Butler-why I attacked the TPPA roadshow 2016-03-12 [The Daily Blog]

Dildo flinger strikes again 2016-03-12 [NZ Herald]

Health law expert rips into TPPA 2016-03-09 [Newshub]

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