Sentences served, hotel workers leave prison - struggle continues for rights and reinstatement

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Работники отеля Tharabar Gate отпущены из тюрьмы. Профсоюз продолжает кампанию за их реабилитацию и возвращение на работу 2019-04-08 [IUF]

Sentences served, hotel workers leave prison - struggle continues for rights and reinstatement 2019-04-03 [IUF]

Global solidarity with jailed IUF hotel union members 2019-03-18 [IUF]

自分たちの組合と権利を保護したミャンマーのホテル労働者が投獄される 2019-03-12 [IUF]

Garment factories supplying EU market accused of targeting union leaders 2019-03-07 [Frontier]

ミャンマー:ホテル・タラバー・ゲートの労働者は権利のために闘い続ける 2019-03-06 [IUF]

Hotel workers imprisoned for defending their union and their rights  ActNOW!  2019-03-05 [IUF]

Tharabar Gate Hotel workers continue fighting for their rights 2019-02-13 [IUF]

Thousands of Myanmar Workers Rally for Fair Labor Laws For more info 2019-02-12 [Solidarity Center]

ミャンマー:警察がホテル・タラバー・ゲートの労働者の連帯キャンプを破壊した後、抗議行進した者を逮捕 2019-01-30 [IUF]

Myanmar labour laws leave workers with raw deal in disputes 2019-01-22 [mmtimes]

Factory fires four more workers 2019-01-21 [khmertimeskh]

Con la huelga se logra la readmisión de los líderes sindicales en Myanmar 2019-01-11 [IndustriALL]

Une grève permet la réintégration de dirigeants syndicaux au Myanmar 2019-01-11 [IndustriALL]

Strike action reinstates union leaders in Myanmar 2019-01-11 [IndustriALL]

В Мьянме рабочие в результате забастовки добились восстановления профсоюзных лидеров 2019-01-10 [IndustriALL]

Strike two for South Dagon shoe factory 2019-01-10 [Frontier Myanmar]

Garment workers strike over sacking of co-workers 2018-12-31 [Myanmar Times]

Police destroy Hotel Tharabar Gate workers' protest camp  ActNOW!  2018-12-13 [IUF]

Hotel workers in Bagan are fighting for their rights! 2018-11-21 [IUF]

Chinese-owned garment factory agrees to rehire sacked workers 2018-10-31 [The Times]

Myanmar garment workers demand sacked colleagues get jobs back 2018-10-30 [Channel NewsAsia]

Garment workers demand sacked colleagues get jobs back 2018-10-30 [Reuters]

Hotel & Tourism Workers strike over rights violations at the Hotel Tharabar Gate, Bagan 2018-10-19 [IUF]

Garment Workers Remain on Strike Over Abuses in Chinese-Owned Factory 2018-10-18 [RFA]

Striking workers attacked outside garment factory 2018-10-17 [The Times]

Clashes at garment factory leave dozens injured 2018-10-16 [Mizzima]

Workers injured on Monday after a clash with assailants wielding iron bars 2018-10-16 [Euronews]

Clashes at garment factory leave dozens injured 2018-10-16 [The Daily Mail]

Workers march, call on govt to help end disputes at 5 factories 2018-09-27 [The Times]

Pu Ywin workers protest in Dagon Port Industrial Zone continue 2018-09-17 [Eleven]

Hotel workers protest irresponsible, unethical tourism at Bagan's historic Tharabar Gate 2018-09-14 [IUF]

Chinese garment factory refuses to rehire 30 workers 2018-09-13 [The Times]

Framed by police: two Reuters journalists jailed for seven years 2018-09-05 [IFJ]

Journalist unions condemn arrest of Myanmar reporters who exposed state killings of Rohingya Muslims 2018-09-04 [Morning Star]

Reuters journalists charged under Official Secrets Act 2018-07-09 [IFJ]

Workers seek creation of labour courts nationwide 2018-06-29 [The Times]

Striking workers don’t need to come back: Korean wig factory 2018-05-21 [The Times]

Garment worker health and safety guidelines launched 2018-04-30 [The Times]

Thailand Bus Fire Kills 20 Migrant Workers From Myanmar 2018-03-30 [NYTimes]

Workers strike for immediate increase in minimum wage 2018-03-23 [The Times]

Myanmar Janitor Takes Pride in Keeping Factory Tidy For more info 2018-03-01 [Solidarity Center]

Company's defamation trial against workers begins 2018-02-08 [Albany Times Union]

Local businesses fret over minimum wage hike 2018-01-18 [Eleven ]

Journalists charged under Official Secrets Act 2018-01-15 [IFJ]

Two detained Reuters journalists to appear in court 2018-01-10 [Myanmar Times]

Flat, room rents rise in Hlaing Tharyar ahead of wage hike for workers 2018-01-10 [Myanmar Times]

National Committee Approves 33% Wage Hike for Garment Workers 2018-01-10 [Sourcing Journal]

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton calls for release of Reuters journalists in Myanmar 2018-01-09 [Reuters]

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