After an 8-year struggle – victory for Korean workers

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ITF adere a clamor por direitos fundamentais na Coreia 2019-04-17 [ITF]

La ITF se suma al llamado a favor de los derechos fundamentales en Corea 2019-04-17 [ITF]

L’ITF rejoint l’appel en faveur de droits fondamentaux en Corée 2019-04-17 [ITF]

GM Korea, Renault Samsung Labor Dispute Fueling Concerns for S. Korea’s Auto Industry 2019-04-16 [Bizwire]

After an 8-year struggle – victory for Korean workers 2019-04-16 [UNI Global Union]

Business, labor don’t agree on ILO conventions 2019-04-16 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Профсоюзы Hyundai и Kia призывают к заключению рамочного соглашения 2019-04-15 [IndustriALL]

[4.13] KCTU mass rally in Seoul... 2019-04-14 [CINA]

Labor community intensifies demands for ILO core conventions to be ratified 2019-04-14 [Hankyoreh]

ITF joins call for fundamental rights in Korea 2019-04-12 [ITF]

UNI calls for Korea to immediately ratify core ILO Conventions 87 & 98 2019-04-10 [UNI]

EU sends ultimatum to Korea to ratify ILO conventions 2019-04-10 [K. Times]

[4.03] 'Stop the labor reform, win basic labor rights'/KCTU protest @Nat'l Assembly... 2019-04-04 [CINA]

Dismissed Cort Guitars worker spends 60th birthday on company’s rooftop in protest 2019-04-04 [Hankyoreh]

Subcontractor workers account for almost 40% of workplace fatalities 2019-04-04 [Hankyoreh]

Protesting labor law revision 2019-04-03 [Yonhap]

[4.02] 'Stop the labor reform, win basic labor rights'/KCTU protest @Nat'l Assembly 2019-04-02 [CINA]

Equinor klaget inn for brudd på OECDs retningslinjer 2019-03-31 [Dagsavisen]

South Korea must honour commitment to workers’ rights 2019-03-28 [ETUC]

Fundamental labour rights under threat 2019-03-28 [ITUC]

[3.27] KCTU stages massive protest @Nat'l Assembly... 2019-03-27 [CINA]

Full ILO standards are challenged 2019-03-27 [JoongAng Ilbo]

KCTU stages protest urging approval of key ILO conventions 2019-03-27 [Korea Herald]

Massive labor rally calls for ratifying ILO conventions 2019-03-27 [KBS]

Hanwha Total Labor Union Goes on General Strike for Wage Hike 2019-03-25 [Business Korea]

Taxi drivers call for implementation of salary system 2019-03-25 [Yonhap]

Обманутые в Индонезии рабочие призывают Южную Корею вмешаться 2019-03-21 [IndustriALL]

Los trabajadores de la confección no pagados en Indonesia se dirigen a Corea del Sur 2019-03-21 [IndustriALL]

Les travailleurs du secteur de l’habillement privés de leurs salaires en Indonésie s’adressent à la Corée du Sud 2019-03-21 [IndustriALL]

Renault Samsung Workers Stage Partial Walkout 2019-03-21 [Bizwire]

1.700 travailleurs en grève chez Hankook Tire en Hongrie 2019-03-20 [IndustriALL]

Bus drivers threaten to stage nationwide strike in May 2019-03-20 [K. Times]

#MeToo Movement gains prominence in South Korea 2019-03-19 [BWI]

Protesting alleged suppression of labor union 2019-03-14 [Yonhap]


Calls grow for lower minimum wage for foreign workers 2019-03-13 [K. Herald]

[3.08] Int'l Women's Day in Seoul... 2019-03-10 [CINA]

Gov't's labor policy floundering 2019-03-07 [The Times]

[3.06] KCTU's 'general strike'... 2019-03-06 [CINA]

PSI supports KCTU’s general strike for ratification of ILO Core Conventions without regression 2019-03-06 [PSI]

Violence erupts at LKP national convention as union stages surprise protest 2019-02-27 [K. Herald]

DSME workers' protest 2019-02-27 [Yonhap]

Kia loses, union wins, in latest bonus ruling 2019-02-24 [JoongAng Ilbo]

[2.20] KMWU opened its 2019 'struggle season' 2019-02-21 [CINA]

Hyundai Heavy Industries union votes to go on strike against Daewoo Shipbuilding merger 2019-02-21 [Hankyoreh]

Discontent rises over flexible work hour deal 2019-02-20 [Korea Times]

Social dialogue on labor issues at the threshold this week 2019-02-20 [Labor Today]

DSME union votes to strike on planned takeover by HHI 2019-02-20 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Unionized workers of Kumho Tire reject the tentative collective agreement 2019-02-18 [Labor Today]

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