KTX bullet train attendants strike over pay

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Georgia Kumho Tire fires union leader in USA 2017-10-18 [IndustriALL]

Georgia Kumho Tire Fires Union Activist Following Union Election Defeat in Georgia 2017-10-18 [Payday Report]

Moon’s effort to increase minimum pay is his most controversial 2017-10-17 [Korea JoongAng Daily]

Documents show Park administration sought to crackdown on organized labor 2017-10-15 [Hankyoreh]

Public broadcast journalists strike 2017-10-14 [IFJ]

North Korea snubs South, restarts Kaesong industrial park 2017-10-11 [DW]

Secretly Making Clothing in Kaesong Industrial Park With South's Equipment 2017-10-08 [RFA]

Georgia Employees at Macon’s newest manufacturer to vote whether to join union 2017-10-06 [The Telegraph]

USW Asks South Korean Government to Stand Up for U.S. Workers' Rights 2017-10-04 [USW]

KTX attendants demand direct hiring from KORAIL 2017-10-03 [CINA]

Hyundai Motor's union elects militant leader 2017-10-01 [Yonhap]

Georgia Tire Workers Standing Strong Against Kumho’s Anti-Union Pressure 2017-10-01 [Workers Independent News]

KTX bullet train attendants strike over pay 2017-09-29 [The Herald]

KTX bullet train attendants strike over pay 2017-09-29 [Yonhap]

Georgia Anti-union campaign ahead of union recognition election at Kumho Tire Georgia, U.S.A 2017-09-28 [Labor Today Korea]

Labor ministry recommends indictment of MBC chief 2017-09-28 [Yonhap]

FKTU calls for new panel on labor issues 2017-09-26 [K. Herald]

Gov't scraps two anti-labor regulations, including easier layoffs 2017-09-25 [Yonhap]

BWI unions in Lima demand IOC takes action for South Korean workers 2017-09-25 [BWI]

Korean Air pilots plan strike during Chuseok 2017-09-24 [JoongAng Ilbo]

Anti-THAAD activist dies after setting himself on fire 2017-09-20 [CINA]

[9.16] KCTU's anti-THAAD rally... 2017-09-17 [CINA]

Migrant workers up in arms over 'violent' immigration officials 2017-09-17 [K. Times]

GM Korea’s Labor and Management Once Again Fail to Reach Agreement on Wages 2017-09-15 [Bizwire]

Strike Puts Variety Show “2 Days & 1 Night” Filming on Hold 2017-09-15 [Bizwire]

Walkout forces popular KBS variety show to cancel filming new episode 2017-09-15 [Yonhap]

The struggle against THAAD... goes on! 2017-09-12 [CINA]

BWI General Secretary Raises Concerns about 2018 PyeongChang Games 2017-09-11 [BWI]

[9.06~07] Let's fight the THAAD deployment!! 2017-09-08 [CINA]

'Employment permit system needs review' 2017-09-08 [K. Times]

ILO Director-General pays respect to a fallen union activist 2017-09-08 [The Hankyoreh]

ILO Director General encouraged by President Moon’s stance on core conventions 2017-09-08 [The Hankyoreh]

The “Mad Bitches” of S. Korea’s Irregular Workforce Fight Back 2017-09-08 [Korea Exposé]

Korean union secures thousands of jobs for contract autoworkers 2017-09-06 [IndustriALL]

ILO chief urges 'quick' resolution on outlawed teachers and civil servants unions 2017-09-06 [Yonhap]

MBC president quizzed over labor wrongdoings 2017-09-06 [K. Times]

Activists call for improvement in migrant fishermen’s human rights 2017-09-05 [K. Herald]

GM Korea workers to stage partial strike 2017-09-05 [Yonhap]

Worker Pay Gaps Among Carmakers Could get Bigger 2017-09-04 [Huffington Post]

3,800 KBS, MBC workers launch strike 2017-09-04 [The Times]

Kia ordered to pay workers $376 million in withheld wages 2017-09-03 [Hankyoreh]

DPRK Central Court Sentences S. Korean Journalists to Death 2017-08-31 [CINA]

Kia Motors' regular bonuses ruled as base wage 2017-08-31 [The Times]

Kia Motors’ wage costs set to surge after legal defeat 2017-08-31 [The Financial Times]

Staff of South Korean broadcasters KBS, MBC go on strike 2017-08-31 [The Straits Times]

[8.17] The 1st '3 Steps, 1 Bow' (protest)procession by dismissed HYDIS workers 2017-08-30 [CINA]

Women Workers and the Fight to Eradicate Precarious Labor in South Korea 2017-08-30 [Zoom in Korea]

Hyundai Heavy union strikes over layoff threat 2017-08-30 [The Shipping News]

KBS MBC to begin strike on Monday 2017-08-30 [The Times]

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