Histadrut vote count stopped by judge because of alleged irregularities

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Histadrut vote count stopped by judge because of alleged irregularities 2017-05-25 [Times of Israel]

Palestinians at Mishor Adumim carpentry unionize with WAC after years of precarious employment 2017-05-25 [WAC-Maan]

SodaStream bringing 74 Palestinians back to work in Israel 2017-05-25 [Times of Israel]

SodaStream rehires 74 Palestinian employees following renewed work permits 2017-05-25 [JNS]

Yachimovitch claims foul play in Histadrut elections 2017-05-25 [Israel National News]

Histadrut chief declares victory in leadership election 2017-05-24 [Jerusalem Post]

Nissenkorn triumphs in Histadrut elections - but challenger claims 'systematic fraud' 2017-05-24 [Globes Israel ]

Voting starts today in bitter leadership battle for Histadrut union 2017-05-23 [Times of Israel ]

Histadrut members go to the polls after heated campaign 2017-05-23 [YNet]

Fierce Battle for Histadrut Leadership to Be Decided Today 2017-05-23 [Hamodia]

DWRC condemns the killing of Palestinian fisherman Mohammed Baker, shot at sea by an Israeli military boat. 2017-05-23 [DWRC]

Histadrut elections set for Tuesday 2017-05-22 [Globes Israel]

Histadrut vote overshadowed by Trump visit 2017-05-22 [Jerusalem Post]

Marking 50 years of a dangerous occupation 2017-05-19 [UNISON]

Asylum Seekers in Israel Angry Over New Law Making Them Deposit 20% of Pay 2017-05-15 [Haaretz]

Israel Risks Anti-Establishment Resentment Over Widening Wage Gap 2017-05-15 [Reuters]

Chinese workers to help build homes in Israel as part of long awaited deal 2017-05-15 [Channel NewsAsia]

Largest trade union votes to boycott Israel 2017-05-15 [European Jewish Press]

Largest political party opposes trade union confederation's Israel boycott 2017-05-13 [ABC]

Billboard battle ramps up Histadrut union election 2017-05-13 [Jerusalem Post]

The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) biggest union grouping angers Israel over BDS support 2017-05-13 [AFP]

Norwegian union angers Israel with boycott 2017-05-12 [Arab News]

Norwegian union angers Israel with boycott 2017-05-12 [i24NEWS]

LO congress advocates international boycott of Israel 2017-05-12 [Norway Today]

Foreign Ministry workers’ union say labor strike called off after treasury agrees to implement salaries agreement within two weeks 2017-05-11 [Times of Israel]

Newsreader chokes back tears on-air while reading breaking news about network's sudden closure 2017-05-11 [International Business Times]

Despite wage assurances, Israeli diplomats still intend to disrupt Trump visit 2017-05-11 [Times of Israel]

Billboard battle ramps up campaign in Histadrut race 2017-05-11 [Jerusalem Post]

Ahead of Trump visit, Foreign Ministry workers call strike over wage dispute 2017-05-09 [Times of Israel]

Israeli foreign ministry workers' salary dispute threatens to disrupt Trump visit 2017-05-09 [JNS]

Solidarity Without Borders: May Day in Jerusalem 2017-05-09 [WAC-Ma'an ]

Foreign Ministry workers threaten to disrupt Trump visit over wage dispute 2017-05-06 [Times of Israel]

Histadrut chief: Keep Chinese workers out 2017-05-05 [Hamodia]

Gerry Brownlee's new 'Kith and Kin' 2017-05-05 [John Minto]

Histadrut slams deal to import Chinese workers deprive Israelis of work 2017-05-04 [Times of Israel]

Foreign Ministry employee union threatens to disrupt Trump's Israel visit 2017-05-04 [YNet News]

The invisible Filipino workforce 2017-05-04 [NY Times]

Histadrut: We'll be shutting down activity of Dan buses in Be'er Sheva on Wednesday 2017-05-03 [YNet]

Hundreds attend May Day demonstration in Nazareth 2017-05-02 [+972 Magazine]

On May Day, Palestinian Trade Unions Ramp Up Call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel 2017-05-02 [teleSUR]

Nationwide strike averted, but new petition filed 2017-04-26 [Jerusalem Post]

Strike called off after union, treasury reach deal on broadcaster 2017-04-25 [The Times]

Prison or exile? The stark choice facing African migrants in Israel 2017-04-25 [Equal Times]

Histadrut vows public sector strike on Tuesday if no deal on Bradcast Media workers rights 2017-04-24 [Ha'aretz]

20,000 Chinese workers won't build over Green Line 2017-04-24 [Globes Israel]

Public sector general strike to begin Tuesday 2017-04-24 [Globes Israel]

Massive country-wide strike expected tomorrow 2017-04-24 [Jerusalem Post]

Histadrut may declare country-wide strike on Tuesday 2017-04-24 [Arutz Sheva]

Histadrut Ultimatum: Find Jobs for Broadcast Workers Or Full-Blown Strike 2017-04-23 [Hamodia]

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