Unions in pay talks oppose plan to allow more outsourcing

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Union threatens boycott of Labour Court if Leo Varadkar restricts right to strike 2017-05-24 [The Irish Independent]

SIPTU to demonstrate in support of Gender Pay Gap Bill outside Leinster House today 2017-05-24 [SIPTU]

Farmers slow to get help with tough jobs 2017-05-24 [Irish Examiner]

Outsourcing could become a stumbling block in public sector pay talks 2017-05-24 [Irish Examiner]

Calls for review of Air Corps 2017-05-24 [Irish Examiner]

Woman witnessed suicides, drug abuse and child neglect in hotel 2017-05-24 [Irish Times]

Fianna Fáil opposes Varadkar’s public sector strike ban 2017-05-24 [Irish Times]

Unite would not attend Labour Court if members banned from striking 2017-05-24 [Irish Times]

Unions in pay talks oppose plan to allow more outsourcing 2017-05-24 [Irish Times]

Farming the most dangerous of occupations, report finds 2017-05-24 [RTÉ]

SIPTU President offers condolences and calls for solidarity in response to Manchester bombing 2017-05-23 [SIPTU]

Report queried Air Corps staff safety efforts 2017-05-23 [Irish Examiner]

Trade unions and parties attack Varadkar’s ‘Thatcher-like’ measures 2017-05-23 [Irish Examiner]

Garda commissioner’s decision to sack officer quashed by court 2017-05-23 [Irish Examiner]

No further strike action imminent as Bus Éireann union members vote to end dispute 2017-05-23 [Irish Independent]

AGSI criticises Varadkar's proposals on right to strike 2017-05-23 [RTÉ]

Plan to ban strikes in 'essential services' sparks unions' anger 2017-05-23 [Irish Independent]

Fianna Fail, Labour, Sinn Fein, and unions criticise Varadkar's plans to ban some public strikes 2017-05-23 [Newstalk]

Leo Varadkar defends his proposed ban on 'essential' public workers' strike 2017-05-23 [The Journal]

SIPTU President condemns Government’s decision to sell AIB shares as 'absolutely indefensible' 2017-05-22 [SIPTU]

SIPTU concludes agreement with CIF on pay increase for crane operators 2017-05-22 [SIPTU]

Talks begin on new public sector pay agreement 2017-05-22 [Irish Times]

Minister says Bus Éireann can be successful as unions agree to pay cuts 2017-05-22 [Irish Times]

FG leadership candidate says he will ban public sector strikes in ‘essential’ areas 2017-05-22 [Irish Times]

Public service unions warn Varadkar over strike ban plan 2017-05-22 [RTÉ]

Government sets out demands for increased productivity at talks 2017-05-22 [RTÉ]

Public service unions divided ahead of crucial pay talks 2017-05-22 [Irish Times]

Bus Éireann dispute resolved as NBRU backs Labour Court plan 2017-05-22 [Irish Times]

Bus Éireann row: NBRU to decide on Labour court proposals 2017-05-22 [The Irish Times]

Failure to agree public pay deal would be ‘appalling vista’ - Minister 2017-05-17 [irishtimes.com]

Minister rules out any special deals for sectors in pay talks 2017-05-17 [RTÉ]

Northern Ireland Stormont chaos set to cause more cuts 2017-05-17 [Guardian]

Health sector demands threaten to complicate pay talks 2017-05-17 [irishtimes.com]

Casement Aerodrome technical reports ‘cannot be located’ 2017-05-17 [Irish Examiner]

Government has ‘ostrich approach’ to recruiting and retaining medical staff 2017-05-17 [Irish Examiner]

Northern Ireland Education official says industrial action harms education 2017-05-15 [BBC]

Ryanair chief flies off handle at Nordic critics 2017-05-14 [The Times]

Potential for public sector pay hikes will be wiped out unless Croke Park 'unpaid hours' remain 2017-05-14 [independent.ie]

UL probe to examine severance pay 2017-05-14 [irishexaminer.com]

Northern Ireland 'Nurses have had enough' says director of RCN 2017-05-14 [BBC]

Numbers holding low-paid, insecure jobs soar 2017-05-13 [Irish Examiner]

Defence Forces go on attack in pay talks 2017-05-13 [Irish Examiner]

Gardaí warn against making them pay more for pensions 2017-05-13 [Irish Times]

Government outlines independent review of UL 2017-05-13 [Irish Times]

SIPTU, Unite accept Labour Court recommendations over Bus Éireann 2017-05-12 [RTÉ]

Congress and SIPTU to launch major new initiative on housing and homeless emergency 2017-05-12 [SIPTU]

Early Years educators to bring campaign for recognition to Galway County Council 2017-05-12 [SIPTU]

Labour leader backs union pay demands 2017-05-12 [Irish Examiner]

Special pay deals could trigger ‘leap-frogging’ claims in public sector 2017-05-12 [Irish Times]

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