Madhya Pradesh Striking outsourced electricity workers pooh-pooh CM

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Punjab Buses run by Punbus staff to remain off road tomorrow 2018-07-15 [The Tribune]

Karnataka Not Paid for 6 Months, Bengaluru Sweeper Kills Self; Union Leader Alleges 'Govt-Sponsored Murder' 2018-07-15 [News 18]

Madhya Pradesh Striking outsourced electricity workers pooh-pooh CM 2018-07-14 [The Free Press Journal]

Inde: mort de six travailleurs à l’usine métallurgique Gerdau 2018-07-13 [IndustriALL]

Индия: Шесть рабочих погибли на сталелитейном заводе Gerdau 2018-07-13 [IndustriALL]

Trágica muerte de seis trabajadores en planta siderúrgica de Gerdau en la India 2018-07-13 [IndustriALL]

India: Six workers die at Gerdau steel plant 2018-07-13 [IndustriALL]

Jammu and Kashmir Anganwari workers, helpers strike enters day 161 2018-07-13 [The State Times]

West Bengal Appeal for unity for tea garden unions in Darjeeling 2018-07-11 [The Echo]

Punjab Aaganwari workers protest seeking salary hike 2018-07-11 [TNN]

Tea Inc seeks pan-India policy to fix wage woe 2018-07-11 [TNN]

Assam Tea wage test 2018-07-11 [The Telegraph]

Karnataka Denied Wages and Dignity, Sanitation Workers in Bangalore Protest 2018-07-11 [The Wire]

Karnataka Bengaluru conservancy workers remain unpaid for 5 months 2018-07-11 [First post]

7th Pay commission: Latest update you need to know about retirement age, salary hike 2018-07-11 [DNA]

West Bengal Tea planters urge unions not to disrupt operations in Bengal 2018-07-10 [IANS]

West Bengal BJP mulls tea agitation plan 2018-07-10 [Telegraph]

Uttar Pradesh Congress joins state employees in condemning Yogi govt’s drive against senior staff 2018-07-10 [Natl Herald]

This Indian Women’s Union Invented a Flexible Childcare Model 2018-07-10 [New Security Beat]

Death by Diamonds: Suicides wipe the shine off India's gem trade 2018-07-10 [Reuters]

Continúa la lucha por los derechos y el reconocimiento en AB InBev Sonepat India 2018-07-10 [UITA]

Uttar Pradesh New Samsung Factory in Noida: Another Example of Exploitation in the Name of ‘Ease of Business’? 2018-07-09 [Newsclick]

Andhra Pradesh Truckers bandh on July 20 2018-07-09 [The Hans]

Karnataka Civic worker kills self- not paid for 6 months 2018-07-09 [The News Minute]

Assam Wage hike, insurance for tea garden workers 2018-07-08 [TNN]

Punjab 3 construction workers electrocuted in Ludhiana 2018-07-08 [TNN]

Madhya Pradesh तीन साल से मजदूरी के लिए भटक रहे रेशम की खेती करने वाले आदिवासी किसान 2018-07-08 [Zee News]

West Bengal Tea union plea to finalise workers' pay 2018-07-07 [The Telegraph]

Kerala Saleswomen Win Protracted Battle For Their Right To Sit, Fight Not Over, Says Leader 2018-07-07 [The Journal]

West Bengal Morcha out of tea forum strike 2018-07-07 [The Telegraph]

Kerala Livelihood hit, complain women fish workers 2018-07-07 [The Hindu]

Outsourcing workers ill-treated: Indian National Trade Union Congress 2018-07-06 [The Hans]

West Bengal Domestic workers of West Bengal find new hope in trade union 2018-07-06 [Catch News]

Benefits portability likely for construction workers 2018-07-06 [Business Line]

West Bengal Govt urges unions to drop tea strike 2018-07-05 [The Telegraph]

Himachal Pradesh '108' ambulance workers call off strike 2018-07-05 [The Tribune]

Kerala Kerala to amend shops Act to allow women to sit during work 2018-07-05 [Indian Express]

Culture and the labour market keep India’s women at home 2018-07-05 [Economist]

Rajasthan 'Our fingers bleed': India's female miners toil over sandstone for the UK 2018-07-05 [The Guardian]

Karnataka Hostel workers withdraw strike 2018-07-05 [The Hindu]

West Bengal TMC tea unions fail to merge 2018-07-04 [The Telegraph]

Meghalaya Casual workers union demand release of pending dues 2018-07-04 [The Times]

Domestic Workers In India Have No Laws Protecting Their Rights 2018-07-04 [Feminism in India]

La lutte pour les droits et la reconnaissance se poursuit à l’usine AB InBev de Sonepat 2018-07-03 [UITA]

Struggle continues for rights and recognition at AB InBev Sonepat India  ActNOW!  2018-07-03 [IUF]

Remove Sukhu or lose INTUC support: Bawa 2018-07-02 [The Times]

Andhra Pradesh EU joins hands with SWF for APSRTC union elections 2018-07-02 [The Express]

Karnataka International workers’ rights organisation slams Sonam Kapoor’s husband’s company for assault and abuse of its workers 2018-07-02 [Opindia]

Kerala Taxi operators to go on strike 2018-07-02 [The Hindu]

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