A world first. Iceland legalises equal pay between men and women

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עם תחילת השנה: איסלנד אסרה על אפליה בשכר בין נשים לגברים 2018-01-13 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

איסלנד נלחמת בפערי השכר 2018-01-05 [דה מרקר]

Nå er det forbudt å lønne menn høyere enn kvinner 2018-01-04 [Fri fagbevegelse]

A world first. Iceland legalises equal pay between men and women 2018-01-02 [Al Jazeera ]

It is now illegal to pay a woman less than a man 2018-01-02 [Think Progress]

What Australia can learn from Iceland on gender equality 2017-11-07 [Fairfax Media ]

Iceland is bridging the gender pay gap, but can South Africa do the same 2017-10-10 [Business Report]

England Unite seeks assurances over job security as Grimsby fish processor firm put up for sale 2017-04-21 [Unite]

Islande: projet de loi imposant l'égalité des salaires hommes-femme 2017-04-04 [Courrier Int]

Equal pay for men and women? Iceland wants employers to prove it 2017-04-03 [Fairfax Media]

Islanda, è legge l'uguaglianza di paga tra uomini e donne 2017-03-29 [La Repubblica]

חוק חדש באיסלנד: חובת שכר שווה לגברים ונשים 2017-03-11 [NRG]

devient le premier pays à imposer l'égalité salariale hommes/femmes 2017-03-10 [grazia]

In world first, Iceland to require firms to prove equal pay 2017-03-10 [ABC]

Ісландія першою в світі узаконить рівну зарплату для чоловіків та жінок 2017-03-09 [Hromadske]

Først i verden med lovfestet likelønn 2017-03-09 [NRK]

Pour l’égalité des salaires entre femmes et hommes 2017-03-07 [CGT]

90 prosent er medlem av ei fagforening 2017-02-03 [Fri fagbevegelse]

New strike threat to supplies 2016-12-16 [Fish Update]

Seamen Start Their Strike 2016-12-15 [Grapevine]

Seamen Postpone Strike, Teachers Ready To Walk 2016-11-17 [Grapevine]

Fish strike ‘called off’ 2016-11-14 [Fish Update]

Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner AS anklaget for sosial dumping 2016-11-07 [Vesterålen online]

Islandsk likelønnsaksjon begeistrer norske forbundsledere 2016-10-31 [Fri fagbevegelse]

מחאה יצירתית באיסלנד: נשים יצאו מהעבודה כשהפסיקו לקבל עליה שכר שווה 2016-10-28 [MAKO]

Gender pay gap: Icelandic women take a stand 2016-10-27 [Deutsche Welle]

Les femmes en grève générale chaque jour à 14h38, ça fait le buzz 2016-10-26 [FR3]

В Ісландії жінки влаштували «вихідний» на знак протесту проти нерівної оплати праці For more info 2016-10-26 [kvpu.org.ua]

Women to Leave Work at 2:38 PM to Protest Gender Pay Gap 2016-10-25 [IR]

I dag går kvinnene hjem fra jobb kl 14.38 2016-10-25 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Iceland union warns huge civil service pay rises could spark chaos 2016-07-22 [The Daily Monitor]

Alleged foreign worker exploitation on North Iceland development 2016-07-22 [The Daily Monitor]

Workers’ Rights Violated by Contractors 2016-07-18 [The Review]

150 Polish People Working For Icelandair Paying 7 Times The Usual Rent 2016-05-31 [Grapevine]

Forced Labour Case In Reykjavík Under Investigation 2016-05-22 [The Grapevine]

May 1 Celebrated with Rallies 2016-05-08 [Iceland Review]

Radical May 1 On Offer This Year 2016-04-30 [Grapevine]

Flight Delays Due To Labour Dispute 2016-04-30 [Grapevine]

Young Hungarian woman came to Iceland to earn a little money, found herself victim of wage theft 2016-04-15 [Iceland Magazine]

Priests Support Change In Work/Business Law On Christian Holidays 2016-04-11 [Grapevine]

Panama papers: Iceland names PM replacement 2016-04-07 [BBC]

Foreign Construction Workers Overworked, Underpaid 2016-03-30 [Reykjavik Grapevine]

Workers’ Rights Violated in North Iceland 2016-03-30 [Iceland Review]

Gender Wage Gap Increases In Financial Institutions 2016-03-21 [Grapevine]

Too Much Equality Problem 2016-03-18 [Iceland Review]

Rio Tinto undermining right to strike 2016-03-17 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Rio Tinto подрывает право на забастовку 2016-03-16 [IndustriALL]

Rio Tinto sape le droit de grève 2016-03-16 [IndustriALL]

Rio Tinto undermining right to strike 2016-03-16 [IndustriALL]

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