After five deaths this year, Hong Kong’s Filipino domestic helpers will no longer have to clean windows

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Ban on domestic worker window cleaning: Indonesia to join Phillipines 2016-10-17 [Ejinsight]

After five deaths this year, Hong Kong’s Filipino domestic helpers will no longer have to clean windows 2016-10-17 [Quartz]

Unions demand more safety inspections in wake of sharp increase in worker roadside deaths 2016-10-17 [SCMP]

Windows break for Filipino helpers 2016-10-17 [HK Standard]

Tight squeeze: Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific to introduce 10-abreast seating in its Boeing planes 2016-10-03 [The South China Morning Post]

Maid says boss sacked her over pregnancy, seeks HK$500,000 2016-09-12 [Ejinsight]

Construction workers can now cool off in new uniforms 2016-09-12 [SCMP]

Foreign maids seek higher pay, ban on high-rise window cleaning 2016-09-06 [Ejinsight]

Domestic workers march against window-cleaning after deaths 2016-09-06 [HK Free Press]

HKCTU-aligned Labour Party vows to reflect on its failures 2016-09-06 [RTHK]

HKCTU-aligned Labour Party takes a beating in elections 2016-09-06 [RTHK]

Maid agency fined HK$30,000 for overcharging 2016-09-03 [RTHK]

EXCLUSIVE-Chinese state enterprise workers in Hong Kong given voting guidance ahead of poll 2016-09-03 [Reuters]

Immigration Dept. staff union endorses pro-Beijing candidates in letter to members 2016-09-01 [HK Free Press]

Police investigate sergeant accused of sexually harassing female officers 2016-08-27 [COCONUTS Hong Kong]

Teachers’ union denies report of ‘transferring’ voters to IT sector for LegCo election 2016-08-26 [HK Free Press]

No girls allowed? Hong Kong-based shipping firm backtracks on ‘no interviews for females’ policy 2016-08-26 [HK Free Press]

Saving a Safe Haven for Hong Kong's Domestic Workers 2016-08-26 [HK Magazine]

Teachers threatened with sack if 'independence' discussed in classrooms 2016-08-25 [ejinsight]

Domestic worker from Indonesian seeks backpay but won’t dishonor employer’s memory 2016-08-25 [ejinsight]

Teachers Union warns government over 'political' conduct rule changes 2016-08-24 [RTHK]

Graduates hit by lower wages and rising property costs 2016-08-17 []

Teachers seek clarity from HK Gvt on what happens if they advocate political independence 2016-08-17 [SCMP]

Man wrongly abused of maid abuse wants to help others 2016-08-08 [SCMP]

Doctor, 42, jumps to death due to suspected work stress 2016-08-04 [ejinsight]

After a lifetime of challenges, domestic worker becomes champion of the oppressed 2016-08-04 [HK Free Press]

HK firm making Disney toys in China under investigation for mistreating workers 2016-08-04 [SCMP]

Crackdown by China continuing to pursue and imprison Hong Kong journalists 2016-07-30 [The Diplomat]

Journalist Union expresses concern that Shenzhen court jails two HK journalists 2016-07-30 [HKJA]

44 is the limit? Renewed calls on standard working hours see 300 march in Wan Chai 2016-07-30 [SCMP]

Statement from Hong Kong labour groups on the prosecution of labour activists in Guangdong 2016-07-30 [HKCTU]

Activist Ken Tsang quits Civic Party to run for social welfare constituency in LegCo election 2016-07-30 [HK Free Press]

500 gym chain staff give California Fitness owners 48 hours to outline how to settle back pay 2016-07-12 [SCMP]

ATV wage saga: 600 former staff of Hong Kong broadcaster have now been paid 2016-07-12 [SCMP]

Railway unionists unhappy over 3.7 per cent pay rise for most non-managerial staff 2016-07-12 [SCMP]

Two California Fitness staff arrested amid threat of workers’ strike 2016-07-11 [The Free Press]

Cathay Pacific pilots reject new roster system and ban on new industrial actions until 2019 2016-07-08 [SCMP]

Journalists Warn Over 'Grave Threat' to City's Freedoms 2016-07-08 [Radio Free Asia]

HKJA shocked at Chief Secretary's comments press freedom in HongKong is intact 2016-07-08 [HKJA]

High Court rejects appeal from abusive employer of Indonesian domestic worker Erwiana 2016-07-08 [HK Free Press]

Erwiana’s former employer loses appeal 2016-07-08 [ejinsight]

One Country, Two Nightmares: HKJA releases 2016 Annual Report 2016-07-08 [HKJA]

One country, two nightmares: HKJA's annual press freedom report 2016-07-08 [ifex]

Gov’t undermined public’s right to know by scrapping Q&A session, says journalist union 2016-07-08 [HK Free Press]

Blaze puts firefighter, two others in hospital 2016-07-08 [RTHK]

Unionists in Hong Kong protest in solidarity with KCTU over jailing of President 2016-07-08 [HKCTU]

Civil Service pay rises approved 2016-06-29 [RTHK]

Storage company offers HKD500,000 to families of deceased firefighters 2016-06-28 [COCONUTS Hong Kong]

Survey: Hong Kong firms must do more to keep employees happy 2016-06-28 [ejinsight]

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