30% media workers earn less than 15,000 a month

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Journalist Unions slam reporting curbs for top Chinese official visit 2016-05-18 [HK Free Press]

Construction and retail sectors the worst hit in Hong Kong’s latest unemployment figures 2016-05-18 [SCMP]

Why domestic workers should be allowed to live out 2016-05-12 [ejinsight]

RTHK union workers demand new premises after HQ springs leaks during rain 2016-05-12 [HK Free Press]

Couple sued for sacking pregnant domestic helper 2016-05-11 [ejinsight]

Taxi fare raises too low, says scholar 2016-05-11 [HK Free Press]

Job worries sparks construction union filibustering rally 2016-05-09 [RTHK]

Teachers should also be entitled to standard working hours 2016-05-08 [ejinsight]

Ming Pao chief regrets dismissal furore: staff 2016-05-06 [RTHK]

Worker on Island Eastern Corridor Link project dies in blast 2016-05-06 [ejinsight]

30% media workers earn less than 15,000 a month 2016-05-06 [HKJA]

Journalist Union meets as Ming Pao seeks to reassure staff but refuses to reinstate editor 2016-05-06 [ejinsight]

‘Beijing is almost certainly at work,’ says Reporters Without Borders in HK press freedom report 2016-05-06 [HK Free Press]

Domestic workers demand limit to working hours and improved wages 2016-05-06 [HK Free Press]

May Day In Hong Kong: More Than 5,000 People Protest Demanding Standard Working Hours, Universal Pension Scheme 2016-05-06 [IB Times]

Pregnant, jobless, homeless: Regulations set traps for Hong Kong’s migrant workers 2016-05-06 [HK Free Press]

May Day marchers demand better labour protection 2016-05-02 [RTHK]

Government accused of inaction over working hours 2016-05-02 [RTHK]

May Day demonstrators call for standard working hours and universal pension scheme 2016-05-02 [HK Free Press]

Asylum-claimants among 20 held for working illegally 2016-04-30 [HK Standard]

‘I feel hopeless’: Hong Kong’s working poor choose the streets over dismal housing 2016-04-30 [HK Free Press]

Courts apply Macau Labor Law to Hong Kong work relationship 2016-04-30 [Lexology]

Fight over coffee can triggers arrests onboard ship held in Hong Kong for 6 months after ship failed safety inspections 2016-04-29 [COCONUTS Hong Kong]

Teachers Union join calls for return of Ming Pao editor 2016-04-29 [RTHK]

Journalist unions to host press freedom rally in support of fired Ming Pao editor 2016-04-29 [HK Free Press]

Fear and loathing in Hong Kong: Purging and expanding Ming Pao 2016-04-29 [Asia Times]

How Hong Kong employers cut corners on safety and and hide workplace injuries 2016-04-29 [SCMP]

Ming Pao refuses to reinstate editor, staff mull strike 2016-04-28 [ejinsight]

Firemen called in as window worker seen without safety harness 2016-04-28 [ejinsight]

Cabin crew union says letter was attempt to meddle 2016-04-28 [RTHK]

Demands over Ming Pao sacking fall on deaf ears 2016-04-28 [HK Free Press]

Cathay Pacific pilots fear mass sackings after management ultimatum at Hong Kong airline 2016-04-27 [South China Morning Post]

BBC bows to Beijing and off-shores Chinese news service 2016-04-26 [NUJ]

Cabin workers pack up for baggage dispute talks 2016-04-26 [HK Standard]

Foreign worker on bridge project dies after falling into sea 2016-04-26 [ejinsight]

Working hours panel pushes ahead with consultation 2016-04-25 [RTHK]

Cabin crew union demands meeting over baggage row 2016-04-25 [RTHK]

Do more to crackdown on job-hoping foreign domestic workers 2016-04-25 [SCMP]

Cabin Crew Union take luggage complaint against Chief Executive to international organisation 2016-04-25 [SCMP]

Cabin Crew Union wins promise from HK airport of 'bag-gate' investigation after huge protests 2016-04-19 [Radio Free Asia]

At least 1000 protest CY Leung luggage incident at HK airport 2016-04-19 [HK Coconuts]

urse, 30 weeks pregnant, collapses during night shift 2016-04-19 [Ejinsight]

Laid-off Disneyland employees get extra cash if they sign non-disclosure form – report 2016-04-19 [HK Free Press]

Thousands join Cabin Crew Union rowdy HK Airport security protest 2016-04-18 [HK Standard]

Cabin Crew, Pilots Unions backed by activists protest 'bag-gate' at airport 2016-04-18 [HK Free Press]

Hundreds join union sit-in over CY Leung bag row 2016-04-18 [RTHK]

Labour chief urges six employee representatives not to quit talks on standard working hours 2016-04-17 [The South China Morning Post]

‘Disappointed and angry’: Aviation union calls for rally over gov’t handling of ‘bag-gate’ controversy 2016-04-15 [HK Free Press]

Cabin Crew Union stages protest march against Gvt handling of CY Leung luggage controversy 2016-04-15 [Coconuts Hong Kong]

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