Beaches hit as lifeguards go on strike

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Politician Called ‘Inhumane’ For Suggesting Domestic Helpers Use Less A/C 2017-08-15 [AFP]

Woman Complains Maid Used AC Without Permission 2017-08-15 [UNI]

Employer who prevented domestic worker from using air-con ‘cyberbullied’, says rights group 2017-08-15 [HKFP]

Teachers Union Opposes appointment of pro-Beijing Education Secretary 2017-07-10 [SCMP]

HK media censored and controlled during Presidential visit 2017-07-04 [IFJ]

50 years ago a strike in Hong Kong that China doesn't want to talk about 2017-07-01 [Quartz]

New leader Carrie Lam set to face labour timebombs 2017-06-30 [The South China Morning Post]

Apple Daily to dismiss journalists and re-engage them as freelancers 2017-06-29 [HK Free Press]

Gvt working hours plan slammed in Legislative Council 2017-06-21 [SCMP]

Gvt admits overtime pay proposal far from meeting union demands 2017-06-19 [HK Free Press]

Low-paid workers to get contracts guaranteeing overtime pay 2017-06-17 [The South China Morning Post]

Chefs receive HK$200k in unpaid wages after management threaten to sue protesters 2017-06-13 [HK Free Press]

Beaches hit as lifeguards go on strike 2017-06-13 [The Standard]

200 HKers Commemorate Death of Labour Rights Hero 2017-06-07 [HKCTU]

‘Little progress since Erwiana’: activists slam lack of government action over poor sleeping conditions for domestic workers 2017-06-04 [The South China Morning Post]

Worker fired after making sex harassment claim 2017-06-01 [Human Resources]

Imperial Pacific must Pay Legal Wages, Compensate Injuries of Saipan Construction Workers 2017-05-25 [HKCTU]

In the World's Most Expensive City, 1 in 10 Maids Sleeps in a Kitchen, Toilet, or Corner of the Living Room 2017-05-25 [TIME]

Cathay lays off 600 as it faces rising pressure 2017-05-25 [Associated Press]

More gay Hong Kong civil servants could marry abroad for spousal benefits, union says 2017-05-02 [The South China Morning Post]

Union calls for annual minimum wage review 2017-04-30 [The South China Morning Post]

Witnesses to anarchy: the 1967 riots in Hong Kong, by some of those caught up in the violence 2017-04-24 [SCMP]

Asia leads the world on wage growth and even China's solid salary gains are not dulling its competitive edge 2017-04-21 [chinadaily]

Saipan casino workers protest for payment as FBI cites illegal labour 2017-04-17 [CNA]

Gov’t ‘regrets’ fatalities at Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge project, as workers demand halt to ‘murders’ 2017-04-14 [Hong Kong Free Press]

Cathay Pacific hits out at pilots’ union after it ups stakes in Hong Kong industrial dispute 2017-04-10 [SCMP]

Slow tram driver suspended in wake of accident 2017-04-09 [SCMP]

Regulator must come down hard on firms who put profits before worker safety 2017-04-09 [SCMP]

Press freedom improved with CY stepping down: journalist union pol 2017-04-08 [HK Standard]

Labour rights campaign bears fruit as Wellcome supermarket promises chairs for cashiers 2017-04-08 [HK Free Press]

Journalist Union survey indicates press freedom shows slight improvement. - but still abysmally low 2017-04-08 [HKJA]

Excessive agency fees one of the top problems facing Hong Kong’s domestic workers, NGO says 2017-04-06 [HK Free Press]

Employer fined HK$24,000 for underpaying domestic worker 2017-04-03 [EJInsight]

Workers at bridge construction site - where two died - may not have been following safety rules 2017-04-03 [SCMP]

Statutory minimum wage to increase from May 1 2017-03-30 [RTHK]

Worker dies after plunging from bridge 2017-03-30 [RTHK]

Foreign worker dies plunging from bridge construction site 2017-03-30 [SCMP]

Bridge plunge worker dies, one missing - Five thrown into sea as construction platform collapses 2017-03-30 [HK Standard]

Pro-Beijing veteran unionist, whose party holds crucial votes, meets chief executive candidates 2017-03-23 [hongkongfp]

Janitors, security guards march for better wages 2017-03-20 [RTHK]

Let us report on the election: Journalist Union and 11 media groups pen open letter to candidates 2017-03-18 [HKFP]

Twelve news organisations appeal to CE Candidates for online media's rights on the Election Day 2017-03-18 [HKJA]

Survey of irregular sleep patterns for cabin crew 2017-03-18 [Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants Union]

Cathay Pacific pledges to slash staff costs after first loss in eight years 2017-03-18 [HKFP]

Hong Kong unions to park 500 taxis near Legco to protest against government’s premium cab plan 2017-03-16 [SCMP]

Why Hongkongers are so fed up with work 2017-03-15 [HRonline]

Luke Ching with Security Guards: Empathy Inspires Unlimited Possibilities for Labour Rights For more info 2017-03-15 [HKCTU]

Chef Union leader allegedly dismissed because of labour activism 2017-03-14 [Hong Kong Free Press]

Worker News wins award for series debunking myths about refugees 2017-03-14 [Hong Kong Free Press]

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