Textile Workers Strike Enters Third Week

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Textile Workers Strike Enters Third Week 2017-06-10 [TeleSUR]

Haiti Garment Workers Demand Wage Boost to Survive For more info 2017-06-02 [Solidarity Center]

Garment workers launch another protest over wages 2017-05-30 [Metro]

Workers forced to take the street, companies close 2017-05-21 [Haiti Libre]

Workers build up strike for mayday 2017-04-17 [Rapid Response Network]

Staff strikes again shutter Haiti’s public hospitals 2017-01-20 [Salon]

“Haiti needs new narratives” – and the Haitian people deserve our support 2016-11-03 [Equal Times]

Hurricane Matthew: A Call to Action from François Laporte 2016-10-17 [Teamsters]

2 day strike announced in public transit 2016-08-24 [Haiti Libre]

Strike by resident doctors grinds on 2016-07-25 [The Times-Union]

Workers Shut Down SONAPI Industrial Park, Demanding Wages For more info 2016-05-17 [BO]

Textile Workers Pledge to Mobilize Against Repression For more info 2016-05-17 [BO]

Demand Reinstatement of Union Organizer For more info 2016-05-17 [BO]

Delivery of supplies not enough to end Haiti hospital strike 2016-05-13 [The Times-Union]

Haiti’s Mining Industry: Worker Rights in Peril For more info 2016-02-02 [Solidarity Center]

Organised textile workers in Haiti call for taking to the streets 2016-01-25 [Workers Struggle]

Earthquake Anniversary: Garment Workers Still Struggle to Survive 2016-01-12 [Solidarity Center]

The Haitian sugar workers denied Dominican Republic pensions 2015-12-25 [Equal Times]

Building Bridges: Runaway Inequality; Haitian Election bodes ill for the people! For more info 2015-12-23 [WBAI Radio]

Dominican Republic: the Haitian sugar workers denied their pensions 2015-12-16 [Equal Times]

Fairtrade praises DR progress on Haitian workers 2015-12-08 [America Fruit]


Teamsters Demand Reinstatement of a Haitian Worker Unfairly Dismissed from a Heineken Plant 2015-10-13 [Teamsters]

Truckers strike on border enters 32nd day 2015-08-29 [The Star]

Workers of Haitian Descent: A Legacy of Discrimination 2015-06-25 [Solidarity Center]

Workers Not Sharing in Nation’s Economic Growth 2015-03-12 [Solidarity Centre]

Government must protect Dominican workers in Haiti: Union leader 2015-03-10 [Today]

The union of BRANA obtained the support of an international coalition 2015-03-02 [Haiti Libre]

Workers Say They Were Shot for Asking to Be Paid 2015-02-14 [Solidarity Center]

Union and maquilas negotiate on pay 2015-02-11 [WW 4 Report]

Country faces more anti-government protests as Carnival nears 2015-02-10 [Reuters]

Press release on the assassination attempt against our comrade Yannick Etienne 2015-02-03 [BO]

'Tap-tap' minibus drivers strike over fuel prices 2015-02-03 [Reuters]

Five years after the earthquake, Haitian workers still struggle with low wages 2015-01-15 [Equal Times]

Five years after the earthquake, Haitian workers still struggle with low wages 2015-01-15 [Equal Times]

Stateless but Imperative: Haitian Workers in the Dominican Economy 2014-11-04 [The Political Review]

Education unions rally for quality education 2014-09-25 [Education International]


Police repress workers' May Day demo 2014-05-14 [WW 4 Report]

Garment Exports Rise but Haitian Workers Paid Starvation Wages For more info 2014-04-17 [Solidarity Center]

Teachers strike as labor unrest grows 2014-02-05 [World War 4 Report]

Truce of the strike of public sector teachers 2014-01-26 [Haiti Libre]

Union leaders fired over wage protests 2014-01-15 [WW 4 Report]

Cambodian and Haitian clothing workers demand higher wages  ActNOW!  2014-01-08 [Retail Detail]

Textile workers union statement on the 225 gourdes minimum wage For more info 2013-12-25 [BO]

Hanes: ensure workers are re-hired and paid 500 gourdes For more info 2013-12-25 [OS]

Protesters Demand Higher Minimum Wage 2013-12-13 [VoA]

Government Complicity in Wage Theft by Foreign Factories 2013-12-06 [Global Research]

Textile workers union statement on the 225 gourdes minimum wage For more info 2013-12-06 [Batay Ouvriye]

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