Teachers cannot strike, says Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe

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Ryanair's German Union To Vote on Striking for Better Conditions 2018-06-22 [TeleSUR]

Oxfam slams German supermarkets over 'unfair practices' 2018-06-21 [Deutsche Welle]

Ryanair's pilots to ballot for industrial action 2018-06-21 [RTÉ]

Court defends legal ban on strikes for civil servants 2018-06-13 [Xinhua]

Teachers cannot strike, says Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe 2018-06-13 [Deutsche Welle]

800,000 construction workers win pay rise 2018-06-04 [BWI]

International investors pile into German health care sector: study 2018-06-02 [Xinhua]

Journalists strike after fifth negotiation round ends without agreement 2018-05-30 [EFJ]

Activists protest modern slavery on World Africa Day 2018-05-27 [Deutsche Welle]

Standing ovation for dismissed Deliveroo shop stewards as DGB Congress pledges solidarity and support for rights in the platform economy 2018-05-21 [IUF]

Far-right unionists gain popularity despite rising wages 2018-05-18 [Handelsblatt]

Union deal ensures no forced layoffs in Innogy break-up 2018-05-12 [Reuters]

Construction workers seal inflation-busting wage deal 2018-05-12 [Reuters]

The Secret Labor Experiment 2018-05-10 [NYTimes]

Far-right unionS on German car factory floors in fight against globalization 2018-05-09 [The Local]

Amazon workers strike as brazen Bezos soaks up an award 2018-05-02 [UNI Global Union]

Labor Day should prompt workers to create a new union-led counterbalance 2018-05-01 [DW]

Unions strictly against basic income concept 2018-04-30 [Deutsche Welle]

Lufthansa Technik warned Government over Shannon strike threat 2018-04-30 [Irish Times]

Young journalists demand better pay for better journalism 2018-04-30 [EFJ]

Ryanair deal with unions delayed by insistence on use of German language 2018-04-26 [RTÉ]

IndustriALL files complaint against Roy Robson as union busting continues 2018-04-24 [IndustriALL]

PSA Union Solidarity Frays As Opel Workers Resist Cuts 2018-04-22 [The Tribune]

‘Best deal in years’: 2.3 million public workers get pay rise after weeks of strikes led by German PSI affiliate Ver.di 2018-04-19 [PSI]

Unions and government reach pay increase deal after countrywide strikes 2018-04-18 [Deutsche Welle]

Ver.di Calls for Token Strike: More than 45,000 Workers Taking Part 2018-04-17 [PSI]

Unions, employers cite progress in German public sector wage talks 2018-04-16 [Reuters]

Public sector unions to resume wage talks after strikes 2018-04-16 [The Local]

Union chief upbeat on prospects for deal in German wage talks 2018-04-15 [Reuters]

Public sector unions to resume wage talks after strikes 2018-04-15 [The Gulf News]

Interior minister rejects union's six percent wage demand 2018-04-14 [Reuters]

 VIDEO  Travellers stranded as German workers strike over pay 2018-04-13 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Nationwide strikes continue into third day, paralyzing public services 2018-04-12 [The Local]

Strikes in Germany continue as Verdi union leader warns of 'real trouble' ahead 2018-04-12 [Deutsche Welle]

Public sector hit by second day of strikes 2018-04-12 [Reuters]

Air France strikes cause $209 million loss, Germany's Lufthansa follows suit 2018-04-11 [UPI]

Airports Targeted in Widening Public Workers' Strikes 2018-04-11 [Bloomberg]

Lufthansa and Air France flights grounded by strikes 2018-04-11 [BBC]

Flights canceled as public sector strikes begin 2018-04-11 [Deutsche Welle]

Millions affected as massive nationwide strikes continue into second day 2018-04-11 [The Local]

Union support for food delivery workers fighting for rights in the 'platform economy' 2018-04-10 [IUF]

Lufthansa to cancel over 800 flights amid mass public sector walkouts 2018-04-09 [Deutsche Welle]

Public sector strikes to hit air travel on Tuesday 2018-04-09 [Reuters]

Latest phase of RMT campaigning over axing of guards on Northern Rail starts today 2018-04-03 [RMT]

Country to recruit more elderly care workers abroad 2018-04-01 [Deutsche Welle]

Thyssenkrupp, Tata Steel venture faces fresh union opposition 2018-03-29 [Reuters]

RMT calls for meeting with German Transport Minister in effort to resolve year long dispute 2018-03-28 [RMT]

The 28-Hour Workweek 2018-03-25 [Jacobin]

Opel workers demand German investment plan from PSA 2018-03-24 [Reuters]

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This month in labour history

1-06-1919 Rosa Luxemburg's body was found and identified after an autopsy at the Charité hospital in Berlin, five months after being murdered at the orders of the Social Democratic government and flung into Berlin's Landwehr Canal. [more]

17-06-1953 A strike by East German construction workers expands to include 50,000 anti-government demonstrators. [more]