Police beaten by striking public sector workers

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Police beaten by striking public sector workers [Radio New Zealand] 2014-03-21

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Three week long Air Tahiti strike is settled 2016-06-05 [Radio New Zealand International]

Air Tahiti risks to endure 2016-05-31 [Radio New Zealand International]

Impasse in Air Tahiti strike talks 2016-05-30 [Radio New Zealand International]

Air Tahiti strike spreads, negotiations fail 2016-05-27 [Radio New Zealand International]

Strike at Air Tahiti widens and continues to hamper territory 2016-05-27 [Radio New Zealand International]

Air Tahiti strike continue over planned cuts 2016-05-19 [Radio New Zealand International]

More cancellations as Air Tahiti strike spreads 2016-05-17 [Radio New Zealand International]

Austral flights cancelled amid Air Tahiti strike 2016-05-14 [Radio New Zealand International]

Two Tahiti strikes settled as more action looms 2016-05-13 [Radio New Zealand International]

General strike in French Polynesia averted 2016-05-09 [Radio New Zealand International]

Tahiti port strike imminent 2016-05-08 [Radio New Zealand International]

Talks continue to avert Tahiti general strike 2016-05-06 [Radio New Zealand International]

French Polynesia strike to affect thousands of businesses 2016-05-05 [Radio New Zealand International]

Air France plane defies Tahiti strike 2016-03-30 [Radio New Zealand International]

Flosse says Tahiti minimum wage cut temporary 2014-08-26 [RNZI]

Tahiti resort to be declared 'special zone' have different labour laws 2014-08-11 [RNZI]

French Polynesia municipal workers end strike 2014-03-28 [Radio New Zealand International]

Police beaten by striking public sector workers 2014-03-21 [Radio New Zealand]

Tahiti Greens dismissive of nuclear compo law change 2013-12-05 [RNZI]

Jobless figures double over five years to near 22% 2013-11-26 [RNZI]

Tahiti hospital strike seemingly unreolved 2013-10-18 [Radio New Zealand International]

Tahiti hospital strike seemingly unresolved 2013-10-16 [RNZI]

Access restricted in French Polynesia hospital strike 2013-10-09 [RNZI]

Health fears for workers to be sent to French Polynesia nuke test site 2013-10-03 [Radio New Zealand International]

Deal signed to end French Polynesia port strike 2013-08-19 [RNZI]

Prolong Tahiti port strike unresolved 2013-08-16 [Radio New Zealand International]

French Polynesia port union determined to stay on strike 2013-08-16 [Radio New Zealand International]

Tahiti port strike talks may resume to end two week long safety dispute 2013-08-15 [RNZI]

Papetee port strike unresolved but French Gvt rep won't intervene 2013-08-13 [RNZI]

Public sector job cuts announced in French Polynesia 2013-07-05 [RNZI]

Incoming Tahiti government promises unemployment benefits 2013-05-13 [Radio New Zealand International]

No end in sight to French Polynesia hospital strike 2013-03-25 [RNZI]

Tahiti doctors’ strike linked to polls, says doctor 2013-03-22 [RNZI]

French Polynesian doctor says new law neede to stop doctors strike 2013-03-21 [Radio New Zealand International]

Tahiti teacher strike threat sparks political row 2013-03-15 [RNZI]

Fearing cuts, Tahiti teachers threaten strike 2013-03-12 [RNZI]

Open letter asks Hollande to change French nuke compo law 2013-01-14 [RNZI]

Dismay at lack of compensation for French nuclear weapons tests workers 2012-12-13 [RNZI]

Tahiti union boss Legayic jailed amid continued probe 2012-11-02 [RNZI]

Tahiti union leader Legayic faces judge amid corruption probe 2012-11-01 [RNZI]

Tahiti union leader Legayic detained for alleged corruption 2012-10-31 [RNZI]

Ineffective Tahiti port strike ends 2012-10-17 [RNZI]

Fuel tanker arrives in Papeete amid port strike 2012-10-15 [RNZI]

Disruptions feared as Tahiti port strike enters Day 2 2012-10-11 [RNZI]

Angry workers block Tahiti assembly access 2012-10-05 [RNZI]

Airport strike notice withdrawn 2012-08-16 [RNZI]

Tahiti strike again grounds Los Angeles flights 2012-08-09 [RNZI]

Strike halts Air Tahiti Nui Los Angeles flight 2012-08-08 [RNZI]

Strike threat risks Tahiti flight changes 2012-08-07 [RNZI]

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