Macron Vows Millionaire Minister Will Cut Worker Protection

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Unions Fret as Macron Readies Promised Labor-Law Upheaval 2017-08-21 [Bloomberg]

Education union holds government to task over committment to living standards 2017-08-17 [Education International]

Danny Glover and Bernie Sanders seek France's help after Nissan union vote 2017-08-13 [The Guardian]

France rethinks romance with Macron as his popularity sinks 2017-08-06 [Albany Times Union]

Macron Vows Millionaire Minister Will Cut Worker Protection 2017-08-03 [Bloomberg]

Macron’s Uphill Battle Against France’s Labor Law 2017-07-24 [Bloomberg]

French-Dutch culture clash revealed in leaked Air France-KLM union report 2017-07-20 [The Guardian]

European trade union leaders to meet Macron tomorrow in Paris 2017-07-20 [ETUC]

Unions criticise plans for sick leave waiting period in public sector 2017-07-13 [Education International]

Far-Left Leader Calls Day of Protest, Says Macron Drunk on Power 2017-07-05 [Reuters]

EDF hypocrisy revealed as 14 people fired during negotiations 2017-07-03 [IndustriALL]

Macron and the challenge of France’s ’industrial emergency’ 2017-06-29 [Equal Times]

Macron and Trudeau shouldn’t be so proud of appointing women to their Cabinets 2017-06-29 [The Conversatiom]

If your French Bus Driver had unusually Hairy Legs, this is why 2017-06-24 [MNA]

Overheated French male bus drivers don skirts in defiance of dress code 2017-06-22 [The Guardian]

Retrait de la plainte contre Farid Borsali, secrétaire CGT PSA Poissy - Relaxe pour Farid 2017-06-22 []

Brittany and Great Britain: a historical relationship strained by Brexit 2017-06-22 [Equal Times]

1,000 BPO workers protest over alleged re-deployment Read more: Follow us: @sunstaronline on Twitter | SunStar Philippines on Facebook 2017-06-22 []

Aerospace unions to confront anti-union campaigns 2017-06-21 [IndustriALL]

Can France liberalize pensions and labor under Macron? 2017-06-18 [Deutsche Welle]

Macron’s proposals wreak havoc on posted worker negotiations 2017-06-18 [EurActiv]

'And we continue to meet': domestic workers stand up in France 2017-06-18 [openDemocracy]

France 24 staff strike over work conditions 2017-06-16 [Guardian]

New French govt sends 'worrying' signs on press freedom: unions 2017-06-14 [AFP]

Renault blacklisted by Swedish investment bank 2017-06-13 [IndustriALL]

Unite hold talks at Acas in attempt to stop strike action at Chivas 2017-06-13 [Unite]

Workers will lose as Macron and May battle for the banks 2017-06-13 [Jacobin]

Threatened French auto parts workers in election spotlight 2017-06-13 [Reuters]

The French are demanding change in the face of #corruption 2017-06-09 [equal times]

50 years on: Guadeloupeans remember French brutality 2017-06-03 [Al_Jazeera]

Union says deal reached to end petrol shortage 2017-06-01 [France 24]

Workers of French GM&S Factory Facing Closure to Continue Strike 2017-05-22 [Sputnik]

Teleperformance loses second case to fire Dominican union leader 2017-05-19 []

French workers seize factory & threaten to blow it up in protest over possible closure 2017-05-13 [RT]

France's hardline CGT trade union calls for demonstration on May 8 to mark start of Macron's presidency 2017-05-08 [FXStreet]

Total halts production at Feyzin refinery in France due to strike 2017-05-06 [Reuters]

Mayday, mayday, France’s anti-Le Pen front is splintering 2017-05-02 [France24]

France: Macron’s political “marketing” has not won over the working class 2017-04-20 [ET]

France: Macron’s political “marketing” has not won over the working class 2017-04-19 [Equal Times]

Disgruntled French steel workers turn to populist Le Pen 2017-04-18 [FOX]

GEFONT Handovers Community Building in Sindhupalchowk 2017-04-15 [GEFONT]

De-demonising the FN? A PR story 2017-04-14 [equal times]

Whirlpool Is Sending French Jobs to Poland and Candidates Shrug 2017-04-09 [Bloomberg]

After Rare Walkout, Louis Vuitton and Workers in France Agree to Extend Talks 2017-04-09 [NYT]

CGT trade union calls on EDF board to reject Fessenheim closure 2017-04-09 [Reuters]

Louis Vuitton Leatherworkers Are Striking to Demand Higher Wages 2017-04-06 [The Cut]

Louis Vuitton Leather Workers Stage Rare Strike 2017-04-06 [WWD]

France: where migrant solidarity is criminalised and citizenship rights are being redefined 2017-04-05 [Equal Times]


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