Service union pledges election funds to turn out 'wage earner-hostile gov't'

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Service union pledges election funds to turn out 'wage earner-hostile gov't' 2018-09-23 [YLE]

Overtime work ban declared by yet another union 2018-09-15 [YLE]

JHL considers measures to resist Government plan to ease individual dismissals 2018-09-13 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Several trade unions ready to take measures if Government goes ahead with plan to ease individual dismissals 2018-09-04 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Men’s Finnish national football team willing to cut their pay to support women's national team 2018-08-28 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Teacher union would like all five-year-olds to participate in pre-primary education 2018-08-27 [Education International]

Finnish public broadcaster fights online hate speech with dialogue and respect 2018-08-21 [EFJ]

The planned legislation to ease individual dismissals is hitting women hardest 2018-08-17 [Trade Union News from Finland]

The new National Conciliator takes up her duties amid claims of bias 2018-08-07 [Trade Union News from Finland]

JHL: The Early Childhood Education and Care Act amendment does not deal with the real problems and must be redrafted 2018-07-27 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Trade union federations satisfied with Government decision to withdraw its proposal that discriminates against employees under 30 years of age 2018-07-24 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Trade unions Pro and Pardia plan a merger 2018-06-15 [Trade Union News from Finland]

The Finnish Government has turned its back on the tripartite cooperation 2018-06-07 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Union: Extending workers' overtime hours could result in fewer new hires 2018-05-28 [YLE]

JHL solidarity work on show at the World Village Festival 2018-05-25 [JHL]

Enterprises Federation on a crusade against the union unemployment funds 2018-05-22 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Government Mulls Milder Labor Laws to Lure More Guest Workers 2018-05-18 [Sputnik]

New laws on zero-hours contracts do little to help 2018-05-18 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Majority of unemployed job-seekers see their benefits cut due to the new legislation 2018-04-30 [Trade Union News from Finland]

New stipulations for employment security not having a positive impact on employment 2018-04-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

The Finnish Government wants to make fixed-term employment and dismissals easier 2018-04-18 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Electricians go on strike after rejecting latest settlement proposal 2018-04-09 [The Times]

Work stoppages to disrupt construction projects in April—May 2018-04-06 [The Times]

Parents march to demand better salary for early childhood education teachers 2018-04-05 [Education International]

An agreement finally in the financial services sector 2018-03-27 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Bank strike averted 2018-03-26 [YLE]

Employers' ironclad coordination remains steadfast during latest round of collective bargaining 2018-03-23 [Trade Union News from Finland]

JHL on the side of fairness 2018-03-21 [JHL]

Shipping strike put off, energy and electric walkouts possible 2018-03-21 [YLE]

New strike threats in the financial services sector 2018-03-18 [Pro]

Finland’s story shows equality is the best route to happiness 2018-03-18 [theguardian]

Union: HKScan must begin negotiations with strikers 2018-03-10 [ERR News]

Union includes HKScan's Finnish parent company in talks with employer 2018-03-08 [ERR News]

Second university strike called off as parties reach job contracts deal 2018-03-06 [YLE]

Right-wing party wants to sideline Union unemployment funds 2018-03-06 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Deal reached in social services labour dispute, private day care strike cancelled 2018-03-06 [Uutiset]

Overtime ban ends, retail sector reaches negotiation result 2018-03-03 [YLE]

Public service worker's union to join strikes, halt cargo transport in Finland next week 2018-03-02 [YLE]

Professors walk out in first-ever strike 2018-02-28 [YLE]

Overtime ban for retail sector and strike warning for facilities services 2018-02-23 [Trade Union News from Finland]

JHL issues a strike warning to three sectors 2018-02-20 [JHL]

Public sector collective bargaining finally beginning to bear fruit 2018-02-15 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Finance unions fight to renew national collective agreement 2018-02-13 [UNI Global Union]

Seafarers, transport workers unions agree to postpone strike 2018-02-12 [Port News]

JHL: Legislation needed to support equal pay 2018-02-12 [JHL]

Union to organize picket in Finland to support strikers at Rakvere plant 2018-02-09 [ERR News]

Slow process of public sector collective bargaining leads to ban on overtime and shift swap 2018-02-08 [Trade Union News from Finland]

The number of redundancies hits a record low in 2017 2018-02-07 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Municipal labour agreement talks break down, possible overtime strike on Tuesday 2018-02-04 [YLE]

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