Solidarity with Strasbourg

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Could a self-governed workers’ movement boost Croatia’s dying shipbuilding industry? 2018-12-17 [Equal Times]

EFJ welcomes Council of Europe’s recognition of bargaining rights of self-employed 2018-12-14 [EFJ]

Council of Europe recognises bargaining rights of self-employed: now EU should follow 2018-12-14 [ETUC]

Solidarity with Strasbourg 2018-12-13 [ETUC]

Len McCluskey comment on Brexit and a no confidence vote 2018-12-13 [Unite the union]

Bye to May. Hello to Brexit Amnesty 2018-12-13 [TSSA]

Miners protesting underground in Lviv region 2018-12-12 [NPGU]

Workers Voice National UPdates n°11 - December 2018 2018-12-11 [ETUC]

Financing decent pensions: a challenge for European states 2018-12-10 [Equal Times]

Financing decent pensions: a challenge for European states 2018-12-10 [Equal Times]

ETUC says sign UN Migration Compact 2018-12-10 [ETUC]

8% of EU cancer is work related 2018-12-10 [ETUC]

MEPs vote on EU company law: towards a more balanced proposal 2018-12-10 [ETUC]

Brexit is making everyone poorer – except the rich 2018-12-09 [TUC]

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary wins ITUC’s World’s Worst Boss Poll 2018-12-07 [ITUC]

Can a left-wing internationalism rise against Trump and the far right? 2018-12-06 [Wash Post]

Unite leader warns Labour against backing second EU referendum 2018-12-06 [Guardian]

Ryanair avoids unions with ultra-low-cost unit 2018-12-05 []

Public bodies can rely on EU law, court rules 2018-12-05 [Irish Times]

Ryanair sidesteps unions with ultra-low-cost unit 2018-12-05 [The Irish Times]

 VIDEO  Ryanair sidesteps unions by ramping up ultra-low-cost unit 2018-12-05 [Reuters]

Unite accuses UK chancellor of letting the ‘cat out of the bag’ on frictionless trade 2018-11-29 [Unite the union]

Northern Ireland NI Police Federation boss rubbishes Brexiteer border plan 2018-11-28 [Irish News]

Amazon warehouse workers in Europe spent Black Friday protesting 2018-11-28 [Vox]

Risks for media pluralism and safety of journalists are increasing across Europe 2018-11-28 [EFJ]

How artificial intelligence is transforming journalism 2018-11-27 [Equal Times]

European Court of Human Rights Re-affirms Right to Strike in Key Decision 2018-11-26 [ITUC]

“We Are Not Robots”: Amazon Workers Across Europe Walk Out on Black Friday Over Low Wages and “Inhuman Conditions” 2018-11-25 [TruthOut]

Amazon workers across Europe protest inhuman warehouse working conditions on Black Friday 2018-11-25 [Biz Insider]

Amazon workers in Europe mark Black Friday with *we are not robots* protests 2018-11-24 [CNET]

Thousands of Amazon workers in Europe stage Black Friday strike 2018-11-24 [Fast Co]

Amazon workers strike in Germany, Spain on Black Friday 2018-11-24 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

On Strike! Amazon Workers Walk Out In Germany, Spain, Italy And The UK 2018-11-24 [HUFFPO]

Open letter to European Institutions: public reporting must be a safe option for whistleblowers 2018-11-23 [EFJ]

JURI Committee strengthens EU-wide protection for whistleblowers 2018-11-23 [EFJ]

Nine international organisations urge EU officials to raise Turkey’s freedom of expression crisis during EU-Turkey high political dialogue 2018-11-23 [EFJ]

3 steps forward for a fairer Europe 2018-11-22 [ETUC]

AGS – EU needs to do more to boost investment and wages 2018-11-22 [ETUC]

With its controversial pension reforms, Russia is looking after its rich 2018-11-22 [Equal Times]

McCluskey to MPs: Hold your nerve, don't be bounced into this bad Brexit deal 2018-11-20 [Unite the union]

EU Parliament: aid must not be used to support privatisation 2018-11-19 [Education International]

MEPs back ETUC for more balanced EU company law 2018-11-19 [ETUC]

Success for Transparent & Predictable Working Conditions Directive 2018-11-19 [ETUC]

Workers’ deaths, illegal demolitions and accusations of corruption mar the glitzy façade of the Belgrade Waterfront project 2018-11-16 [Equal Times]

E-evidence: A call for protection of the free and independent media in Europe 2018-11-16 [EFJ]

Employers encouraged to pay EU workers’ ‘settled status’ fees 2018-11-16 [UNISON]

Blindfold Brexit deal doesn’t guarantee jobs or rights, warns TUC 2018-11-16 [TUC]

EFJ calls on MEPs to support TPWC Directive to protect workers’ rights 2018-11-15 [EFJ]

UNISON reacts to Brexit draft deal between the UK and the EU 2018-11-14 [UNISON]

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