Union strike halts rigs at Ecopetrol oilfield, production unaffected

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Ecopetrol, USO union sign new contract, avoiding more strikes 2018-09-24 [Reuters]

Amenazan a periodistas y medios alternativos en Bogotá 2018-09-13 [IFJ]

UNI Colombia Women's Network: one year and going strong 2018-09-12 [UNI Global Union]

The truth about the situation in Colombia can no longer be denied 2018-09-09 [UNI Global Union]

Contract Worker Strike Shuts Down 19 Drilling Rigs at Ecopetrol’s La Cifa-Infantas Oil Field 2018-09-07 [Finance Colombia]

Union strike halts rigs at Ecopetrol oilfield, production unaffected 2018-09-07 [Reuters]

APM Terminals hit by labor strike 2018-09-06 [Shipping Watch]

New report warns of rising tide of deadly threats to Colombian trade unionists 2018-09-06 [uniglobalunion.org]

New death threats against union leaders 2018-09-01 [UNI Global Union]

В Колумбии профсоюзные лидеры сталкиваются с угрозами и насилием 2018-08-29 [IndustriALL]

En Colombie, les dirigeants syndicaux face aux menaces et à la violence 2018-08-29 [IndustriALL]

Líderes sindicales de Colombia sufren amenazas y violencia 2018-08-29 [IndustriALL]

Union leaders in Colombia face threats and violence 2018-08-29 [IndustriALL]

נתניהו לקולומביה להכתרת הנשיא הימני-קיצוני; שיא במקרי הרצח של פעילים חברתיים 2018-08-10 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

בגלל המאבק בחוק הלאום: נתניהו ביטל את נסיעתו לקולומביה להשבעת הנשיא הפרו-אמריקאי 2018-08-10 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

La FIP expresa su preocupación tras el asesinato de dos periodistas y el incremento de amenazas 2018-08-10 [FIP]

Duque’s top priority must be ending paramilitaries’ terror campaigns 2018-08-08 [UNI Global Union]

Пример из практики: Деятельность Glencore в Колумбии 2018-08-02 [IndustriALL]

Estudio del caso Glencore en Colombia 2018-08-02 [IndustriALL]

Étude de cas : Glencore en Colombie 2018-08-02 [IndustriALL]

Case study: Glencore in Colombia 2018-08-02 [Industriall]

Stop the wave of violence and harassment targeting education unionists! 2018-07-11 [Education International]

Unite denounces the imprisonment of a blind Colombian peacemaker 2018-07-07 [The Canary]

Finaliza huelga de hambre en Tenaris Colombia pero la lucha continúa 2018-07-06 [IndustriALL]

Голодовка в Tenaris Colombia прекращена, но борьба продолжается 2018-07-05 [IndustriALL]

Colombie: la lutte continue à Tenaris malgré l’arrêt de la grève de la faim 2018-07-05 [IndustriALL]

Hunger strike at Tenaris Colombia called off but struggle continues 2018-07-05 [IndustriALL]

La «capitale de la salsa» se tourne vers le tourisme pour créer des emplois 2018-07-03 [OIT]

Labour Rights Repression by Tenaris Leads to Hunger Strike: Steelworkers 2018-06-27 [USW]

Military closer to identifying kidnapped press workers 2018-06-24 [The Times-Union]

В Tenaris Colombia продолжается преследование профсоюза 2018-06-21 [IndustriALL]

Colombie: la persécution syndicale continue à Tenaris 2018-06-21 [IndustriALL]

Persiste la persecución sindical en Tenaris Colombia 2018-06-21 [IndustriALL]

Union persecution continues at Tenaris Colombia 2018-06-21 [IndustriALL]

Increasing capacity of audiovisual workers and unions 2018-06-07 [UNI Global Union]

Nova Scotia Frontline Trip Colombia 2018 – We are all Dom Tomis 2018-06-01 [CUPE]

Les ministres du Travail du Canada et de la Colombie signent un plan d’action 2018-05-28 [CTC]

Canadian and Colombian labour ministers sign action plan 2018-05-28 [CLC]

Sanches visita afiliados en Colombia y Chile para apoyar sus luchas 2018-05-25 [IndustriAll]

British Columbia Une militante colombienne remercie le SCFP de garder les siens « en vie » 2018-04-21 [SCFP]

British Columbia Colombian activist thanks CUPE for help in “keeping us alive” 2018-04-21 [CUPE]

Unite statement on the arrest of FARC peace negotiator Jesus Santrich 2018-04-10 [Unite the union]

Colombian Palm Workers Gain Long-Sought Recognition For more info 2018-03-28 [Solidarity Center]

Corte de Colombia condena a Cerro Matoso por dañar la salud y el medio ambiente 2018-03-22 [IndustriALL]

Global Pilots Condemn Avianca Airlines Management’s Union Busting Actions 2018-03-03 [IFALPA]

Pizano SA leaves its 600 workers in the street 2018-03-02 [BWU]

Strike at Ecopetrol's refinery could hold up maintenance, impact output 2018-02-28 [Reuters]

In Colombia, the ELN steps up the conflict as the options for peace run out 2018-02-28 [Equal Times]

L’ELN exacerbe le conflit et épuise les espoirs de paix 2018-02-28 [Equal Times]

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