Union for LATAM Airlines says to unilaterally end strike

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Negotiations underway at Escondida copper mine 2018-06-19 [Mining Journal]

BHP, union at Chile's Spence copper mine reach labor agreement 2018-06-12 [Reuters]

BHP Escondida mine workers in Chile start new wage talks 2018-06-02 [Euronews]

Unions, Gov't Officials Resume Minimum Wage Talks 2018-05-28 [TeleSUR]

LATAM Airlines crews head back to work after ending strike 2018-04-29 [Reuters]

LATAM Airlines crew union cannot end strike yet: company 2018-04-28 [Reuters]

Union for LATAM Airlines says to unilaterally end strike 2018-04-26 [Reuters]

Union at BHP's Escondida copper mine in Chile says no advance deal likely 2018-04-25 [Reuters]

LATAM Airlines extends flight cancellations due to crew strike 2018-04-23 [Reuters]

LATAM Airlines union rejects new contract offer, continues strike 2018-04-21 [Reuters]

LATAM Airlines union to vote on new contract offer amid strike 2018-04-20 [Reuters]

LATAM Airlines union rejects contract offer, strike goes on 2018-04-18 [Reuters]

LATAM strike affects 126,000 passengers 2018-04-14 [The Times]

LATAM Workers Strike Causes Delays 2018-04-11 [Airline Geeks]

LATAM Airlines union says to strike starting Tuesday 2018-04-08 [Reuters]

LATAM Airlines union says to strike on Tuesday, mediation failed 2018-04-08 [Reuters]

Codelco reaches deal with union at Radomiro Tomic mine 2018-04-07 [NASDAQ]

Workers at Fresenius Kabi in Chile call off strike after reaching agreement 2018-04-05 [IndustriALL]

LATAM Airlines to reschedule flights amid strike threat 2018-04-05 [Reuters]

BHP Union Leader Sees Good Prospects for Wage Deal at Giant Mine 2018-04-05 [Bloomberg]

Union for LATAM subsidiary says to strike as early as April 3 2018-03-31 [Reuters]

Workers at Codelco's Radomiro Tomic mine reject contract offer 2018-03-30 [Reuters]

Union for LATAM subsidiary to strike as early as April 3 2018-03-30 [Reuters]

Workers at Chilean mine Escondida accept early contract talks 2018-03-25 [Reuters]

Workers at Chile's Los Pelambres mine extend contract talks 2018-03-21 [Mining Weekly]

Los Pelambres' union workers to decide on strike 2018-03-20 [BNA]

Escondida invites union to early labor talks 2018-03-15 [Mining Weekly]

Chile's Escondida invites union to early labour talks 2018-03-15 [Reuter]

Signing the new TPP on Women’s Day an insult to women workers 2018-03-09 [malaysiakini]

Gender-neutral job evaluation study in Chile 2018-03-08 [PSI]

Codelco’s Union Leader Fears Privatization by Chile’s New President 2018-03-02 [Bloomberg]

Los Pelambres copper mine workers vote next week on new contract 2018-03-02 [Reuters]

Union at Chile Lomas Bayas mine far from deal with Glencore 2018-01-04 [Reuters]

Workers end strike at Teck’s mine in Chile 2017-12-23 [Mining]

Wage agreement at Centinela mine 2017-12-21 [Reuters]

Renault Chile workers in victorious 15-day strike 2017-12-21 [IndustriALL]

Workers at Chile's Quebrada Blanca mine set to strike -union 2017-12-13 [Reuters]

Union rejects Teck's Quebrada Blanca latest contract offer, threatens to strike 2017-12-01 [The Bulletin]

BHP's Escondida mine workers end strike, threaten new walkout 2017-11-24 [Seeking Alpha]

Workers at BHP copper mine in Chile end strike over layoffs 2017-11-24 [EuroNews]

Escondida workers on strike to protest layoffs 2017-11-24 [Mining]

Workers at Chile’s Escondida copper mine stage 24-hour stoppage against job cuts 2017-11-24 [Metal Bulletin]

Port strike hits Bio Bio fishing sector 2017-11-16 [FIS]

Chilean DHL Express workers achieve collective agreement 2017-10-11 [ItF]

Union denounces Norwegian shipping companies for ‘monopolistic and protectionist’ behaviour 2017-08-24 [The Shipping News]

Teachers Begin 24-Hour Strike Against Education Law 2017-08-18 [TeleSUR]

Chileans protest against private pension scheme introduced under Pinochet 2017-08-04 [equal times]

Walmart Workers In Chile Vote To Strike For Higher Pay 2017-07-31 [Workers Independent News]

Walmart Workers to Strike for Better Wages 2017-07-30 [TeleSUR]

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