Alberta NDP experiment in Alberta over after Jason Kenny victory!

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Newfoundland and Labrador CUPE Holding Symposium on P3 Projects 2019-04-22 [VOCM]

Nova Scotia Health Authority using more 'travel nurses' 2019-04-21 [NUPGE]

The 50th Earth Day - need for action more critical than ever! 2019-04-21 [NUPGE]

Nova Scotia Over 200 union jobs lost as Crossley Carpets in Truro set to close in July 2019-04-21 [NSFL]

Nova Scotia On April 28, we remember the workers we lost and dedicate ourselves to protecting others 2019-04-21 [NSFL]

The CATSA Conundrum – We need a better process! 2019-04-21 [IAMAW]

Alberta NDP experiment in Alberta over after Jason Kenny victory! 2019-04-21 [IAMAW]

British Columbia This is a problem – Period and we have a solution! 2019-04-21 [IAMAW]

Newfoundland and Labrador Lobster Formula Rollover, New Strategy For Marketing and Branding 2019-04-21 [FFAW/Unifor]

Same Old Story from Canada Post 2019-04-21 [CUPW]

Alberta ATA President Congratulates Premier-Designate Kenney 2019-04-21 [ATA]

British Columbia NDP government extends mental disorder presumption to care aides and nurses 2019-04-21 [HEU]

BC activists picket U of S alumni events in support of CUPE 1975 2019-04-21 [CUPE]

Prince Edward Island Provincial Election – CUPE Candidates Survey 2019-04-21 [CUPE]

Ontario Cuts to overdose prevention fuel worst health emergency in a generation 2019-04-21 [CUPE]

Ontario Still way short on beds, Ford announces a 10% cut to real hospital capacity 2019-04-21 [CUPE]

Newfoundland and Labrador Town of Placentia municipal workers vote 100% in favour of strike action 2019-04-21 [CUPE]

Encore for CUPE: Application filed with CIRB to represent WestJet regional flight attendants 2019-04-21 [CUPE]

Newfoundland and Labrador Union says lobster bargaining agreement will stay 2019-04-20 [Undercurrent]

Ontario Long-Term Care and Retirement Home Workers Launch Campaign with Direct Message: Tell Them to Care 2019-04-20 [SEIU]

Manitoba Impact of Winnipeg General Strike still felt a century later 2019-04-20 [The Free Press]

British Columbia Ferry workers' union concerned about lack of consultation over sale of alcohol on board 2019-04-20 [CBC]

RadioLabour Canada’s Country Report for the week April 15-19, 2019 2019-04-20 [RadioLabour]

Ontario TLDSB director says no discipline for students, teachers after walkout 2019-04-19 [The Times]

Ontario Power of Many takes issue with Ontario's future, Ford government 2019-04-19 [Soo Today]

Ontario University of Toronto Unions criticize Asbestos Review Panel following 2017 incidents 2019-04-19 [CUPE]

Newfoundland and Labrador Unelected and unaccountable board to cut health care spending 2019-04-19 [NUPGE]

British Columbia Lawsuit eyed over union-only raise for B.C. community care workers 2019-04-19 [The Review]

Ontario Penetanguishene jail officers constantly assaulted by inmates, union says 2019-04-19 []

Ontario OPSEU members launch “Families Know Best Voyage” in northwestern Ontario 2019-04-19 [NUPGE]

British Columbia Container truckers welcome new pay increases 2019-04-19 [Unifor]

Newfoundland and Labrador NAPE surprised by Ches Crosbie pledge to retool health-care spending 2019-04-19 [CBC]

Bell Canada issues layoff notices while outsourcing Wireless to the Home project 2019-04-19 [Unifor]

Ontario Falls hotel backtracks, apologizes to U.K. tourists booted out 2019-04-19 [The Review]

Why correctional officers oppose prison needle exchange programs 2019-04-19 [CBC]

New Brunswick Delay in nursing home workers decision 'difficult' for residents, says advocate 2019-04-19 [CBC]

Newfoundland and Labrador Strike — or lockout — looms for Placentia municipal workers 2019-04-19 [CBC]

Ontario Niagara’s ‘Ethical’ Rainforest Café Claws-back Tips, Attacks Unions 2019-04-19 [Press Progress]

Newfoundland and Labrador Placentia Municipal Workers Vote in Favour of Strike Action 2019-04-19 [VOCM]

Quebec Labour minister proposes settlement in 15-month ABI lockout 2019-04-19 [Canadian Labour Reporter]

Time to put the heart back in the NDIS 2019-04-18 [HSU]

Ontario Unifor officials say FCA investing $355M in Windsor Assembly Plant 2019-04-18 [CTV]

British Columbia Nurses, 911 operators to get easier access to mental health compensation 2019-04-18 [CBC]

Ontario OPSEU members launch 'Families Know Best Voyage' in support of autism and special services in northwestern Ontario 2019-04-18 [OPSEU]

Ontario 'We're not going away': Labour groups criticize Doug Ford's education changes, protest job cuts 2019-04-18 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Workplace violence concerns at Breton Ability Centre prompt picket 2019-04-18 [CBC]

Nova Scotia Truro workers in a 'state of shock' after layoff notices 2019-04-18 [CBC]

Manitoba Opposition parties delay bills affecting health care services, public construction projects, and more 2019-04-18 [CBC]

Manitoba Premier picking fights with workers 100 years after general strike, labour leader says 2019-04-18 [CBC]

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