Young workers in Cambodia commit to union building

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Garment workers in Cambodia fear EU trade threat, makers optimistic 2018-10-17 [The Asahi Shimbun]

«Pas de travail sans notre convention collective» 2018-09-29 [IBB]

Young workers in Cambodia commit to union building 2018-09-25 [Just Style]

Davantage de marques rejoignent l’initiative ACT, dont la progression continue 2018-09-24 [IndustriALL]

Прогресс в деле реализации инициативы ACT: Число брендов-подписантов растет 2018-09-24 [IndustriALL]

Más marcas se unen a la ACT y se sigue avanzando 2018-09-24 [IndustriALL]

More brands join ACT as progress continues 2018-09-24 [IndustriALL]

Labour Ministry issues directives to address wages and indemnity 2018-09-24 [The Times]

Unions Plan Mass Strike Over Possible EU Trade Scheme Removal 2018-09-20 [The Daily]

PM: No protests during wage talks 2018-09-20 [The Times]

Union leader skips brewer appeal case 2018-09-06 [The Post]

Court calls Cambodian Food and Service Workers Federation leader over beer row 2018-09-05 [The Post]

Minimum wage hike must be reasonable: PM 2018-08-30 [The Times]

Labour Ministry instructs companies to improve safety 2018-08-22 [The Times]

Docked election wages to be paid 2018-08-13 [The Times]

New minimum wage floated 2018-08-13 [The Post]

Factory workers protest over docked election wages 2018-08-10 [The Times]

No pay docked over election time off 2018-08-07 [The Times]

L’éducation devient un thème prédominant de la campagne électorale 2018-07-29 [Education International]

Education becomes an overarching theme of the electoral campaign 2018-07-27 [Education International]

More workers faint in Kampong Cham factory 2018-07-24 [The Times]

You Li employees return to factory floors 2018-07-20 [The Times]

Un silence assourdissant à la veille des élections au Cambodge 2018-07-19 [Equal Times]

Behind Cambodia’s electoral silence 2018-07-19 [Equal Times]

Detrás del silencio electoral camboyano 2018-07-19 [Equal Times]

Charges dropped against labour and human rights activist Tola Moeun 2018-07-13 [BWI]

Unions ask EU to keep EBA intact 2018-07-12 [The Times]

Kandal union protest leaders freed on bail 2018-07-11 [The Times]

Unions hold demonstrations to keep funding flowing: Hun Sen 2018-07-05 [The Times]

Labourers protest unpaid wages 2018-07-04 [The Times]

Labour Ministry denies claims over NSSF faults 2018-06-12 [The Post]

¿Por qué el Gobierno camboyano ha convertido a decenas de miles de personas de etnia vietnamita en apátridas? 2018-06-12 [Equal Times]

First Gawon workers collect cash 2018-06-11 [The Times]

Workers unsatisfied after gov’t pledge to pay salaries 2018-06-11 [The Post]

Controlling election reporting guidelines released 2018-06-06 [IFJ]

Workers again fight for unpaid factory wages 2018-05-29 [The Times]

Union group slams NSSF fainting move 2018-05-21 [The Post]

No solution at Gawon meet after no-show 2018-05-18 [The Post]

Workers protest over sacked rep 2018-05-18 [The Times]

Union group fears for future of EU trade deal 2018-05-17 [The Post]

PM instructs Labour Ministry to approve paid paternity leave 2018-05-11 [The Times]

Workers Reduced to ‘Slaves’ Amid Rampant Debt Bondage in Cambodia’s Brick Sector 2018-05-08 [Biz&Human Rts Res Ctr]

Workers March in Phnom Penh for May Day as Sanctions Loom 2018-05-03 [VOA]

Mangoes and Workers’ Health and Safety Rights 2018-04-28 [HRW]

PM warns unions ahead of poll 2018-04-23 [The Post]

Camboya: donde salvar los bosques es una cuestión de vida o muerte 2018-04-18 [Equal Times]

BWI calls for charges against Tola Mouen to be dropped 2018-04-11 [BWI]

The road to a better economic future 2018-04-03 [khmertimeskh]

Garment workers travel to factories standing in the back of flatbed trucks that often crash 2018-03-23 [The Times]

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