Mandalay workers march in protest for higher basic wage

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Labor rights group urge migrant workers to get legal papers as Thai Gvt extends grace period 2017-12-07 [Karen News]

Ethnic Language Teachers Missing Months of Govt Pay 2017-12-05 [Irrawaddy Times]

Mandalay workers march in protest for higher basic wage 2017-12-04 [The Times]

Factory sacks union leaders, alleging thefts 2017-10-31 [The Times]

Unifor revokes award to Aung San Suu Kyi 2017-10-25 [Unifor]

Unifor, syndicat canadien, retire le prix Nelson Mandela à Aung San Suu Kyi 2017-10-25 [Radio-Canada]

Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh 2017-10-20 [CLC]

Профсоюзы призывают прекратить грубейшие нарушения прав человека в отношении рохинджа в Мьянме 2017-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Les syndicats appellent à la fin des violations graves des droits de l’homme commises contre les Rohingyas au Myanmar 2017-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Los sindicatos piden que cesen las graves violaciones de los derechos humanos de los rohingyas en Myanmar 2017-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Unions call to end grave human rights violations against Rohingyas in Myanmar 2017-10-17 [IndustriALL]

Jade miner, 18, shot dead in Hpakant 2017-10-13 [Democratic Voice of Burma]

Burmese workers fight defamation charges in Thai chicken farm case 2017-10-08 [DVB]

Proposed New Minimum Wage Between 4,000 to 4,800 Kyats a Day 2017-10-04 [The Irrawaddy ]

Labour ministry wants minimum wage between K4000 and K4800 2017-10-04 [Myanmar Times]

5 things to know about the Rohingya crisis 2017-09-30 [Union Aid Abroad APHEDA]

Les libéraux fédéraux doivent en faire plus face aux violences perpétrées contre les Rohingyas du Myanmar 2017-09-29 [SCFP]

Federal Liberals must act urgently on violence against the Rohingya population in Myanmar 2017-09-29 [CUPE]

Agriculture and Farmers Federation of Myanmar calls for an end to violence and discrimination in Rakhine state 2017-09-28 [IUF]

Women to be recruited to drive public buses for first time 2017-09-28 [DVB]

Yangon panel favours minimum wage of K4400-K6400 2017-09-28 [Myanmar Times]

Striking garment workers to sue factory after security guards injure 5 workers 2017-09-26 [Myanmar Times]

Telenoransatte ber minister gripe inn for rett til å danne fagforening 2017-09-21 [Aftenposten]

Aung San Suu Kyi award suspended by UK union over Myanmar crisis 2017-09-21 [Guardian]

Crisis Must be Resolved Peacefully and According to International Law 2017-09-20 [ITUC]

Union workers in Pakistan protest Rohingya persecution 2017-09-20 [The Nation]

(Myanmar) La crise doit être résolue pacifiquement et conformément au Droit international 2017-09-19 [CSI]

Around 1000 workers march for minimum wage 2017-09-19 [Eleven]

Workers march for higher wage 2017-09-19 [Myanmar Times]

Myanmar: Crisis must be resolved peacefully and according to international law 2017-09-19 [ITUC]

IFJ concerned Bangladesh detains Myanmar photojournalists 2017-09-18 [IFJ]

Construction Workers from Myanmar protest for wages in Bangkok 2017-09-13 [Myanmar Times]

Yangon government on alert for abuse of domestic workers 2017-09-11 [Myanmar Times]

Sacked workers barricade bosses inside factory 2017-09-07 []

Over 200 workers set up barricades around factory 2017-09-05 [The Times]

Burmese Rice Farmer: With a Union, We Improve Our Livelihood For more info 2017-08-30 [Solidarity Center]

Sock factory fires workers on strike 2017-08-25 [Myanmar Times]

Garment unions from across the world meet in Myanmar to share strategies 2017-08-23 [IndustriALL]

Профсоюзы швейников из разных стран мира встретились в Мьянме, чтобы поделиться стратегиями 2017-08-22 [IndustriALL]

Les syndicats du textile du monde entier se sont réunis au Myanmar pour parler de stratégies 2017-08-22 [IndustriALL]

Sindicatos de la confección de todo el mundo se reúnen en Myanmar para compartir estrategias 2017-08-22 [IndustriALL]

Workers march to call for minimum wage rise 2017-08-16 [The Post]

Underage maids from Myanmar seek help in Singapore 2017-08-08 [Al Jazeera]

Myanmar migrant workers in South Korea stage protest demanding equal working rights 2017-07-24 [Coconuts]

Textile workers pay the price for Australia's fast fashion addiction 2017-07-23 [ABC]

Journalists Accuse Army Sergeant of ‘Illegal Stalking’ 2017-07-21 [Radio Free Asia]

UN: Myanmar Must Enable Women’s Entry Into the Workforce 2017-07-06 [The Irrawaddy ]

Over 60,000 Myanmar workers return from Thailand , many via the Mae Sot-Myawaddy border 2017-07-06 [BNI]

‘The Ogre’ still inspiring oil workers, 80 years after landmark oil strike 2017-07-03 [Frontier]

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