Workers rally for higher wages as economy motors

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Bulgarian labor unions want an 18% increase in teacher wages from the autumn 2018-05-14 []

Various events and concerts throughout the country on Labor Day 2018-05-01 []

May 1 Labor Day in Bulgaria Socialists demand government’s resignation 2018-05-01 [Sofia Globe conservative daily in English]

Thousands protest to demand better wages in Bulgaria 2017-11-02 [IndustriALL]

Workers rally for higher wages as economy motors 2017-10-29 [The Gears of Biz]

Deputy PM threatened TV journalist Viktor Nikolaev 2017-10-12 [EFJ]

TV journalist threatened by politicians 2017-10-12 [IFJ]

Workers protest wage theft outside Parliament 2017-09-07 []

Empowering Bulgarian affiliates in the Inditex supply chain 2017-07-03 [IndustriALL]

Transport Workers Gather at Kulata Checkpoint to Protest, No Border Blockade 2017-05-30 [Novinite]

Wildcat strikes in one of the largest retailers 2017-03-23 []

May Day in Sofia 2016-05-05 [Focus]

Protest of Bulgarian GPs Grows Further as Ten More Regions Join 2016-03-31 []

Protest of General Practitioners Spreads to Five Other Bulgarian Regions 2016-03-29 []

Bulgarian GPs, hospitals protest against health system reforms 2016-03-28 [IBNA]

CITUB to Join UK’s CWU Convoy with Aid for Refugees in Turkey 2015-10-25 [Novinite]

Tripartite cooperation council holds sitting 2015-08-26 [Focus]

Employers’ Associations, Trade Unions Protest Imminent Power Price Hikef 2015-07-31 [Novinite]

Bulgarian Employers’ Associations, Trade Unions Protest Imminent Power Price Hike 2015-07-30 []

Leadership workshop in Russia inspires women unionists 2015-07-28 [ITF]

Workers at Military Plant VMZ Sopot Demand Pay Rises 2015-07-27 [Novinite]

Social workers staged warning strike Thursday 2015-07-10 [Focus]

1,000 interior ministry employees protest in front of parliament Saturday 2015-06-14 [Focus]

Trade Unions Ready to Organize Strike over Funding Shortage at Bulgaria’s Maritsa Iztok Mines 2015-06-11 [Novinite]

Anarcho-syndicalists support protest of bar workers at the Golden Sands resort 2015-03-14 [Libcom]

Bar workers protest at the Golden Sands resort 2015-03-12 []

Justice minister provides 76.72% of needed sum for prison workers’ remuneration: official 2015-02-07 [Focus]

Trade union of prison workers in Bulgaria meets with Justice Ministry officials 2015-01-28 [Focus]

Trade union of prison workers in Bulgaria to meet with Justice Ministry officials 2015-01-28 [Focus]

Trade union of prison workers to meet with Justice Ministry officials 2015-01-26 [Focus]

Railway workers’ trade union to meet with transport committee Wednesday: trade unionist 2015-01-17 [Focus]

Prison officers to probably stage new protest on January 29 2015-01-12 [Focus]

Citizens of Karlovo block rail line to protest against suspension of trains 2015-01-12 [Focus]

Prison workers stage protest in the capital 2015-01-11 [Focus]

Demonstration of trade union of prison workers ended 2015-01-11 [Focus]

Trade union of prison workers in Bulgaria, officials to hold meeting on January 19 2015-01-10 [Focus]

About 7,000 Bulgarians signed petition against suspension of passenger trains 2015-01-10 [Focus]

Railways suspend 38 trains 2015-01-10 [Focus]

Prison officers go out on national strike 2015-01-10 [Focus]

226 workers with Varna TPP to be sacked by January 7 2015-01-04 [Focus]

Bulgaria's Prison Officers Go on Strike 2014-12-29 []

PM meets with trade union, employer’s organisations representatives 2014-12-15 [FOCUS]

New film shames 'dire' Black Sea conditions 2014-12-12 [ITF Global Union]

Protesting unionists hold meeting with Bulgaria parliament chair 2014-12-12 [Focus]

Workers protest government's pension reform 2014-12-12 [Reuters]

Trade Union Stages Protest over Retirement Age, Low Incomes 2014-12-11 [Novinte]

Prison workers in Plovdiv to join protest campaign of trade union 2014-12-10 [Focus]

Trade Unions protest retiremant age rise, employers protest minimum wage rise 2014-12-03 [Novinite]

olice officers, firefighters, rescue workers and prison guards gathered to protest on Saturday 2014-10-19 [Focus]

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