Confusion over wages for domestic help in American Samoa still an issue

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Confusion over wages for domestic help in American Samoa still an issue [RNZI] 2014-04-01

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American Samoa wages sould be based on economy 2015-05-15 [Radio New Zealand International]

Minimum wage hikes unaffordable for American Samoa cannery 2015-05-14 [RNZI]

New migration rules will stop foreigners working on short-term permits 2015-05-14 [RNZI]

Cannery argues American Samoa should set own wages 2015-05-14 [RNZI]

Minimum wage increase called on for American Samoa 2015-04-30 [RNZI]

Wages rises no deterrent for American Samoa cannery 2014-11-27 [RNZI]

Bar forced to pay thousands in back wages by US Department of Labor 2014-10-27 [RNZI]

Minimum wage hike no concern to investor 2014-10-17 [RNZI]

Nurses Union in Samoa urges link to American Samoa 2014-09-17 [RNZI]

Politicians told to rethink wage rises 2014-09-17 [RNZI]

Major hotel owes back wages to workers 2014-09-13 [RNZI]

No pay rises for American Samoa Govt workers 2014-08-21 [RNZI]

Govt contravenes US Fair Labour Standards Act must pay outstanding overtime 2014-08-16 [RNZI]

Government workers in American Samoa can now deduct power from pay 2014-06-04 [RNZI]

Am Sam store ordered to pay $120,000 back wages 2014-04-22 [Radio Australia ]

Death of wharf worker in American Samoa under investigation 2014-04-22 [RNZI]

Involuntary servitude, anti-human trafficking laws adopted 2014-04-02 [RNZI]

Confusion over wages for domestic help in American Samoa still an issue 2014-04-01 [RNZI]

Trafficking law to target abusers of Samoan domestic workers 2014-03-13 [RNZI]

Unpaid overtime claims in American Samoa reduced 2014-03-12 [RNZI]

Federal labour watchdog sought after in American Samoa 2014-02-18 [RNZI]

Minimum wage hikes burdensome on American Samoa 2014-02-03 [RNZI]

Workforce struggling to get by on current wage rates 2014-02-01 [RNZI]

Gov puzzled at leave accumulation 2014-01-06 [RNZI]

Book details American Samoa’s Daewoosa human trafficking story 2013-11-19 [RNZI]

Domestic workers in American Samoa entitled to minimum wage 2013-11-19 [RNZI]

American Samoa orders federal employees back to work 2013-10-09 [RAdio New Zealand International]

Fed workers ordered back to work in American Samoa 2013-10-08 [RNZI]

Civil Servants in American Samoa still at work despite federal shutdown 2013-10-04 [RNZI]

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