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Portugal Transport unions hold out against privatization, strike for 43rd time in 4 years



LabourStart photo of the day.May Day march in Arendal Norway. (Photo: G. Danielsen) Click here to read more labour news from Norway.
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Today in Labour History

1937 United States of America UAW organisers are attacked and beaten by Ford security men in Dearborn, Michigan, in an incident which greatly increases support for the union.[more]

This week's top stories

New Zealand / Indonesia Slavery on New Zealand seas: Rape, bonded labour and abuse widespread in fishing industry [Fairfax media] 26-05-2015

Portugal Transport unions hold out against privatization, strike for 43rd time in 4 years [The Daily Star] 26-05-2015

Swaziland Join the fight against union repression in Swaziland [Stronge Unions]  ActNOW!  25-05-2015

Global FIFA sponsors must tell Qatar to play fair on workers' human rights [Going to Work] 24-05-2015

Asia Trans-Pacific Partnership won't improve workers' rights in Asia, critics warn [Guardian] 23-05-2015

Global FIFA's in crisis. We can save it [Save FIFA] 23-05-2015

Iran Global unions ITUC and ITF give guarded welcome to Iran releases [ITUC]  ActNOW!  22-05-2015

Swaziland After three year battle labour federation finally registered [IndustriALL Global Union] 22-05-2015

Cambodia / Qatar Phnom Penh Govt Set to Further Weaken Labour Rights and Export Workers to Qatar [ITUC] 22-05-2015

Qatar Will VISA statement prove costly for Sepp Blatter’s FIFA? [TouchStone] For more info 21-05-2015

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Monday, May 25, 2015:
5 mins. Thousands of Mexican farm workers win two month strike / Police occupy Ugandan transport workers union office / National bargaining for garment workers to be established / Global campaign to end precarious work
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ATMs may run out of cash [The Herald] 26-05-2015

Public servants in Customs 'going ballistic' over Border Force pay offer [The Times] 26-05-2015 53 more labour news stories from Australia today

Transport strike called off for now in Rajshahi Division [BD News 24] 25-05-2015

/ Ontario Thorold firefighters cost battle [CHCH] 26-05-2015 42 more labour news stories from Canada today

Customs strike: UK-based swordfish supplier sees sales losses stack up from strike [Undercurrent News] 26-05-2015

Factory Workers Are Becoming More Restive [The Epoch Times] 25-05-2015

EDF seeks to cut workers’ 10-week holiday quota [The Financial Times] 26-05-2015

Agricultural workers union savings increased by 100 per cent [The Point] 26-05-2015

ITF: boat crisis ‘a result of inequality and lack of regulation’ For more info [ITF] 26-05-2015 2 more labour news stories from Global today

GuySuCo says unable to pay senior, junior staffers – unions [The Stabroek News] 26-05-2015 1 more labour news stories from Guyana today

Hong Kong
Cathay Pacific's troubles could widen as ground staff look to follow cabin crew in taking industrial action [South China Morning Post] 26-05-2015

11 central trade unions to go on nationwide strike on September 2 [The Economic Times] 26-05-2015 4 more labour news stories from India today

Indonesian embassy calls for immediate release of 16 casino workers detained in Cambodia [Phnom Penh Post] 26-05-2015

Pipe workers fired in Saveh after protesting unpaid wages [Radio Zamaneh] 26-05-2015 1 more labour news stories from Iran today

SFA voices opposition to mandatory pensions plan [irishtimes.com] 25-05-2015 5 more labour news stories from Ireland today

/ Uganda Deep concern about the World Bank support for privatisation in education [PSI] 26-05-2015

Korea (South)
GM Korea's wage talks face bumpy road [The Times] 26-05-2015 2 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today


Casino workers against smoking lounges: legislator [GGR Asia] 25-05-2015

MAS didn't talk to us, say unions [Asia One] 26-05-2015

Auto Workers Fired for Protesting Sexual Harassment [TruthOut] 25-05-2015

/ Qatar Qatar refuses to let Nepalese workers return to attend funerals after quake [Guardian] 25-05-2015

New Caledonia
Unlimited banking strike in New Caledonia [RNZI] 26-05-2015

New Zealand
Postal union boss unhappy about NZ Post policies in Porirua [Stuff] 26-05-2015 8 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Health workers’ strike cripples health services in Kwara [The Daily Trust] 26-05-2015 5 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Man shot dead by police during mining protest, says union [Euronews] 26-05-2015

Transport unions hold out against privatization [San Diego Union-Tribune] 26-05-2015

Prison labor will be used for 2018 World Cup [Times Union] 26-05-2015

South Africa
Pro-Vavi unions snub Cosatu meeting [BD Live] 26-05-2015 3 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Doing our bit in Swaziland from Brussels  ActNOW!  [TouchStone] 25-05-2015

/ Netherlands Turkish trade union leaders awarded [Education International] 26-05-2015 9 more labour news stories from Turkey today

UCU leader attacks Tories on strike laws [Time Higher Education] 26-05-2015 2 more labour news stories from UK today

J Tasini: Raise the bar on raising the wage: Up until now, Democrats have been playing a shallow and timid game [NYDaily News] 26-05-2015 16 more labour news stories from USA today