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UK England Uber is no better than an old-fashioned gangmaster – so London’s cabbies are striking



LabourStart photo of the day.TMB Bus workers in Barcelona met on 4 February to decide on escalating strike action in their struggle for job security and a living wage. (Photo: CGT) Click here to read more labour news from Spain.
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Today in Labour History

1928 Canada At the Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mine at Timmins, Ontario, the largest in North America, 39 miners are killed when a fire spreads carbon monoxide through the workings. There was no rescue plan in place and it takes five days to put out the fire.[more]

1972 UK 30,000 Birmingham engineers go on strike in solidarity with striking miners. Thousands of them march to Saltley Gate coke depot, overpowering police to shut the gates.

This week's top stories

UK England Uber is no better than an old-fashioned gangmaster – so London’s cabbies are striking [Guardian] 10-02-2016

Morocco Vicious union-busting at Moroccan fish canner DOHA [IUF] For more info 09-02-2016

Syria / Turkey Made in Turkey, stitched by Syrian children [BBC] 09-02-2016

UK The TUC’s #HeartUnions week: defending the right to strike [Equal Times] 08-02-2016

Hong Kong / China HKCTU plans to file ILO complaint over detention of Chinese labour activists [RTHK]  ActNOW!  07-02-2016

Australia / Global Workers’ warrior and ITUC head Sharan Burrow tackles injustice [The Saturday Paper] 06-02-2016

Global ITUC uncompromising in demand for significant reform at FIFA [Play the Game] 04-02-2016

Greece Country grinds to a halt in general strike over pension reforms [CBC] 04-02-2016

France Paris Transport Staff Will Strike Thursday To Support Former Goodyear Workers With Prison Sentence [Forbes] 04-02-2016

Asia / Pacific TPP agreement bad for democracy, rights, public services and health [ITUC] 04-02-2016

Today's News from RadioLabour

Tuesday February 9, 2016:
International labour calls on governments to reject huge trade deal / Trans-Pacific Partnership gives corporations 40% of world's economy / Interview with leader of the International Trade Union Confederation
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Workers in Argentina face lay-offs [IndustriALL Global Union] 09-02-2016

The Fair Work Commission wants to hear from you on penalty rates [ACTU] 10-02-2016 56 more labour news stories from Australia today

Workers collapse at footwear factory for second day [Khmer Times] 10-02-2016 8 more labour news stories from Cambodia today

/ Ontario Harper lives: The U.S. Steel robbery [Rank and File] 09-02-2016 13 more labour news stories from Canada today

Central America
/ USA American unions condemn deportations of Central American families [Equal Times] 09-02-2016

War on coal to drive Chinese labour unrest - report [Mining] 09-02-2016

How the Colombian Government Keeps Afro-Colombians Poor [AFL-CIO] 09-02-2016

Cote Divoire
Oil Workers Strike as ICC Trial of Former Leaders Continues [Pan-African Newswire] 09-02-2016 1 more labour news stories from Cote Divoire today

Limassol bus workers suspend strike [In-Cyprus] 09-02-2016

Flowers Laid for Murdered Italian Student Writing About Egyptian Union Movement [Egyptian Streets] 09-02-2016 2 more labour news stories from Egypt today

Despite a long history, Europe closes ranks on humanitarian smuggling [Equal Times] 09-02-2016 3 more labour news stories from Europe today

FICTU unhappy with Gvt agreement [RNZI] 10-02-2016 4 more labour news stories from Fiji today

/ Spain ITF and IDC promoting justice for dockers [ITF Global Union] 10-02-2016 2 more labour news stories from Global today

National Demonstration on February 13-Preparation for 2Day General Strike [PAME] 09-02-2016 1 more labour news stories from Greece today

Journalist shot dead in Guinea [IFJ] 09-02-2016

Hong Kong
Domestic worker Erwiana’s former employer to pay HK$200k after failed judicial review application [HK Free Press] 09-02-2016 2 more labour news stories from Hong Kong today

Budapest public transport plans ‘surprise’ strike [The Business Journal] 09-02-2016 1 more labour news stories from Hungary today

Government working on 50% quota for women in local bodies, says Venkaiah Naidu [The Indian Express] 10-02-2016 4 more labour news stories from India today

TV network investigating female anchor’s harassment claims [Radio Zamaneh] 10-02-2016 1 more labour news stories from Iran today

Civil unrest in Kurdistan rises as police strike, join protests [Iraq Oil Report] 09-02-2016

Labour pledges to increase minimum wage from €9.15 to €11.30 [Irish Times] 09-02-2016 4 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Histadrut Strike Threat Yields Bonuses for City Workers [Hamodia] 10-02-2016 3 more labour news stories from Israel today

Was falling pregnant a mistake? The question faced by Japanese women [Japan Today] 10-02-2016 3 more labour news stories from Japan today

Unions brace against privatisation [Education International] 09-02-2016 1 more labour news stories from Kenya today

Union protests ‘unlawful’ chairman election [Kuwait Times] 09-02-2016 1 more labour news stories from Kuwait today

Workers protest against 45% electricity tariff hike [Africa News] 09-02-2016 1 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Wealth managers raise the importance of respect for human rights [UNI Global Union] 09-02-2016

/ Israel Hunger striking Palestinian journalist is dying, lawyer says [+972 Magazine] 10-02-2016

ITF brings complaint against Philippines over murder of trade unionists [ITF Global Union] 09-02-2016

Transport workers protest across Europe in support of Polish dockers [ITF Global Union] 10-02-2016

/ Bangladesh Gvt of Bangladesh demanding big pay increase for 300,000 nationals going to work in Qatar [Dhaka Tribune] 09-02-2016

'Made in Europe': Plight of garment workers under scrutiny [Reuters] 09-02-2016

South Africa
IPID won't prosecute police for Marikana massacre [The Mail and Guardian] 09-02-2016

Thousands join Madrid march against trade unionist trial [IndustriALL Global Union] 10-02-2016

Geneva moves against wage dumping [BWI] 09-02-2016

Minimum wage earners spend 1/5 of salary on gas bills [Today's Zaman] 09-02-2016 1 more labour news stories from Turkey today

Undercover in Qatar: MP witnesses 'modern-day slavery' as country prepares for World Cup 2022 [Newcastle Chronicle] 10-02-2016 7 more labour news stories from UK today

As UMWA pension and healthcare retiree fund nears bankruptcy, Sen. Mitch McConnell bars congressional fix [NY Times] 10-02-2016 14 more labour news stories from USA today