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Korea (South) Police say they’ll arrest all participants at this weekend’s big rally



LabourStart photo of the day.Unions around the world have been organizing workers to participate in marches and rallies in support of climate justice as the UN climate change conference opens in Paris. Here workers begin the People's Climate March in Sydney Australia with the slogans "Climate, Justice, Jobs" and "An injury to the planet is an injury to us all". (Photo: A. Casey) Click here to read more news about Australian unions.
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Today in Labour History

1913 Ireland The first group of ITGWU dockers returns to work from their strike in support of the Dublin lockout.

1939 Finland The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions proclaims that Finnish workers will take up arms against invasion by the USSR.[more]

This week's top stories

Global Historic partnership of business, NGOs, faith groups and trade unions sign commitment to just transition dialogue for a zero carbon future [ITUC] 01-12-2015

Korea (South) Police say they’ll arrest all participants at this weekend’s big rally [Hankyoreh]  ActNOW!  01-12-2015

Asia / Switzerland Nestlé admits to forced labour in its seafood supply chain in Thailand [Guardian Australia] 30-11-2015

Korea (South) Major gvt crackdown against unions [ITUC]  ActNOW!  27-11-2015

Turkey / Russia Joint statement of Russian and Turkish workers [DİSK] 27-11-2015

Palestine Palestinian journalists plan national code of ethics and self-regulation for the profession [IFJ] 27-11-2015

Indonesia Strike against limit on wage increases continues [BBC] 27-11-2015

Libya / Global ITF unions act to end ‘scourge of violence against women’ [ITF Global Union]  ActNOW!  26-11-2015

South Africa Numsa and Vavi officially expelled from Cosatu [eNCA] 26-11-2015

Korea (South) IndustriALL condemns crackdown on Korean unions [IndustriALL Global Union]  ActNOW!  25-11-2015

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015:
World AIDS Day / Unions working to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS / Transport workers conduct global HIV/AIDS campaign
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Tell Malcolm Turnbull to respect Parliament House cleaners [United Voice] 02-12-2015 14 more labour news stories from Australia today

/ British Columbia BC Place Failing to Protect Workers from Violence, WorkSafeBC Finds [The Tyee] 01-12-2015 7 more labour news stories from Canada today

40 years working for you - Cedefop and Eurofound's seminar on work organisation and workplace learning: a win-win environment [EESC] 01-12-2015 1 more labour news stories from Europe today

Hong Kong
Hongkong Post admits heavy overtime ‘not ideal’ and is reviewing working hours [HK Free Press] 01-12-2015 1 more labour news stories from Hong Kong today

/ Haryana Assembly to bring bill to amend labour laws: Khattar [The Hindu] 02-12-2015 7 more labour news stories from India today

Pay rises for 300,000 public service staff from January [Irish Times] 01-12-2015 6 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Honda plans to lift retirement age as labor force shrinks [Automotive News] 01-12-2015

/ Syria Bedouins: the forgotten victims of the Syrian crisis [Equal Times] 01-12-2015

Korea (South)
PM vows stern measure against masked protesters  ActNOW!  [Yonhap] 01-12-2015

IFJ condemns threats by Libyan official authorities against the journalism community [IFJ] 01-12-2015

New Zealand
AFFCO-Talley members update [NZMWU] 01-12-2015 3 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

South Africa
/ Gauteng Pikitup and Samwu locked in stalemate over strike [Business Day] 01-12-2015

/ Global Amazon Anonymous in Christmas campaign appeal [PCS] 01-12-2015 2 more labour news stories from UK today

/ New York Building Bridges: Prescribing Medicare for All; Immigration: Exploiting the Politics of Resentment For more info [WBAI Radio] 01-12-2015 20 more labour news stories from USA today