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Colombia Union Leader Assassinated



LabourStart photo of the day.Workers at the factories owned by the Tuba Group in Bangladesh have been denied wages and attacked by police when striking and otherwise protesting the employer's actions. Workers engaged in hunger strikes have been teargassed and attacked by riot police. 112 workers died in a fire at one of the Tuba factories in 2012. (Photo: NGWF) Click here to read more labour news from Bangladesh.
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Today in Labour History

1948 Tanzania The African Wharfage Company strike spreads into a general strike as others stop work.[more]

1976 UK All 137 Grumwick strikers are sacked by the company.

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USA Take the Quiz. Which labor leader are you? [AFL-CIO] 31-08-2014

Sierra Leone Health workers strike at Sierra Leone Ebola hospital [Reuters] 31-08-2014

Colombia Union Leader Assassinated [telesur] 31-08-2014

Mexico / Canada Court Drops Criminal Charges Against Exiled Union Leader [The Wall Street Journal] 30-08-2014

Israel / Palestine Update 3- A new petition filed against attempts by Zarfaty to get rid of the union [WAC MAAN]  ActNOW!  29-08-2014

Argentina National strike over ailing economy [Al Jazeera] 29-08-2014

Thailand / UK Support workers's rights defender on trial [TUC - Stronger Unions]  ActNOW!  28-08-2014

Argentina Second National Strike as Economic Woes Deepen [Bloomberg] 28-08-2014

Colombia 330K teachers to gather in capitals for nationwide strike [Colombia Reports] 27-08-2014

Syria IFJ Condemns Brutal Murder of American Journalist James Foley in Syria [IFJ] 21-08-2014

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Workers claim general strike 'successful' [BBC] 01-09-2014

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prison workers to start protest [Focus] 01-09-2014

Good Jobs Summit panel takes on student debt, precarious work and the need for a better future [Unifor] 01-09-2014 41 more labour news stories from Canada today

El Salvador
/ Australia MUA Calls for Australian Resources Company to Drop El Salvador Law Suit [MUA] 02-09-2014

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Rail union calls 3-hour strike amid pay dispute [Reuters] 01-09-2014

/ Global International Labour News Headlines on 01st Sep 2014 by Vishnu, Incharge, NFIR Media Centre,INDIA For more info [NFIR Media Centre] 01-09-2014

/ Bihar 5,000 plus Magadh University employees unpaid for three months [TNN] 01-09-2014

SIPTU confirms up to 70 jobs to go at Drogheda firm [RTÉ] 01-09-2014 4 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Post office workers plan sanctions over layoffs [Globes] 01-09-2014

KNUN demands nurses rehired [The Star] 01-09-2014

Korea (South)
Hospital workers on strike to resume work [Yonhap] 01-09-2014 2 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

New Zealand
Greens workers policy supported by union movement [NZCTU] 02-09-2014 13 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Tension in Ekiti as health workers threaten strike [The Tribune] 01-09-2014 1 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

/ South Africa COSATU welcomes Gaza ceasefire but the campaign continues [Cosatu] 01-09-2014

South Africa
Adult Literacy Programmes - Our weapon to fight poverty [Cosatu] 01-09-2014 12 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Trinidad and Tobago
Blind Welfare workers begin ‘stage one’ of protest action [Newsday] 01-09-2014

100th day after the Soma Massacre [DİSK] 01-09-2014

/ Ireland / Northern Ireland NUJ concern over threat to journalist [NUJ] 01-09-2014 7 more labour news stories from UK today

Obama tries to rally labor troops for midterms [Washington Post] 02-09-2014 27 more labour news stories from USA today