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Russia Safety Must be a Priority for FIFA



LabourStart photo of the day.Across the Philippines, unions are mobilizing in support of the 24 fired union leaders at NXP Semiconductors. (Photo: IndustriALL) Click here to read more labour news the Philippines and here to join the global online action in solidarity with these workers.
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Today in Labour History

1914 Canada 10,000 gather in solidarity with striking street railway workers in St. John New Brunswick. Cavalry failed to disperse the crowd

1941 Canada 700 workers wildcat at the Alcan plant in Arvida QC. The next day 5200 occupy the plant. The Federal gov't claims enemy sabotage. 4 days later a wage increase sees the plant back in production. [more]

This week's top stories

Germany Bundesbank backs union calls for higher wages: Sensational change in tack [UNI Global Union] 24-07-2014

Russia Safety Must be a Priority for FIFA [BWI] 24-07-2014

Israel / Palestine UN Ceasefire Call Must Be Respected [ITUC]  ActNOW!  22-07-2014

Iran Take action to release Iranian trade union leader [IndustriALL Global Union]  ActNOW!  22-07-2014

Colombia / USA Is this U.S. coal giant funding violent union intimidation in Colombia? [The Centre for Public Integrity] 22-07-2014

Palestine / Israel Gaza: Immediate Ceasefire [ITUC]  ActNOW!  22-07-2014

USA / Global How ‘corporate responsibility’ campaigns can actually end up hurting workers [The Nation] Image 20-07-2014

Malaysia Airline workers express horror and anger at fate of flight MH17 [The Guardian] 20-07-2014

UK Tory ban 'will make legal strikes near-impossible,' TUC warns [The Morning Star] 19-07-2014

Malaysia / Ukraine ITF statement on Malaysia Airlines MH17 [ITF Global Union] For more info 18-07-2014

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/ Victoria Shell refinery workers start pipeline bans; airport fuel at risk [Geelong Advertiser] 24-07-2014 44 more labour news stories from Australia today

'Gibson: Mass Strike Illegal' [Tribune] 23-07-2014

Unionists hope end to political deadlock will bring their voices into parliament [Phnom Penh Post] 24-07-2014 1 more labour news stories from Cambodia today

/ Ontario ONA applauds Ontario government's efforts to protect our blood supply system [ONA] 24-07-2014 31 more labour news stories from Canada today

/ UK Protest Action Asking Marks & Spencer to Live up to a Responsible Retailer [HKCTU] 24-07-2014 3 more labour news stories from China today

Maximum wages announced, regulations show no exemptions [Daily News Egypt] 24-07-2014

Biggest Labor Union to Hold Strike Over Economy [Bloomberg] 24-07-2014 6 more labour news stories from Ghana today

/ Gujarat Union fights for safety after 5 killed in Indian shipyard [IndustriALL Global Union] 24-07-2014 2 more labour news stories from India today

Coal miners renew protests against privatization [Radio Zamaneh] 24-07-2014

SIPTU committee at DAA rejects pension proposals [RTÉ] 23-07-2014 4 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Police in West Bank settlement detain union leader [WAC Ma'an] 24-07-2014 2 more labour news stories from Israel today

A democratically elected rep is every worker’s legal right [The Times] 23-07-2014

Dock workers issue two strike notices [The Star] 24-07-2014 3 more labour news stories from Kenya today

Korea (South)
Ssangyong Motor strikes wage deal [Yonhap] 24-07-2014 4 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

National Trade Union Forum Launched [The Malta Independent] 23-07-2014 1 more labour news stories from Malta today

Petrol attendants on strike [The Namibian] 23-07-2014 1 more labour news stories from Namibia today

Toothless committee formed to end protest at Insurance Board [The Himalayan Times] 23-07-2014

Plateau council workers protest against non-payment of entitlements [The Guardian] 23-07-2014 1 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

ILO calls for crackdown on child labour in Pacific [Radio Australia] 24-07-2014

FBR union threatens to close all RTOs for indefinite period [The Nation] 23-07-2014 1 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

/ Israel Factory owners at West Bank settlement threaten violence against striking workers, police arrest union leader For more info [WAC-Maan] 24-07-2014 9 more labour news stories from Palestine today

Buenaventura Announces 3-Day Strike at Orcopampa Mine [Ad Hoc News] 23-07-2014

South Africa
RBPlat and NUM show how to negotiate constructively [Business Report] 24-07-2014 38 more labour news stories from South Africa today

/ Zambia Five months no pay Tazara workers strike [Zambia Watchdog] 24-07-2014

Ban of Turkish Glass Strike taken to ILO with Official Complaint [IndustriALL Global Union] 24-07-2014

Blacklist firms to clarify 'misleading' letter to MPs [Building] 24-07-2014 13 more labour news stories from UK today

/ Ohio Buckeye workers to strike [NBC] 24-07-2014 40 more labour news stories from USA today

Workers hide in forest to avoid hard labor at Vietnam farms [Tuoi Tre] 23-07-2014

Wallis and Futuna Islands
18 day public sector strike settled [RNZI] 24-07-2014

MP attacks trade unionists [The Zimbabwea] 24-07-2014 0 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today