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Spain UNI condemns violence against Spanish Amazon strikers  



LabourStart photo of the day.On 27 June IUF members at Marriott hotels in Austria, China/Hong Kong, France, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Nepal, Philippines, Samoa, South Africa (pictured here), Sweden and Thailand organized meetings, demonstrations, educational and other activities in support of the demand for the hotel giant to negotiate a global agreement on concrete measures to protect workers sexual harassment. (Photo: IUF) Click here to read more union news about global union actions. .
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Today in Labour History

1899 United States of America Newsboys in New York go on strike against press giants Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst[more]

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Spain UNI condemns violence against Spanish Amazon strikers [UNI Global Union] 20-07-2018

Turkey Stop the attack on rights at Cargill Turkey - Reinstate #TheCargill14 now! [IUF] 19-07-2018

USA Pennsylvania Defiant National Union Presidents Gathered in Pittsburgh Speak of Unity Following Janus Ruling [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] 18-07-2018

USA / Europe Amazon warehouse workers are striking across Europe on Prime Day [The Verge] 17-07-2018

Germany / Poland Now Amazon workers in Germany and Poland are striking on Prime Day [Fast Company] 17-07-2018

India Who picked my tea? [IUF] 16-07-2018

Europe Amazon Prime Day threatened by strikes at European warehouses over working conditions [CNBC] 16-07-2018

Norway More workers come out in oil and gas strike [The National] 16-07-2018

Philippines Labor rights issues intensified under two years of Duterte [Bulatlat] 15-07-2018

New Zealand Teachers and nurses to hold first mass strike in a generation [Education International] 12-07-2018

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Friday, July 20, 2018:
New Accord to help Bangladeshi garment workers / World Bank adopts new rules to support decent work / The LabourStart Report about world union events / And singing: “You Gotta Stand Up”
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People's movements reject RCEP - Call for parliamentary scrutiny of mega trade deal [PSI] 20-07-2018

/ Victoria CDC bus drivers to lose pay over ongoing industrial action [Radio Ballarat] 20-07-2018 8 more labour news stories from Australia today

Benin unions agree to cooperate [IndustriALL] 20-07-2018

Volkswagen to furlough 1,000 workers in Brazil as sales slow - union [Euronews] 20-07-2018

You Li employees return to factory floors [The Times] 20-07-2018 1 more labour news stories from Cambodia today

/ Ontario Picket lines expected at Exhibition Place after board locks out workers ahead of CNE [The Star] 20-07-2018 31 more labour news stories from Canada today

Strike looms after breakdown in talks at Chile´s Caserones copper mine [Reuters] 20-07-2018

Union talks with Co-op fail to reach a deal [The Mail] 20-07-2018

Ryanair cancels 600 European flights due to cabin crew strike [RTE] 19-07-2018 3 more labour news stories from Europe today

Oil workers' union ends strike at Total facilities [Euronews] 20-07-2018

/ Europe Ryanair inks deal with Verdi cabin crew union [ATW] 20-07-2018

Education and Solidarity Network will relentlessly advocate for improved health and well-being in education [Education International] 20-07-2018 5 more labour news stories from Global today

48-hour strike by casinos workers [Tornos] 20-07-2018

/ Goa Chowgule’s mining workers get breather [TNN] 20-07-2018 3 more labour news stories from India today

Pertamina Workers Union Demands Six Things in Today`s Rally [Tempo] 20-07-2018

Ryanair Strikes Cause Mass Cancellations, Over 50,000 Passengers Affected [Newsweek] 20-07-2018 16 more labour news stories from Ireland today

ILO urges Jordan to address labour rights violations, ratify convention [The Times] 20-07-2018

Migrant Workers & Children Exploited in Kazakhstan For more info [Solidarity Center] 19-07-2018

Tea workers threaten industrial action against tea companies over 2014/15 CBA [NTV] 19-07-2018

Korea (South)
Union of Hyundai Heavy Industries launches strike, adding to the shipyard woes [Pulse] 20-07-2018 1 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

New Zealand
Wellington bus network overhaul: Ministry admitts role in securing jobs for the unemployed [Radio New Zealand] 20-07-2018 5 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Nicaragua's stolen revolution [IUF] 19-07-2018

Ibarapa Poly joins other Oyo tertiary institutions on indefinite strike [The Tribune] 20-07-2018 5 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Oil Workers, Employers Agree To Deal; Strike Ends [E&P] 20-07-2018 1 more labour news stories from Norway today

Law imposed on PIA, abolishing airline workers’ rights [The Nation] 20-07-2018 2 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

Broadcaster gunned down in brutal attack [IFJ] 20-07-2018

/ Europe Investigation of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder was inadequate, says ECHR [IFJ] 19-07-2018

South Africa
Labour unions given deadline to respond to latest Eskom offer [Eyewitness News] 20-07-2018 19 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Amazon Workers Continue 3-Day Strike [Democracy Now] 19-07-2018 1 more labour news stories from Spain today

/ Global union investigation into housekeeping in Marriott Zürich hotels reveals exploitative, dangerous and unsanitary conditions [IUF] 19-07-2018

Firefighting, in more ways than one [UNISON] 20-07-2018 28 more labour news stories from UK today

/ Russia RUJ’s president banned from entering the country [IFJ] 20-07-2018 1 more labour news stories from Ukraine today

Workers see continued gains in new 4-year deal with Verizon [CWA] 20-07-2018 21 more labour news stories from USA today