China Thousands of Chinese workers on strike



LabourStart photo of the day.Police raided a burlap bag factory in Turkey last week, arresting 91 workers. The workers had been engaged in a series of flash strikes since 9 February.. (Photo: Anon.) Click here to read more labour news from Turkey.
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Today in Labour History

1912 Russia Tsarist troops shoot dozens of striking gold miners dead near the Lena River in Siberia[more]

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Bangladesh Trace the human cost of the shirt on your back. Powerful inter-active documentary [Guardian]  ActNOW!  17-04-2014

China Thousands of Chinese workers on strike [BBC] 17-04-2014

Indonesia / Global Global union protests hold Rio responsible for 33 gold miner deaths in 2013 [Guardian] 16-04-2014

Global Exposing the ugly truth about Rio Tinto [IndustriALL Global Union] 16-04-2014

China ITF signs memorandum of understanding with ACFTU [ITF Global Union] 15-04-2014

Tunisia UGTT Union Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize [Tunisia Live] 15-04-2014

China More than ten thousand workers stage strike at massive Dongguan shoe factory [China Labour Bulletin] 15-04-2014

China Worker protests in China surge after Lunar New Year [China Labour Bulletin] 14-04-2014

Swaziland Police abduct trade unionists leading democracy fight [Swazi Media Commentary] 14-04-2014

Swaziland Increased attacks against workers in Swaziland [ITUC] 12-04-2014

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/ Ghana Education unions urged to keep political parties at a distance in Accra [Education International] 16-04-2014

Tackling the social crisis in post-election Algeria [Equal Times] 16-04-2014

/ Australian Capital Territory Even impartial servants deserve their freedom of tweets [Fairfax Media] 17-04-2014 60 more labour news stories from Australia today

ITUC chief for more trade union rights  ActNOW!  [Financial Express] 17-04-2014

Brazil sends troops to Bahia state after police strike [BBC] 17-04-2014 1 more labour news stories from Brazil today

Predictions Mixed For Post-New Year Garment Strike [The Daily] 17-04-2014 1 more labour news stories from Cambodia today

/ Ontario Six unions band together to fight 'devastating cuts' demanded by Liberals [The Global Post] 17-04-2014 24 more labour news stories from Canada today

Workers Strike at Shoe Factory Over Benefits Dispute [New York Times] 17-04-2014 11 more labour news stories from China today

Injury of journalists raises questions on job safety [Daily News Egypt] 16-04-2014

Labour Right Experts Meet to Discuss Challenges [IFJ] 17-04-2014

/ Georgia Constitutional Court of Georgia agrees to hear the suit filed by the Georgian Trade Unions For more info [GTUC] 16-04-2014

Rio Tinto stands far from real sustainability [IndustriALL Global Union] 16-04-2014

Human rights group says hijab ban should be lifted for policewomen [] 17-04-2014 10 more labour news stories from Indonesia today

Amnesty International says Iran trade unionist punished for hunger strike [ Amnesty International ] 17-04-2014 2 more labour news stories from Iran today

Young workers miss out on pension pot millions [] 16-04-2014 2 more labour news stories from Ireland today

/ Palestine Save OASIS, an Arab-Jewish organic olive grove [WAC Ma'an] 17-04-2014 2 more labour news stories from Israel today

/ Syria Workers from Syria dominate farm sector in Mafraq [Jordan Times] 17-04-2014 1 more labour news stories from Jordan today

Korea (South)
Samsung's talks on leukemia victims again stalled [Yonhap] 16-04-2014

/ Syria Labor Ministry warns over unjustified layoffs of Lebanese in favour of cheaper Syrians [Lebanon Daily Star] 17-04-2014 2 more labour news stories from Lebanon today

Uranium workers dying after time at Rio Tinto Namibia mine, report warns [Guardian] 16-04-2014

Dutch dockers pension win [ITF Global Union] 17-04-2014

ITF demands investigation into airline [ITF news] 17-04-2014

/ USA Work safety programmes for retail sector to be launched in Hawaii and Pacific territories [RNZI] 16-04-2014

Clerks seek action against ‘corrupt’ officials of Mirpurkhas BISE [Labour Watch] 17-04-2014 1 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

IndustriALL affiliates build unity in Philippines [IndustriALL Global Union] 16-04-2014

Staggering number of workers said to die as Qatar prepares for World Cup [Washington Post] 17-04-2014

South Africa
Vavi back at work - Cosatu [News24] 17-04-2014 7 more labour news stories from South Africa today

/ China Taiwan trade union leaders attend cross-Strait trade union forum in Beijing [Xinhua] 17-04-2014

Trinidad and Tobago
Doctors row over union elections ... claim current executive sabotaging [Trinidad Express] 16-04-2014 1 more labour news stories from Trinidad and Tobago today

ITF puts Turkish employer on notice [ITF Global Union] 17-04-2014 2 more labour news stories from Turkey today

/ Scotland STUC response to Johann Lamont speech to STUC Congress [STUC] 17-04-2014 8 more labour news stories from UK today

End Violence Against Journalists in Ukraine [IFJ] 17-04-2014 1 more labour news stories from Ukraine today

/ USA / California No More Twitter Subsidies-SEIU 1021 SF City Workers Speak Out For Services and A Wage Increase For more info [Labor Video Project] 17-04-2014 24 more labour news stories from USA today