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South Africa What are the root causes of the current division in COSATU? Vavi explains



LabourStart photo of the day.On Thursday 6 November over 100,000 Belgian trade unionists struck for the day and marched through Brussels to protest government austerity policies. (Photo: G. Schreurs) Click here to read more labour news from Belgium.
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Today in Labour History

1921 Canada A Maternity Protection Act, introduced by a labour member, is passed in British Columbia. It allows women to apply for six weeks' leave before giving birth and prohibits the employment of women for six weeks after. The leaves are unpaid.

1935 Caribbean George McIntosh is arrested for treason for his role in the labour rebellion on the island of St. Vincent.[more]

This week's top stories

South Africa What are the root causes of the current division in COSATU? Vavi explains [COSATU] 23-11-2014

Global 6 multinationals, including Walmart & Glencore, running for Public Eye Lifetime Award [IndustriALL Global Union] 22-11-2014

USA Walmart Workers to Strike as New Report Calls Company 'America's Largest Poverty Incubator' [AFL-CIO] 22-11-2014

Iran Let’s talk about unions in Iran [IndustriALL Global Union] 21-11-2014

Poland 200 miners occupy company headquarters [IndustriALL] 21-11-2014

Israel / Palestine The Hatem Affair - short documentary on Palestinian workers' struggle [WAC Maan] 20-11-2014

USA California Facebook Drivers Vote To Join Teamsters [Teamsters] 20-11-2014

South Africa Is COSATU breaking up? [Radio Labour] 19-11-2014

USA Stand with Walmart Strikers on Black Friday [AFL-CIO] 19-11-2014

Israel / Palestine ITUC Condemns Terrorist Attack on Synagogue, Calls for Calm [ITUC] 19-11-2014

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Friday, November 21, 2014:
The RadioLabour World Report / Labour condemns lack of G20 action on jobs / Walmart doesn't protect pregnant workers / LabourStart's report about world union events / Solidarity singing in Nigeria
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Pablo Moyano sees no CGT reunification, no December chaos [The Herald] 22-11-2014

/ Middle East Labour Ministers from Asia and Gulf meet this week to discuss mistreatement of migrant workers [Human Rights Watch] 23-11-2014

Tattoos and piercings now a workplace norm [AFR] 23-11-2014 16 more labour news stories from Australia today

Union leader says election meaningless if elected politicans can't talk about labour issues [Middle East Eye] 23-11-2014 1 more labour news stories from Bahrain today

Srimangal tea workers deprived of minimum rights to survive [The Tribune] 22-11-2014

BWU executive council is fully behind workers at Precision Packaging [Nation News] 22-11-2014

Airport to strike on 8 and 15 December [Expatica] 22-11-2014

Man of the Moment [The Voice] 22-11-2014

Workers Say $128 Per Month Is Not Enough To Live On [VoA] 22-11-2014

Class 101: Workers, Middle Class, and the 1% [LeftStreamed] 22-11-2014 12 more labour news stories from Canada today

Police detain Zhaodong teachers after city-wide week-long strike [FT] 23-11-2014

Over 200 Agricultural Cooperatives Closed in Cuba Says Union [ACN] 22-11-2014

Lawyers union: Judge terrorizing attorneys [Ad Hoc News] 22-11-2014

/ Canada Ex-Workers Sue Vancouver Mining Company Over Alleged Human Rights Abuses [CP] 23-11-2014 1 more labour news stories from Eritrea today

Towards equal treatment of temporary agency workers? [The Parliament] 23-11-2014 4 more labour news stories from Europe today

Police Union protest against resource shortage [Helsinki Times] 23-11-2014 1 more labour news stories from Finland today

Catholic Church can sack workers who remarry: court [The Local] 23-11-2014

TUC rejects IMF policies [CitiFMOnline] 23-11-2014 2 more labour news stories from Ghana today

Posters - Stop Violence Against Domestic Workers [IDWF] 22-11-2014 1 more labour news stories from Global today

Hong Kong
Teachers Union leader praises Hong Kong student protests as debate renewed over ‘patriotic’ education [Washington Post] 22-11-2014 1 more labour news stories from Hong Kong today

Coal trade unions defer strike [Zee News] 23-11-2014 6 more labour news stories from India today

3 dead in Sarawak coal mine gas explosion [thestar.com.my] 23-11-2014 7 more labour news stories from Indonesia today

Gilana Tile Factory Workers Long Haul Strike [Iran Labor Report] 23-11-2014 1 more labour news stories from Iran today

Engineering union to seek 5% pay rise [Irish Times] 23-11-2014 3 more labour news stories from Ireland today

/ Palestine Jerusalem posters call to ban Arab workers [+972] 22-11-2014

Three former execs to do time for manslaughter in 37 asbestos deaths [Gazzetta del Sud] 22-11-2014 1 more labour news stories from Italy today

In Tokyo’s sake bars the mood turns grim as weary workers brace for more pain [Guardian] 23-11-2014

Engineers syndicate, employment fund sign agreement [Jordan Times] 23-11-2014

Ex-Cotu official Cornelius Ogutu barred from NSSF board [The Standard] 22-11-2014

Korea (South)
8 million irregular workers an outcome of chaebol hiring practices [Hankyoreh] 22-11-2014

Middle East
Labor Strikes in the GCC: Deportations and Victories in 2014 [Jadalliya] 23-11-2014

Multiculturalism not for Naurans [Radio New Zealand] 22-11-2014

New Zealand
Bullying top gripe in the workplace [Timaru Herald] 23-11-2014 7 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

NAFDAC losing N120m weekly at the natiions ports due to workers’ strike [Business Day] 22-11-2014

Svalbard mining company considers cutting 100 jobs [Norway Post] 23-11-2014 1 more labour news stories from Norway today

Over 250 workers at Construction firm demand unpaid wages [Muscat Daily] 23-11-2014

Paramedics protest non-payment of 20pc share in patients’ fee [Labour Watch] 22-11-2014 8 more labour news stories from Pakistan today

Miners given ultimatum as 10-day strike declared illegal [The Morning Star] 22-11-2014

Workers call P13 wage hike measly [The Inquirer] 22-11-2014 1 more labour news stories from Philippines today

South Africa
Yes, but what have the Romans ever done for NUMSA? [Rand Daily Mail] 23-11-2014 6 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Rail strikes planned for December 5 and 6 [Gnomes] 22-11-2014

Trinidad and Tobago
Radical feminist recalls the protest days [The Guardian] 22-11-2014

Firms flouting the minimum wage not prosecuted in the past year [Guardian] 23-11-2014 2 more labour news stories from UK today

In the run-up to Black Friday, Walmart and strikers wage a war of words [Washington Post] 23-11-2014 26 more labour news stories from USA today

Unions will need to dialogue with govt - Shamenda [The Post] 22-11-2014

Marange Resources fails to pay workers, blames Belgium cash seizure [New Zimbabwe] 22-11-2014 0 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today