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Iran Imprisoned Teacher Begins Hunger Strike to Protest Years Behind Bars for Peaceful Union Activities



LabourStart photo of the day.May Day in the Philippines. (Photo: eccallano) Click here to read more union news from the Philippines.
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Today in Labour History

1935 United States of America The Works Progress Administration is established by executive order - it will provide work for millions of Americans.[more]

1937 United States of America Four hundred tobacco workers, earning just $3 per week, stage a walkout in Richmond, Virginia[more]

1937 USA 400 black female tobacco stemmers spontaneously went on strike at I.N. Vaughan in Richmond, Virginia. The women worked more than 80 hours a week for $3. They toiled in a cramped factory with tobacco dust coating their lungs. They won union recognition.[more]

This week's top stories

Egypt ILO reprimands Cairo over labour rights [Equal Times] 04-05-2016

Egypt Country's journalists warn of strike if minister stays [Metro] 04-05-2016

Iran Imprisoned Teacher Begins Hunger Strike to Protest Years Behind Bars for Peaceful Union Activities [Payvand]  ActNOW!  04-05-2016

Egypt Workers suppressed, arrested, and stripped of rights on May Day [Daily News Egypt] 03-05-2016

Turkey ITUC calls on Turkish Govt to stop intensified repression of unions [ITUC] 03-05-2016

Saudi Arabia 50,000 foreign workers sacked. Buses torched over unpaid wages [Middle East Eye] 03-05-2016

China Postcard Campaign to Support the Chinese Labour Activists. Please sign [HKCTU] 03-05-2016

Egypt / Italy Rome remembers murdered student in May Day concert [EuroNews]  ActNOW!  02-05-2016

Canada / Global Activists gear up for LabourStart Global Solidarity Conference 2016 [UFCW] 02-05-2016

Global In photos: May Day celebrations around the world [The Globe and Mail] 02-05-2016

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Thursday May 5, 2016:
UK unions win changes to right-wing Trade Union Bill / 11 million domestic workers need protection
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Press conference entitled: labor law, trade unions, the legislation problems [ANA] 05-05-2016

Why we need a strong construction union, not the ABCC [Socialist Alliance] 05-05-2016 17 more labour news stories from Australia today

D-Day for Nurses Union on Wednesday [The Monitor] 05-05-2016 1 more labour news stories from Botswana today

May Day in Sofia [Focus] 05-05-2016

/ Nova Scotia Nursing home staff injuries 'a disturbing trend' groups say [CBC] 05-05-2016 3 more labour news stories from Canada today

French Polynesia
French Polynesia strike to affect thousands of businesses [Radio New Zealand International] 05-05-2016

/ Gujarat State skimping on labour welfare [TOI] 05-05-2016 13 more labour news stories from India today

Indonesia’s tragic war on drugs [Equal Times] 05-05-2016

Union opposes TSC bid to digitize payslips [Daily Nation] 05-05-2016

Korea (South)
IOC probes labor issues in PyeongChang [K. Times] 05-05-2016

UHM given sole recognition of Free Port workers [Times of Malta] 05-05-2016

New Zealand
Celebrating midwives on 5th May [NZNO] 05-05-2016 5 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

Palestinian Union Federation Expands Role of Women For more info [Solidarity Center] 05-05-2016

Occupational risks: Drawing attention to the plight of casual labourers [The New Times] 05-05-2016

South Africa
NUMSA welcomes dismissal of FMF bid to wreck collective bargaining [NUMSA] 05-05-2016 1 more labour news stories from South Africa today

/ Europe EESC visits Cypriot trade unions [FG] 05-05-2016

Mothers and newborns: the heart of midwifery [Daily Monitor] 05-05-2016 1 more labour news stories from Uganda today

Blacklist trial adjourned as lone Unite takes stock [Morning Star] 05-05-2016 1 more labour news stories from UK today

/ Minnesota Friedrichs case may be history, but unions not letting their guard down [Workday MN] 06-05-2016 22 more labour news stories from USA today

Govt bullying workers in NJNC [Zimbabwe Situation] 05-05-2016 0 more labour news stories from Zimbabwe today