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Global / USA VIDEO: Robert Reich takes on the Trans-Pacific Partnership



LabourStart photo of the day.Neighbourhood by neighbourhood, members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are fanning out across the country to mobilize Canadians to help save home mail delivery in the face of cuts by Canada's profitable post office. (Photo: Toronto DLC) Click here to read more labour news from Canada.
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Today in Labour History

1893 Italy Pietro Tresso, one of the founders of Italian Trotskyism, born. Later executed by Stalinists in the French Resistance[more]

1919 Global Foundation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).[more]

This week's top stories

Turkey Time for global solidarity with metalworkers’ mass strike [IndustriALL Global Union] 30-01-2015

Global / USA VIDEO: Robert Reich takes on the Trans-Pacific Partnership [MoveOn.org] 30-01-2015

Palestine / Israel How to stop Palestinians unionizing: Security, security, security [+972 Magazine] 29-01-2015

Colombia Oil workers union victim of ‘series of threats’ and attacks [Colombia Reports] 29-01-2015

Australia Victoria Workers occupy factory in pursuit of a fair deal [Working Life] For more info 29-01-2015

Russia ITF dockers act in solidarity with imprisoned Russian union leader [ITF Global Union] 28-01-2015

Norway Strike: Norway at a stand-still [Norway Post] 28-01-2015

Bermuda BTUC statement: we shall not be moved [The Royal Gazette] 28-01-2015

Greece Voters Reject Austerity, Time for Negotiation [ITUC] 27-01-2015

Lebanon Labor Ministry rejects maids union proposal [Lebanon Daily Star] 27-01-2015

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Thursday, January 29, 2015:
EU creates $360 billion jobs program / Global education union supports UN plan for children / 1.5 million strike in Norway / 18,000 miners set up picket lines in Poland / UK unions fight for gas fracking
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Strike threatens top fruit exports [Fruit Net] 29-01-2015

/ Queensland BHP’s slap in the face for Queensland workers: Reopened Norwich Park coal mine to hire workers from Adelaide and Melbourne [CFMEU Mining and Energy] 30-01-2015 46 more labour news stories from Australia today

Electricity Supply Trade Union Joins Protest [Bernews] 29-01-2015

BOPEU expects small budget surplus [Mmegi] 29-01-2015

/ Canada / Ontario Ontario elder care: fewer staff, more privatization, more private payment For more info [OCHU] 29-01-2015 18 more labour news stories from Canada today

Out brothers, out! Guangdong province pioneers a new approach to keeping workers happy [The Economist] 30-01-2015

Port workers strike over Larnaca delays [Cyprus Mail] 29-01-2015

/ Libya Jobless and Desperate, Egyptians Risk All in Perilous Libya [JG] 30-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Egypt today

Consultative approach with unions about membership elections [Fiji Times] 30-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Fiji today

Feeling of ‘not being enough’ haunts overworked nurses [YLE News] 29-01-2015

Trade union turns lights off on French prime minister [Reuters] 29-01-2015 3 more labour news stories from France today

Workers Strike Over Pay [The Wall Street Journal] 29-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Germany today

Expedite Action On Minimum Wage – NLC [SpyGhana] 29-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Ghana today

Unions say they will vigorously oppose ideas promoted by the Chamber of Commerce [Panorama] 29-01-2015

ILO sees potential in Juncker jobs plan [The Local] 29-01-2015

GGMC workers back on the job as new agreement signed [The Stabroek News] 29-01-2015

Hong Kong
/ China ATV staff pay dispute `absolutely ridiculous' [HK Standard] 29-01-2015

Port, dock workers to go on indefinite strike [The Hindu] 30-01-2015 4 more labour news stories from India today

Big salary hikes hope to inspire better, cleaner city governance [JP] 30-01-2015 6 more labour news stories from Indonesia today

Laid-off sugar refinery workers protest plant closure [Radio Zamaneh] 29-01-2015

The IFJ mourns the killing of two journalists in Iraq [IFJ] 29-01-2015

Teachers’ group calls for equality review at NUI Galway [irishtimes.com] 29-01-2015 7 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Welfare Ministry employees hold one-day warning strike [Jerusalem Post] 29-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Israel today

/ Global IFJ Leaders Pay Tribute to Killed Journalists at the FNSI Congress in Italy [IFJ] 29-01-2015

'Teachers concerned about delay in salary negotiations' [Gleaner] 29-01-2015

Nurse Union may form own political party to get voice heard [Jordan Times] 29-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Jordan today

Industrial Court Renamed Employment and Labour Relations Court [The Star] 29-01-2015

Korea (South)
Instead of learning, interns exploited as a pool of cheap labor [Hankyoreh] 29-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

Because they're employees, not servants: domestic workers in Lebanon establish unprecedented labor union [Albawaba] 29-01-2015 2 more labour news stories from Lebanon today

Health Workers In Ebola Fight Demand Risk Benefits [The New Dawn] 29-01-2015

/ China Workers union questions non-resident workers quota scheme [Macau Daily Times] 30-01-2015

New Zealand
We will miss Russel Norman as Green Leader [NZCTU] 30-01-2015

Workers at oil refinery start 3-day strike [Reuters] 29-01-2015

I will pay your minimum wage, Alao-Akala tells workers [The Tribune] 29-01-2015 2 more labour news stories from Nigeria today

Political Strike Continues, Transportation System Stops [The Nordic Page] 29-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Norway today

WAPDA workers protest against privatisation [Today] 29-01-2015

We’re being stripped of our dignity: Gaza workers not paid for seven months [Electronic Intifada] 30-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Palestine today

TUCP seeks P136 hike in Metro Manila daily minimum wage [InterAksyon] 29-01-2015 2 more labour news stories from Philippines today

Coal Miners Strike over Planned Job Cuts [World Coal] 29-01-2015

A Debt-To-Slave Pipeline is Building You a World Cup Stadium [The Nib] 30-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Qatar today

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone: miners brace for “catastrophe” [Equal Times] 29-01-2015

More find jobs but number of workers laid off up slightly, Manpower Ministry figures show [ST] 30-01-2015

South Africa
SAMWU Opposing Public Office Bearers Salary Increase [Cosatu] 30-01-2015 19 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Airport operator unions call 25-day strike from IPO debut [Reuters] 29-01-2015

/ Israel Journalist Union leader sued for shaking hands with Israeli Ambassador [Sudan Tribune] 29-01-2015

Huge job cuts at Gothenburg ball bearing plant [The Local] 29-01-2015

Worker killed working on Scorsese film in Taiwan [RTHK] 30-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Taiwan today

Trinidad and Tobago
HDC retirees await pension [Newsday] 29-01-2015

Houcine Abassi calls on new government to send positive message to Tunisian people [TAP] 29-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Tunisia today

Metal workers strike for better wages [The Global Times] 29-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Turkey today

Unite’s Executive Council agrees Labour donation of £1.5 million [Unite the Union] 30-01-2015 8 more labour news stories from UK today

/ Ukraine Miners from All Over Ukraine Protest at the Cabinets of Ministers For more info Image [http://kvpu.org.ua/] 29-01-2015

/ California If This Case Heads to the Supreme Court, Unions Could Be Over [Takepart] 30-01-2015 22 more labour news stories from USA today

FQM fires striking miners [Zambia Reports] 30-01-2015 1 more labour news stories from Zambia today