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Nepal Trade Union Roadmap for Nepal Reconstruction Backed by Government



LabourStart photo of the day.Across Britain there are events this year marking the 1984-85 coal miners strike. Gay and Lesbians Support the Miners have been out for many of them. GLSM was recently the support of the hit film Pride. (Photo: M. Jackson) Click here to read more labour news from the UK..
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Today in Labour History

1882 USA NYC hosts first Labor Day parade; becomes the first Monday in September.[more]

This week's top stories

Kenya Police Battle Protesters As Nurses' Strike Cripples Work in Hospitals [The Daily Nation] 04-09-2015

Nepal Trade Union Roadmap for Nepal Reconstruction Backed by Government [ITUC] 04-09-2015

India Tens of Millions Strike in India to Defend Labour Rights [Ituc] 03-09-2015

UK End gallery sell-off say 130,000 people in union online campaign [PCS]  ActNOW!  03-09-2015

Iran For Iranian teachers, another day, another rial [Al-Monitor]  ActNOW!  02-09-2015

Indonesia Unions Mobilise Over Minimum Wages, Layoffs and Labour Laws [ITUC] 02-09-2015

India 150 million workers of 10 unions go on strike, thousands arrested [The Hindu] 02-09-2015

India Trade unions mobilise support for September 2 general strike [The Hindu] 31-08-2015

Australia / Egypt Journo union in Australia MEAA outraged at Cairo court's Al Jazeera verdict [MEAA] 30-08-2015

China Official trade union ACFTU takes a holiday in dreamland [China Labour Bulletin] 29-08-2015

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Friday, September 4, 2015:
The RadioLabour World Report / 150 million workers in India join a nation-wide general strike / 25,000 in Indonesia march for a decent minimum wage / British unions fight a right-wing anti-strike law / The LabourStart report
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From Wisconsin to Washington, DC, the claims are made: unions are responsible for budget deficits, and their members are overpaid and enjoy cushy benefits. The only way to save the American economy, pundits claim, is to weaken the labor movement, strip workers of collective bargaining rights, and champion private industry.

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Africa / Asia / Caribbean / Central America / Europe / Middle East / South America

Regional workers and communities set to lose under IR reforms [ACTU] 04-09-2015 14 more labour news stories from Australia today

Oil Workers Announce Strike at Petrobras [TeleSUR] 04-09-2015

/ British Columbia Union Plans Pickets for SFU 50th Anniversary For more info [Burnaby Now] 04-09-2015 19 more labour news stories from Canada today

Teacher unions calling for support to integrate refugee children [Education International] 04-09-2015

/ Goa One year after calling off strike, 145 contract workers still remain jobless [The Herald] 04-09-2015 5 more labour news stories from India today

Jakarta speaks up on decent work and sustainable development [UN] 04-09-2015

Arrest of 3 teachers in Tehran and Sanandaj  ActNOW!  [NCRI] 04-09-2015

/ Turkey Workers from Turkey kidnapped in Baghdad [RFE//Radio Liberty] 04-09-2015

INMO outlines' serious safety concerns' about Kildare care centre [Irish Examiner] 04-09-2015 3 more labour news stories from Ireland today

Moses Kuria Wants Sossion Arrested Over Teachers Strike [The Star] 04-09-2015 2 more labour news stories from Kenya today

Korea (South)
Wage strike season starts with eight shipbuilders [The Shipping News] 04-09-2015 2 more labour news stories from Korea (South) today

THE SMELL OF CHANGE IN LEBANON [Equal Times] 04-09-2015

New Zealand
UN urges NZ to do more for refugees [Radio New Zealand] 05-09-2015 8 more labour news stories from New Zealand today

South Africa
/ Western Cape Cosatu threatens Cape metrorail standstill [Business Day] 04-09-2015 1 more labour news stories from South Africa today

Trinidad and Tobago
Ministry experiences cash flow woes, PTSC takes back pay loan [The Guardian] 04-09-2015

Energy secretary told to intervene in delay to Hinkley Point nuclear power station [Unite] 04-09-2015 5 more labour news stories from UK today

Cotton urges Ukraine to ratify seafarer rights conventions [ITF Global Union] 04-09-2015

A Quick Look at the Job Market Before Labor Day: See how millennials are shaping the workforce, labor inequality persists and unemployment is dropping [US News & Wld Rpt] 05-09-2015 37 more labour news stories from USA today